Enterprise 2.0 (E2) provides business solutions for social networking, social computing and social business processes, designed to drive collaboration, knowledge exchange and positive organizational outcomes. Understanding the effectiveness of these enterprise solutions allows us to explore best practice in organizational knowledge management.

Travel Behavior Information and communication technology has developed rapidly over the past few years and, in turn, has revolutionized the way travelers use the internet and the very nature of the Tourism Market. Because technology has developed sufficiently such that it has substantially changed the nature of travel itself, researchers have been redesigning the models that predict behavior and business strategy. This presentations discusses some of these transformations and their implications for the tourism industry and more importantly, for future research in travel behavior.

Research indicates that marketers plan to increase social media spending by 46% in 2012.   However, not all social media platforms are alike.  To make the most of a social media marketing budget and effectively engage new and existing customers, marketers should understand the culture and features available with each platform and develop strategy accordingly.   To help with this process, this following infographic offers a snapshot comparison between Google+ and Facebook.