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Fox School to offer accelerated weekend MBA program for law professionals

By: | March 2nd, 2015

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For the first time, Temple University’s Fox School of Business will offer a Mini MBA certificate program for law professionals.

The accelerated weekend program, offered in partnership with Temple’s Beasley School of Law, is designed to equip working attorneys and recent law school graduates with the business acumen that’s most relevant and necessary to today’s legal environment, without disrupting their professional careers.…

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Fox Full-time MBA program among biggest winners in new Economist rankings

By: | October 16th, 2012

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The Full-time MBA program at Temple University’s Fox School of Business again ranks in the Top 45 in the nation, according to The Economist’s 2012 “Which MBA?” ranking.

The annual ranking, released Oct. 4, recognizes the top 100 full-time MBA programs worldwide according to three years of data drawn from questionnaires of business schools, students and recent graduates in areas such as career and networking opportunities, salary increases and personal development/educational experience.…

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Prepping for an MBA Career Fair

Career fairs are one of the many ways students and employers get together. I recently attended a diversity career fair with students. Hundreds of companies participated in this particular event. It was an amazing opportunity for the students to meet a broad array of companies from various industries and locations.Roxanne HoriRoxanne Hori

For the second-year students, this was like getting back on a bike.…

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Building a Strategic Alliance Down Under

We are at the EMC program privileged to be working with the Business School of the University of Technology, Sydney (“UTS”) in helping develop an experiential learning model similar, but clearly not identical to, that which we have had in place at Temple for more than a decade. We are utilizing as our learning platform for a select group of Australian MBA students three strategic consulting engagements where we are committed to producing “professional grade” results for real enterprises.…

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A Day In The Life: Assistant Brand Manager

By: | August 9th, 2012

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“A Day In The Life” is an ongoing series that highlights popular post-MBA job functions, as seen through the eyes of the recent grads in the positions.

P&G's Isaac SantosP&G’s Isaac Santos

What does an assistant brand manager do with his time, especially when the brands of his company service more than 4 billion people? To find out,Bloomberg Businessweek‘s Victoria Black spoke to Isaac Santos, a 2011 MBA graduate from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, who holds that position at Procter & Gamble’s (PG)headquarters in Cincinnati, focused specifically on the company’s Old Spice brand.…

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Fox EMC Students Fashion Strategies and Business Plan for Shopping App Pickn’Tell

The fashion industry may be at the dawn of a new era with the help of Enterprise Management Consulting.

On July 16, Pickn’Tell launched its free mobile app through the Google Play Store and iPhone App Store. Intended for women ages 18 to 45, the Pickn’Tell app allows consumers to connect with friends and fashion experts, try out apparel and receive timely feedback, earn gift cards and coupons, and receive notification of sales.…

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EMC Students Advise Oxfam America and World Food Programme on R4 Initiative

This spring, students in the Fox School’s Enterprise Management Consulting (EMC) Practice traveled to Rome to observe and participate in the planned expansion of an Oxfam America and United Nations World Food Programme initiative that seeks to relieve poverty and enhance food security through risk reduction.

The Fox School’s EMC program provides MBA students with a professional consulting project for a paying client under the guidance of academic instruction and an executive mentor.…

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Social Impact & The Problem of Measurement

One of the more intriguing developments in the social venture world is the social impact bond – a financial device in which investors put up cash to support a social innovation in return for future repayments, pegged in part to the success of the innovation.  The first example is in Peterborough, England, in which investors have pledged $7.8M for a variety of programs to reduce recidivism – a sum the government will repay, presumably out of savings, if and as the programs meet certain targets.  (Playing with Fire, The Economist Special Report on Financial Innovation, February 25th, 2012, p.…

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M.B.A. Recruiting Activity Increases

M.B.A. Recruiting Activity Increases

 Spotlight for Career Services Professionals
Spotlight for Recruiting Professionals

On-campus recruiting activity for M.B.A.s is up compared to last year, according to results of the M.B.A. Career Services Council’s (MBACSC) Fall 2011 Recruiting Trends Survey. Seventy percent of schools taking part reported an increase in fall recruiting M.B.A.s for full-time positions, and 46 percent reported an increase in internship postings for M.B.A.s.

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Honesty is the Best Policy for MBA Job Seekers

By: | April 27th, 2012



To thine own self be true, the oft-quoted William Shakespeare line, is advice that MBAs should take to heart as they undertake the job hunt. That’s the conclusion of a study by two business school professors who find that candor is the best approach job seekers can take when interviewing, even though the temptation can often be strong to misrepresent oneself to appear a stronger candidate.…

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Social Media Marketing Strategy: Google+ or Facebook?

Research indicates that marketers plan to increase social media spending by 46% in 2012.   However, not all social media platforms are alike.  To make the most of a social media marketing budget and effectively engage new and existing customers, marketers should understand the culture and features available with each platform and develop strategy accordingly.   To help with this process, this following infographic offers a snapshot comparison between Google+ and Facebook.…

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Risk, Sustainability, and Corporate Resilience

The risk and insurance industry fills a unique role in the world’s economy as a private market mechanism for the sharing of risk, with the global pooling of what would be risks otherwise borne solely by the individual and/or entity estimated at US $100 trillion.   As this risk pooling is instrumental for creating the resilience that underpins the efficient functioning of economies and societies, the insurance industry is clearly a legitimate object of public policy.  As the risk pooling afforded is only possible with investors’ willingness to put capital at risk, value creation is a necessary condition for its continued existence.…

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Fox School of Business Mentioned in U.S. News & World Report

Alter Hall Exterior


With the release of the 2013 Best Graduate Schools rankings, many programs see their academic stock change considerably. These 10 business schools made some of the biggest jumps in the rankings from last year to this year. Schools are listed in order of their overall increase in the rankings.

Here is a link to the slideshow featuring the top 8 graduate business schools on the rise:


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Reaching through prison walls to develop strategy

Image Credit: The Inside-Out Center

A little over a year ago, a team of our MBA students spent a Saturday in maximum security Graterford Prison facilitating a day-long strategy session for the steering committee for Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program.  Started at Graterford more than 15 years ago, Inside-Out has grown into an international network of 310 trained facilitators and several prison-based think tanks – all without a well-formulated business model.  The strategy session was designed to stimulate the steering committee – roughly half inmates and half professors, with a smattering of students and staff – to design a business model to support the organizational component of Inside-Out.…

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What’s the added value of a strategy consulting course?

Today I was re-reading Adam Smith’s An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (and feeling quaint and anachronistic while holding an actual library book) and was struck by Smith’s notion of “productive” and “unproductive” labor.  I wonder if our students would count all of the time they put into the EMC as productive or unproductive?

Productive labor is labor that “adds value” to something, such that some of the labor is captured and stored for later use.  (This must be one of the earliest uses of the b-school jargon, “added value.”)  An example is manufacture, in which some of the labor is captured in a product and (in a sense) released as the product is used and eventually re-sold.  Unproductive labor is labor that dissipates even as the effort is expended; Smith uses the example of housekeeping and other servant services which provide some immediate but not lasting value.…

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