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As the fastest-growing industry in the U.S. economy with 18% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product and 10 consecutive years of expansion, the health and social services sector is among the most complex and exciting industries in the country. And with the employment of medical and health services managers expected to continue to grow as well, clinical and non-clinical managers in the health sector will need specialized knowledge in order to stand apart—and to progress professionally.

That’s why we created the flexible, part-time Fox Master of Health Administration (MHA). Designed for working healthcare professionals with three or more years of substantive work and supervisory experience, the Fox MHA is the only program of its kind in the Philadelphia region. It’s not an MBA: it’s the health sector-specific leadership expertise employers told us they’re looking for in the next generation of leaders.

The Fox Master of Health Administration is ideal for:

  • Mid-level health sector managers who are highly experienced in their functional roles and require a graduate education in order to advance
  • Physicians and nurse managers who possess the potential to become clinical leaders but lack formal management training
  • Consultants who need healthcare-specific industry knowledge
  • Healthcare professionals identified by their senior managers as up-and-comers with the potential to develop into leadership roles

Employers Spoke. We Listened.

The Fox School surveyed 300+ leaders at top organizations to determine what tomorrow’s business leaders need to succeed. Here are the employer-identified competencies woven throughout the Fox MHA:

Business Acumen Competencies

  • Opportunity Realization – Identify and evaluate opportunities given the dynamic business environment.
  • Implementation Management – Optimize the systems, processes, and people required to execute business objectives and strategies.
  • Business Reasoning – Utilize various research and analytic tools to generate and apply relevant knowledge to enhance business judgment in changing environments.
  • Financial Acuity – Apply financial analysis and modeling to facilitate diagnosis and decision-making.

Organizational Competencies

  • Influential Communication – Understand the variety of communication practices needed to facilitate effective decision-making.
  • Team Leadership – Learn an array of processes suitable for developing and managing high performing teams that produce desirable outcomes in a variety of business settings.
  • Cross-Cultural Effectiveness – Demonstrate the ability to develop strategy and manage business operations effectively in global, regional, and organizational cultures.
  • Ethical Management – Discern the needs and interests of various stakeholders of a business organization and integrate long-term ethical considerations.

Certificate Opportunities

The Fox School of Business offers graduate certificate options for healthcare professionals interested in expanding their knowledge without committing to the pursuit of a master’s degree. These 9-12 credit certificates may be accessed without standardized tests such as the GRE or GMAT exams. Students who successfully complete a qualifying Fox graduate certificate may matriculate into the MHA program at a later date with credit for their certificate coursework. Please click here to apply now or contact us for more information.


Led by faculty members who possess real-world industry experience, the Fox MHA curriculum offers valuable, hands-on health sector knowledge that extends well beyond a generalized business degree. That’s because you’ll develop a personal learning path tailored to your skills by working one-on-one with faculty, peers, executive mentors, and the top-ranked Fox Center for Student Professional Development. Advance your expertise even further through complex challenges involving health system partners as well as a capstone project in which you’ll apply your knowledge and skills. Throughout the program, you’ll receive continual feedback on your growth in 8+ key areas of business competency, so you have the guidance you need to focus on your development. The Fox MHA is a powerful tool that helps you learn to navigate a rapidly-evolving industry–and equips you with the leadership and management skills specific to your success.

Students enrolled in the Fox Master of Health Administration complete 33 credits on a part-time basis, earning a degree in as few as 27 months.

33 Credits (inclusive of 3 credit capstone):


  • 3 credit HCM 5101 (offered Fall)
  • 3 credit HCM 5103 (offered Spring)
  • 3 credit HCM 5106 (offered Spring)
  • 3 credit HCM 5102 (offered Fall – HCM 5101, 5102 and 5106 are pre-reqs)
  • 3 credit HCM 5687 Capstone Project
  • Acctg. 5401 or equivalent Managerial Accounting course
  • HRM 5402 or equivalent Ethics course
  • HRM 5404 or equivalent Leadershp course
  • MSOM 5107 or equivalent LEAN / Six Sigma course
  • RMI 5401 or equivalent Enterprise Risk Management Course


  • Innovation
  • Biostatistics
  • Epidemiology
  • Finance
  • MIS
  • Bio-Ethics
  • Pharma
  • Marketing
  • Data Analytics

NOTE: Other graduate level course electives will be considered with the approval of the Program Director.

Employer Partnership Opportunities

The Healthcare Management team at the Fox School of Business is happy to partner with your health system to provide a range of custom-fit learning solutions for your organization. Please contact us to learn more about partnership opportunities. Prospective students may wish to check with the human resources department within their organizations for available tuition reimbursement benefits.

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