The Fox School of Business at Temple University strives toward a culture of research excellence in endowment to academe, managerial practice, and society. To assess the academic rigor, relevance, and broader societal impact of the intellectual contributions of the Fox School, a detailed self-evaluation of prior research activities at the disciplinary and interdisciplinary levels, termed the Research Impact Report, was created.

The Report is aimed at defining and articulating the intellectual contributions of the business school, while existing as a tool to incentivize and support faculty and PhD students to publish rigorous and impactful research that is likely to influence managerial thinking and industry practices. The Research Impact Report serves not simply as a compilation of data, but provides a base line in developing a forward-looking agenda for the next five-year period that will have the Fox School celebrating its 100th Anniversary.

Importantly, this exercise is consistent with the AACSB International Research Report Task Force that recommends for business schools to “extend and augment AACSB International accreditation guidelines to demonstrate the impact of faculty intellectual contributions on targeted audiences.” Simply put, this mandate propels business schools to look beyond mere numbers and statistics; to boldly take the next steps in scientific endeavor toward continuous innovation and the advancement of society.

As an R1 Research Institution, Temple University and the Fox School of Business will continue to discuss the value of these efforts with an entrepreneurial spirit, create an environment where new ideas and new ways of thinking are encouraged and supported, while harnessing the true value of innovation and achieving greater impact.