Previous Webinars


Blockchain – The Distributed Ledger System

Presented by: Joe Strain

“Blockchain (cryptocurrency) is the technology that is most likely to cause the largest impact on the future of business. While the technology is complex, the idea is simple.” 


Visualizing Risk for Management Decision Support

Presented by: Don Price

“Availability of visualization reporting tools has spawned incredible demand for new analyses:  “Show us how results have changed over time,” business managers ask, “so we can answer the question: Is the risk control environment getting better?”


A CISO’s Perspective on the Cyber Security Job Market over the Next 5 Years

Presented by: Ed Ferrara

“Review the job market from the Chief Information Security Officer’s (CISO) perspective, as security leaders need to look for and fill a growing need for security talent.”


Robotic Process Automation and the Future of Risk

Presented by: Amanda Cuccinello

“A brief background and high-level overview of Robotic Process Automation, and ways in which it can be leveraged for Risk and Security” Watch the webinar at the link above!