Communications Office

Publication Procedures

Guide to Working with The Fox School’s Communications Office for Publications Services

When an academic program, department, center, institute, or student professional organization needs to produce an informational or promotional publication, The Fox School’s Communications Office provides complete production services and design capabilities. Depending on the scale of the project, some publications will be produced in conjunction with Temple University’s Office of Creative Services or other outside services.

Temple’s Office of Creative Services

The Fox School’s Communications Office works very closely with Temple’s Office of Creative Services. The Office of Creative Services offers cutting-edge technological tools and a highly skilled graphic design staff to professionally produce any project including brochures, magazines, newsletters, posters, postcards, invitations and programs.

Services the Office of Creative Services provides to Fox School include design, proof reading, copyediting, art direction, and guidance with using other services, including writing, photography, mailing and processing University paperwork and bidding printing services in keeping with purchasing department guidelines. Design charges are currently $55/hour. Writing or photographic services by outside contractors are an additional cost.

From the receipt of final copy approved by the Dean’s Office, estimated production time for the following are:

  • invitation package with envelopes and reply cards may take 2 – 4 weeks
  • a 6 to 8 panel brochure may take 8 – 10 weeks
  • a catalogue, magazine, or newsletter may take 12 – 14 weeks

The Fox School’s Communications Office

All invitation packages, brochures, posters, announcements, will either be produced within the Fox School Communications Office or outside design services will be utilized. The client will be informed at the start of any project as to the resources being used and the costs. The Fox School’s Communications Office acts as an internal liaison with Creative Services and all outside designers, printers and other services, ensuring all materials, including specifications, are final before they are delivered to Creative Services.

The Fox Communications Office offers services to produce small brochures, invitations, postcards, posters, banners and e-vites as well as graphic design, photography, copyediting, writing, and bidding printing services. There is no design charge. Writing or photographic services by outside contractors are an additional cost.

Getting Started

In order to provide a fair and equitable process to clients, vendors and designers, Fox clients are required to assign one department project representative, provide written copy and artwork along with a completed publications request form to clarify objectives for the requested project before submitting materials to the Senior Associate Director of Communications and Creative Services.

Once approved, projects will be assigned in the order that they are received. The Communications Office will work to complete the project by the requested date, however, adjustments may need to be made depending on the scope of the project and the current workload in the Communications Office.

Essentials To Producing Your Project On Budget and On Time

Whether your project is going to be designed in house or by Temple’s Office of Creative Services, one item is essential – adhering to the project timeline. Once your tracking form is processed and after an initial planning meeting, you will receive a project timeline. The timeline is a binding agreement ensuring that if all project deadlines are met by the client and the Communications Office, then the project will be delivered on the anticipated date.

Materials that are incomplete, late, or in need of drastic revisions after the process has begun will adversely delay the production of the publication and jeopardize the original delivery date.