About the Fox School

The Fox School of Business at Temple University has a distinguished tradition of preparing leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs for successful careers in business. It is the largest, most comprehensive business school in the greater Philadelphia region, and among the largest in the world.

Diana Breslin Knudsen

Title: Senior Vice-Dean

Department: Fox School of Business and Management

Office: Alter Hall 364

Phone: 215.204.4565

Email: dknudsen@temple.edu

Debbie Campbell

Title: Vice Dean & Adjunct Instructor

Department: Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Office: Alter Hall 375

Phone: 215.204.3919

Email: dcampbell@temple.edu

Rajan Chandran

Title: Deputy Dean and Professor

Department: Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Office: Alter Hall 365

Phone: 215.204.8148

Email: chandran@temple.edu

Tom Kegelman

Title: Assistant Dean Marketing, Communications, Graduate Admissions

Office: Alter Hall 716

Phone: 215.204.4257

Email: tom.kegelman@temple.edu

Aubrey Kent

Title: Senior Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs

Department: Dean’s Office

Office: Alter 364

Phone: 215.204.3810

Email: aubkent@temple.edu

Christine Kiely

Title: Associate Vice Dean

Department: MBA and MS Programs

Office: Alter Hall 729

Phone: 215.204.0529

Email: ckiely@temple.edu

Donald Kirkwood

Title: Assistant Dean

Department: Development and Alumni Affairs

Office: Alter Hall 372

Phone: 215.204.1833

Email: kirkwood@temple.edu

Moshe Porat

Title: Dean & Laura H. Carnell Professor

Department: Risk, Insurance, and Healthcare Management

Office: Alter Hall 367

Phone: 215.204.1836

Email: porat@temple.edu

Corinne Snell

Title: Assistant Dean for Student Professional Development

Department: Center for Student Professional Development

Office: Alter Hall 134E

Phone: 215.204.8411

Email: csnell@temple.edu