Diana Breslin Knudsen

Title: Senior Vice-Dean

Department: Fox School of Business and Management

Office: Alter Hall 364

Phone: 215.204.4565

Email: dknudsen@temple.edu

Debbie Campbell

Title: Vice Dean & Adjunct Instructor

Department: Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Office: Alter Hall 375

Phone: 215.204.3919

Email: dcampbell@temple.edu

Rajan Chandran

Title: Deputy Dean and Professor

Department: Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Office: Alter Hall 365

Phone: 215.204.8148

Email: chandran@temple.edu

Tom Kegelman

Title: Assistant Dean Marketing, Communications, Graduate Admissions

Office: Alter Hall 716

Phone: 215.204.4257

Email: tom.kegelman@temple.edu

Christine Kiely

Title: Assistant Dean

Department: MBA and MS Programs

Office: Alter Hall 729

Phone: 215.204.0529

Email: ckiely@temple.edu

Donald Kirkwood

Title: Assistant Dean

Department: Development and Alumni Affairs

Office: Alter Hall 372

Phone: 215.204.1833

Email: kirkwood@temple.edu

Moshe Porat

Title: Dean & Laura H. Carnell Professor

Department: Risk, Insurance, and Healthcare Management

Office: Alter Hall 367

Phone: 215.204.1836

Email: porat@temple.edu

Corinne Snell

Title: Assistant Dean for Student Professional Development

Department: Center for Student Professional Development

Office: Alter Hall 134E

Phone: 215.204.8411

Email: csnell@temple.edu