At Fox, university President Theobald welcomes ambassador, MBAs from Ghana

fox update march 2013
Discussed in this issue:
• International business scholar Ram Mudambi receives a top honor: AIB Fellow
• Fox unveils new Global MBA
• Hong Kong economic and trade affairs commissioner highlights Asia’s world city
• Executive MBA students begin attending classes on four continents

On The Verge – Fall 2012

December 6, 2012 //

What's the Big Idea?

At the Fox School of Business and School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, PhD students work closely with world-renowned faculty to publish in top journals and to learn best practices in the classroom.

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Fox Full-time MBA program among biggest winners in new Economist rankings

October 2012 - Full-Time MBA
Discussed in this issue:
• Fox again ranks among best in nation for entrepreneurship
• IT Career Fair promotes Fox School students’ iPad-accessible e-portfolios
• PREIT CFO and Accounting Circle member Robert McCadden
• Honors grad Russell Thomas is one of the October Nine finalists in World Series of Poker

Fox School named one of eight Business Schools on the Rise nationally by U.S. News

May 2012 - Alumni
Discussed in this issue:
• Alumni reconnect at Fox School of Business Executive MBA 25th Anniversary Gala
• Fox Gamma Iota Sigma chapter memorializes two alumni at Gift of Life Family House
• Executive MBA alumna joins Obama in celebrating Champions of Change program
• Anthropologist turned Campbell’s marketing researcher makes a mark on the company

Fox School of Business Full-time MBA climbs 11 spots in U.S. News rankings

Discussed in this issue:
• Fox faculty member Paul A. Pavlou ranked No. 1 for research in the world
• Mayor Nutter celebrates Temple University’s new Urban Apps & Maps Studio
• Flour + water = nationally recognized dining experience, created by a Fox alumnus
• Fox School announces Executive MBA Alumni Referral Program

Fox MIS continues upward climb in programs and research

Fox Update - March 2012 - Management Information Systems
Discussed in this issue:
• Fox MIS advisory board adds national leaders in information technology
• MIS student organization again recognized as an Outstanding Chapter
• inciteXchange and FOX DESIGNweek
• MIS Community Project enables social education and digital identity management

Grandfather of Temple International Business receives CUIBE Service Award

Discussed in this issue:
• Passport Night and student blogs encourage Fox students to take studies overseas
• Fox celebrates cultural exchange with French business school CEFAM
• Parisian technology startups consult Fox IMBAs through Le Camping program
• University of Ghana EMBAs earn international business certificates at Fox School

On The Verge – Winter 2012

March 8, 2012 //

Power of Collaboration

At the Fox School of Business and School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, PhD students work closely with world-renowned faculty to publish in top journals and to learn best practices in the classroom.

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Fox Online MBA ranks No. 8 in the nation in student services in U.S. News’ Top Online Education Program rankings

Discussed in this issue:
• Fox School marketing grad combines taste for crepes and entrepreneurship
• Fox 10-10-10 marketing students fund smiles, name a dog – and raise $20,000 for charities
• Three young entrepreneurs with Fox connections named to PBJ 2012 Watch List

Fox students learn identity management and create e-portfolios

Discussed in this issue:
• Fox blog, Opportunity Knocks, shares professional development news
• Social mediation of tourism experiences via smartphones
• Growing stronger every day: The Fox MIS Community Project enables social education
• Fox MIS professors discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of social media on TUTV show

Faculty Profile: Mercedes Delgado

November 1, 2011 //

“Mercedes is a core research partner, and has been instrumental in bringing new ideas, methodological rigor, and tenacity to our joint work.”
Michael E. Porter, Bishop William Lawrence University Professor
Harvard Business School

Mercedes Delgado
Assistant Professor, Strategic Management
Hometown: Seville, Spain
Motto: Stay positive.
Latest read: Tim Harford’s Adapt: Why Success Always Starts with Failure
Latest band: Gotan Project
Businessperson she admires: Oprah Winfrey – self-made, great teacher, connects with the public and gives back.
Best way to cope with stress: A good cup of coffee and the gym.

Innovating in the fast lane

Ask Mercedes Delgado about the current pace of innovation, and here’s what she’ll tell you: It is moving faster than ever.

Delgado, an assistant professor of strategic management, focuses her research on entrepreneurship, country competitiveness, and the relationship between industry clusters and the performance of firms, regions and countries.

In the three years since Delgado joined Fox, she has demonstrated the power innovation and collaboration can have in and outside of Alter Hall.

In September 2010, Delgado and a team of Harvard and MIT researchers earned a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) to help policymakers more effectively tap into regional innovation clusters that drive economic growth.

Delgado, who describes clusters as “geographic agglomerations of companies, suppliers, service providers and associated institutions in a particular field,” said the EDA grant has allowed the researchers to use state-of-the-art methods to better assess the presence, dynamics and emergence of regional clusters (for example, clean energy). Their main goal is to provide mapping tools for firms, practitioners and fellow researchers to evaluate growth opportunities.

Delgado’s “Clusters and entrepreneurship,” which she co-authored with Harvard University’s Michael E. Porter and MIT Professor Scott Stern, was published last year in the Journal of Economic Geography. But the team has been working on clusters and regional development for years, beginning with Porter’s pioneer work in the 1990s.

“I have been very fortunate to work with and learn from great researchers,” Delgado said. “Collaboration makes it easier to see the bigger picture and produce more impactful research.”

Before joining Fox, Delgado completed post-doctoral fellowships at the National Bureau of Economic Research’s Innovation Policy Group and Harvard Business School’s Institute for Strategy and Competiveness, which Porter directs and where Delgado is a senior associate.

Research also plays a vital role in her Fox curricula and instruction.

“The interplay of research and teaching is crucial. My research helps me develop new course material, including company cases and tools for assessing the business environment in a particular location,” said Delgado, who, just last summer, studied the entrepreneurial capacity of Andalusia, Spain, by interviewing more than 50 organizations.

Since 2009 she has collaborated on a new curriculum development initiative to link strategic management’s undergraduate capstone and Fox’s MBA Enterprise Management Consulting (EMC) Practice, increasing real-world experience for undergraduates. As part of the course enhancement, Delgado co-authored a case study of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program with EMC Managing Director TL Hill.

“Discussing these cases with the students, and the follow-up on the cases offered by the CEOs,” she said, “improve students’ learning experience and motivation to succeed.”

With help from her colleagues, Delgado is designing an MBA-level course on Analytical Foundations of Strategy, which she plans to pilot in Fall 2012.

“This course will offer the analytical tools to facilitate strategic decision-making in a setting of uncertainty,” Delgado said. “The business environment changes fast, and these changes need to be reflected in the curriculum.”

Some might consider Robin Lenge’s life a fashion fairytale. Others might call it a testament to the power of networking and pursuing your passion.

Originally from rural Schnecksville, Pa., Lenge, BBA ’91, came to Temple for its urban environment. Today she has a fast paced, New York City fashion-industry career that has taken her to trend shopping in Europe, leather shows in Bologna, fabric shows in Paris, and mills and factories in Asia. She has worked for Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Kate Spade, Coach, Gap and, currently, Banana Republic.

“I wanted to mix the creative with the business,” said Lenge, who monitors commodity markets as frequently as she leads the creation of new fashion accessories.

Early in Lenge’s career, a family friend helped her secure an internship and her first job with industry giants Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, respectively. She remembers running home after one of her first meetings at Tommy Hilfiger to call her parents and tell them that Hilfiger had asked her opinion.

Later, at a fashion awards ceremony with Hilfiger, Lenge saw an outstanding video presentation by then up-and-coming designer Kate Spade. Inspired by the video, Lenge wrote to Spade, expressing how much she wanted to join her company.

“It was such a cool place, and I wanted to be a part of it so much that I was willing to do anything to get there,” she said.

It worked, and when a job opened up at Kate Spade, Lenge was called.

Along the way Lenge made strong friendships in the industry. She recounts the excitement of moving to New York fresh out of college and building a friend and community base around her work. Those friendships helped Lenge move from Kate Spade to Gap and Coach.

Today Lenge is director of production non-apparel for Banana Republic. She helps her team of six coordinate with design and merchandising to translate concepts and raw materials into 500 styles a season and tangible products, such as handbags, jewelry, belts and other accessories.

Lenge provides the designers with the tools to execute their vision, works with overseas offices and factory partners, and manages the designers’ ideas through production and quality control.

One of the most rewarding aspects of her job is seeing the concepts she started with walking down the street in the hands of consumers.

“I see people carrying a handbag I made, and I love that.”