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Fox School alumnus Edward McGinty keeps Boardwalk Empire authentic

Photograph of Edward McGinty

Fox alumnus Edward McGinty in character as Ward Boss Boyd. Photo courtesy of HBO.

Although the HBO series Boardwalk Empire is a work of historical fiction, Fox School alumnus Edward McGinty, BBA ’89, the show’s research advisor, helps ensure that the writers’ words are backed up with historical facts. Here, he talks about how growing up in Atlantic City helped land him a job on the acclaimed series.

How did you connect with Terence Winter, the show’s creator?

After graduating from Temple, I went to film school at Columbia University, where I met Terence Winter at a Q-and-A screening with the cast of The Sopranos. A few years later, Terry mentioned that he was writing a project about Prohibition in Atlantic City to a friend of mine from film school. My friend said, “You’ve got to meet my friend Eddie, he grew up in Atlantic City and knows everything there is to know about the town.”

What was that first meeting like?

I brought as much research material as I could carry to the meeting. My grandfather and my father, Ed Sr., ENG ’56, had worked at the Ritz Carlton, where the real Nucky lived. At the end of the meeting, I showed a photo of my grandfather wearing his bellman’s uniform, standing on the boardwalk in front of the Ritz. Terry looked at it and said, “You’re hired!” I think I may have been the first person on the payroll.

So growing up in Atlantic City gave you an edge?

Absolutely. I brought a lot of first-hand knowledge to the table. I was always fascinated by the history of the city I grew up in. I had always heard stories from my Dad about growing up in Atlantic City, so there was a lot of family history I could refer to. And [Temple History Professor] Bryant Simon’s book, Boardwalk of Dreams: Atlantic City and the Fate of Urban America, sat next to Nelson Johnson’s Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City [on which the HBO series is based] on my bookshelf for years.  Those are two of my personal favorite books about the history of Atlantic City.

What does your father say about your work on the show?

The high point of my life was taking my Dad to see the Boardwalk set in Brooklyn. When he saw it for the first time, he stopped in his tracks. He climbed the stairs to the boardwalk they had built and leaned on the railing and said, “You guys really nailed it.”

What does being a researcher for the show entail?

The writing staff comes up with the storylines, and I support them with as much historical research as I can about the time period. If they have any questions along the way, I find the answer by searching the Internet, going to libraries, calling on experts, etc. Anything I need to do to find answers as quickly as possible. When the script comes out, I go back through it and fact-check, making sure that everything is on the mark. Everyone on the show does their best to make sure the historical elements are as authentic as possible.

You appeared on screen during the first few seasons as Ward Boss Boyd. How did that happen?

One day I was sitting in the writer’s room, and Terry looked across the table and said, “You kind of look like a character from back then. You should audition.” I brushed it off, but he persisted. I had trained as an actor at the American Conservatory Theater, but I hadn’t auditioned in a few years, so I was extremely nervous. But I got the part. The fun thing is that my character was named after a real ward boss, who was my grandfather’s fishing buddy. So much of this show for me has been due to good luck and great fortune. The best part of it all has been having a mentor like Terence Winter to learn from.

Did you draw on your experience in Philadelphia while researching the storyline for Willie Thompson, who was a student at Temple this season?

Terry had the initial idea to have Willie go to Temple, and it made a lot of sense. When I went to Temple as an undergrad, there was a big contingent of Atlantic City kids there. So I was able to add a lot of first-hand knowledge to my research. On top of that, the Temple Library staff was very helpful. They pointed me to a number of digitized documents and yearbooks from the era. Also, [Professor Emeritus] Jim Hilty’s book, Temple University: 125 Years of Service to Philadelphia, the Nation, and the World, was an invaluable resource. Every Temple student and alumnus should have a copy of that book on their shelf.

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Faculty Profile: Mercedes Delgado

“Mercedes is a core research partner, and has been instrumental in bringing new ideas, methodological rigor, and tenacity to our joint work.”
Michael E. Porter, Bishop William Lawrence University Professor
Harvard Business School

Mercedes Delgado
Assistant Professor, Strategic Management
Hometown: Seville, Spain
Motto: Stay positive.
Latest read: Tim Harford’s Adapt: Why Success Always Starts with Failure
Latest band: Gotan Project
Businessperson she admires: Oprah Winfrey – self-made, great teacher, connects with the public and gives back.
Best way to cope with stress: A good cup of coffee and the gym.

Innovating in the fast lane

Ask Mercedes Delgado about the current pace of innovation, and here’s what she’ll tell you: It is moving faster than ever.

Delgado, an assistant professor of strategic management, focuses her research on entrepreneurship, country competitiveness, and the relationship between industry clusters and the performance of firms, regions and countries.

In the three years since Delgado joined Fox, she has demonstrated the power innovation and collaboration can have in and outside of Alter Hall.

In September 2010, Delgado and a team of Harvard and MIT researchers earned a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) to help policymakers more effectively tap into regional innovation clusters that drive economic growth.

Delgado, who describes clusters as “geographic agglomerations of companies, suppliers, service providers and associated institutions in a particular field,” said the EDA grant has allowed the researchers to use state-of-the-art methods to better assess the presence, dynamics and emergence of regional clusters (for example, clean energy). Their main goal is to provide mapping tools for firms, practitioners and fellow researchers to evaluate growth opportunities.

Delgado’s “Clusters and entrepreneurship,” which she co-authored with Harvard University’s Michael E. Porter and MIT Professor Scott Stern, was published last year in the Journal of Economic Geography. But the team has been working on clusters and regional development for years, beginning with Porter’s pioneer work in the 1990s.

“I have been very fortunate to work with and learn from great researchers,” Delgado said. “Collaboration makes it easier to see the bigger picture and produce more impactful research.”

Before joining Fox, Delgado completed post-doctoral fellowships at the National Bureau of Economic Research’s Innovation Policy Group and Harvard Business School’s Institute for Strategy and Competiveness, which Porter directs and where Delgado is a senior associate.

Research also plays a vital role in her Fox curricula and instruction.

“The interplay of research and teaching is crucial. My research helps me develop new course material, including company cases and tools for assessing the business environment in a particular location,” said Delgado, who, just last summer, studied the entrepreneurial capacity of Andalusia, Spain, by interviewing more than 50 organizations.

Since 2009 she has collaborated on a new curriculum development initiative to link strategic management’s undergraduate capstone and Fox’s MBA Enterprise Management Consulting (EMC) Practice, increasing real-world experience for undergraduates. As part of the course enhancement, Delgado co-authored a case study of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program with EMC Managing Director TL Hill.

“Discussing these cases with the students, and the follow-up on the cases offered by the CEOs,” she said, “improve students’ learning experience and motivation to succeed.”

With help from her colleagues, Delgado is designing an MBA-level course on Analytical Foundations of Strategy, which she plans to pilot in Fall 2012.

“This course will offer the analytical tools to facilitate strategic decision-making in a setting of uncertainty,” Delgado said. “The business environment changes fast, and these changes need to be reflected in the curriculum.”

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Banana Republic’s Robin Lenge turns materials into merchandise

Some might consider Robin Lenge’s life a fashion fairytale. Others might call it a testament to the power of networking and pursuing your passion.

Originally from rural Schnecksville, Pa., Lenge, BBA ’91, came to Temple for its urban environment. Today she has a fast paced, New York City fashion-industry career that has taken her to trend shopping in Europe, leather shows in Bologna, fabric shows in Paris, and mills and factories in Asia. She has worked for Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Kate Spade, Coach, Gap and, currently, Banana Republic.

“I wanted to mix the creative with the business,” said Lenge, who monitors commodity markets as frequently as she leads the creation of new fashion accessories.

Early in Lenge’s career, a family friend helped her secure an internship and her first job with industry giants Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, respectively. She remembers running home after one of her first meetings at Tommy Hilfiger to call her parents and tell them that Hilfiger had asked her opinion.

Later, at a fashion awards ceremony with Hilfiger, Lenge saw an outstanding video presentation by then up-and-coming designer Kate Spade. Inspired by the video, Lenge wrote to Spade, expressing how much she wanted to join her company.

“It was such a cool place, and I wanted to be a part of it so much that I was willing to do anything to get there,” she said.

It worked, and when a job opened up at Kate Spade, Lenge was called.

Along the way Lenge made strong friendships in the industry. She recounts the excitement of moving to New York fresh out of college and building a friend and community base around her work. Those friendships helped Lenge move from Kate Spade to Gap and Coach.

Today Lenge is director of production non-apparel for Banana Republic. She helps her team of six coordinate with design and merchandising to translate concepts and raw materials into 500 styles a season and tangible products, such as handbags, jewelry, belts and other accessories.

Lenge provides the designers with the tools to execute their vision, works with overseas offices and factory partners, and manages the designers’ ideas through production and quality control.

One of the most rewarding aspects of her job is seeing the concepts she started with walking down the street in the hands of consumers.

“I see people carrying a handbag I made, and I love that.”

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Ms. Tracey Y. Felder

Mr. Ernest B. Feldgus

Mr. Alan M. Feldscher

Mr. and Mrs. Anders and Jean Fellows Johansson

Mr. Russel R. Fels

Mr. Frank M. Feltz

Mr. Herbert Felzer

Mr. John D. Ferguson

Mr. Richard W. Fernandez

Mr. Thomas H. B. Ferrant

Ms. Shannon Allen Ferrante

Mr. Bruno M. Ferrao

Mr. Bret A. Fertig

Mr. and Ms. Daniel R. Fesenmaier

Ms. Denise L. Fetterolf

Mr. Alfred Fiel

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Field

Mr. Alexis L. Figueras

Mr. Adam J. Figura

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Joseph Filemyr III

Ms. Ruth Fineman

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Finestone

Mrs. Carole A. Fink

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Finkelman

Mr. & Mrs. Gerard & Debra Finley

Ms. Linda Finley

Dr. Christopher Fiorentino

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin J. First

Mrs. Patricia Hammond Fischer

Mr. Brian J. Fishbone

Mr. Elliot Fisher

Mr. Joseph S. Fisher

Mr. Brian J. Fisher

Mr. Keith R. Fisher

Ms. Loretta S. Fisher

Mr. Arnold N. Fishman

Mr. Laidler Laddie Fitzgerald III

Mrs. Kathleen J. Fitzgerald

Mrs. Wanda Curry Fitzpatrick

Mr. and Mrs. Paul I. Flacker

Mr. Sean T. Flanagan

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Flanagan

Ms. Judith S. Flanigan

Mr. Brian A. Flasinski

Mr. Stanton J. Fleishman

Mr. Joseph F. Fletcher, Jr.

Mr. Raymond J. Flexer

Mr. Allen Flicker

Mr. Richard P. Flowers

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Flynn

Ms. Mandi E. Focht

Mr. Philip S. Fogarty

Dr. Stephen L. Fogg

Mr. Terrence J. Foley

Mr. Joseph A. Forcina

Mr. Donald R. Ford, Jr.

Mr. Walter O. Ford

Ms. Tamara R. Forrest

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Forst

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Forstein

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Fortenbaugh III

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Fox

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Fox

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Fox

Mary Ann Frank and Richard Frank

Mrs. Lori L. Franklin

Robert L. Franklin, Esq.

Mr. Graeme Frazier

Ms. Rita M. Freedman

Mrs. Roseanna F. Koszarek

Mr. Edgar Freudenberg

Mr. Trevor L. Frey

Mr. Marvin W. Friedman

Ms. Shaina W. Froehlich

Mr. Clark Jason Frogley

Mr. John R. Frost

Mr. Toshihei P. Fukushima

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fuller

Mr. Stefan Fuma

Ms. Wun Fung

Ms. Constance M. Furman

Mr. Frank C. Gabell

Mr. Munir A. Gabriel

Dr. and Mrs. Leo T. Gabriel

Ms. Mary A. Gaffney

Dr. Robert C. Gagnon

Mr. Rumneek S. Gahunia

Mr. Michael C. Gale

Mr. John J. Gallagher

Mr. Joseph P. Gallagher, III

Mr. Timothy M. Gallagher

Ms. Shannon M. Gallagher

Mr. and Mrs. Gallagher

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gallagher

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Gallen

Mr. Bernard Galtman

Mr. Thomas H. Gamble

Mr. Kenneth Gamble

Ms. Robin K. Stilwell

Mr. Sheldon Gans

Mr. Louis Garber

Ms. Gabrielle E. Gardingan

Mr. George W. Garner

Mr. Michael T. Garofalo

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Thompson Garrett, Jr.

Ms. Margaret Gatti

Ms. Karen R. Gaudet

Mr. Donald J. Gavrity, Jr.

Mr. Jonathan E. Gbur

Mr. Richard D. Gebert

Mr. Clifford A. Gee, Jr.

Mr. Maurice Gelb

Ms. Barbara Geller

Mrs. Christine C. Gencer

Mr. Patrick C. Gentile

Ms. Katherine W. Gerst

Dr. Frank W. Gery, Jr.

Mr. Scott A. Ghiz

Robert E. Gilberg, Esq.

Mr. Michael W. Gilbode

Mr. William Y. Giles

Drs. John and Brenda Gillespie

Mr. Seth B. Gillston

Ms. Patricia M. Gilroy

Ms. Carol Abrahams Ginsberg

Mr. and Mrs. James Giombetti

Ms. Nicole M. Giordano

Eric A. Girardi, Esq.

Mrs. Jill S. Girard-Willey

Mr. Robert A. Girondi

Mr. Steve M. Gitkos

Mrs. Francie E. Gitomer

Mr. Richard C. Gittelman

Mr. Harry R. Gladfelter

Mr. Curtis E. Glenn

Mr. George E. Gligor

Mr. Robert J. Glosson, Jr.

Mrs. Patrice J. Glover

Mr. Martin G. Goch

Mr. Robert Michael Gogoj

Mr. Donald Gold

Ms. Arlene G. Goldbach

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Goldberg

Mr. Michael S. Goldberg

Mr. Milton L. Goldberg

Mr. Philip F. Golden, III

Ms. Elizabeth B. Golden

Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Goldenberg

Mr. Morton Goldfield

Irving Goldfinger

Mr. Aaron J. Goldschmidt

Mr. Jeffrey D. Goldstein

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Goldstone

Mrs. Bernice M. Good

Mr. Henry L. Good

Mr. Joel F. Goodman

Ms. Judith A. Goodrobb

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. and Rhonda L. Goodwin

Mr. Larry E. Gordon

Ms. Stacy L. Gordon

Ms. Susan Neumann Gordon

Mr. James J. Goslin

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Gould

Mr. Irwin C. Govberg

Mrs. Bonnie L. Gowen

Mr. Harry W. Graber

Mr. Jeffrey G. Graber

Ms. Christina J. Grabowski

Ms. Latia N. Grant

Mr. Kenneth E. Graver

Mr. Seymour Green

Mr. Morris J. Greenberg

Mr. Ralph H. Greenberg

Mr. Charles W. Greiner

Mr. Michael R. Greway

Mr. Raymond J. Greway

Mr. Roman Grichener

Mrs. Debra C. Griffin

Estate of James B. Griffith

Mr. Kenneth Neale Groff

Mr. Jordan Z. Groff

Mr. Ralph D. Groff

Mr. and Mrs.Theodore Groff

Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Lee Gross, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Adolph M. Gross

Dr. David C. Gruben

Mr. Leslie S. Grunes

Mr. Michael P. Guglielmo

Mr. James P. Gunning

Mr. Sidney Guss

Mr. Darryl G. Guy

Mr. William A. Gwynn, Jr.

Dr. David A. Haas

Mr. Kevin L. Haas

Mr. Donald K. Haber, Jr.

Jonathan H. Hagen, Esq.

Mr. Joseph J. Haggerty

Mr. Robert H. Hagmaier

Mr. Robert D. Hahn

Mr. Brian W. Haigh

Mr. Charles D. Haile

Ms. Elizabeth L. Halbreiner

Mr. Jeffrey Hall

Mr. Kyle J. Hall

Ms. Sandra D. Hall

Mrs. Christine Dambro Hallman

Mr. Harry R. Halloran, Jr.

Dr. Robert D. Hamilton, III

Alexander M. Hamling, M.D.

Ms. Kimberly R. Hamm

Mr. & Mrs. William & Judith Hammer

Mr. and Mrs. Cedric Hammond, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Hanbury

Mr. Manuel Hand

Ms. Sabrina Lee Hanitz

Mr. John Alexander Hannah

Ms. Maura D. Hannigan

Ms. Lachel N. Harbin

Mr. Andrew F. Harbison

Mr. and Mrs. Lovell T. Harmon

Beverly Harostock and Michael Harostock

Mrs. Adrienne A. Harris

Mr. Brian D. Harris

Mr. Vincent P. Harris

Mr. Adam C. Harrison

Mr. Robert C. Hartman

Mr. Eric O. Hartmann

Mr. Vinson L. Harvey

Mr. I. Joel Harvitz

Mr. Richard D. Haskell

Mr. Harvey B. Haslett, Jr.

Mr. Daniel Thomas Hauber

Mr. Don R. Haven

Mr. H. Richard Haverstick, Jr.

Mr. Adrian Oleh Hawryliw

Mrs. Joanne R. Hayes

Mr. Brian Headd

Mrs. Lorraine E. Hegarty

Mr. Warren R. Heidelbaugh

Mr. Daniel M. Heine

Mr. Michael M. Heit

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Heitzer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heitzman

Mr. Thomas B. Helbig, Jr.

Mrs. Ronne Glassman Hellmann

Mr. Leo A. Helmers

Mr. Joseph C. Helmetag

Mr. Raymond John Helmuth

Mr. Preston T. Henderson

Mr. and Mrs. Erik Hendricks

Morris Henry and Ms. Roslyn S. Henry

Mr. William T. Henry

Mr. Larry Herrington

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hershman

Robert I. Hicks, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. George Hicks, Jr.

Ms. Michelle D. Hiett

Mr. James J. Higgins, Jr.

Mr. George K. Higuchi

Ms. Ashley M. Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Lynda Hinde

Mr. George R. Hindman

Mr. Leroy H. Hinkle

Ms. Mary J. Hintzman

Mr. Myron R. Hirsch

Arthur Hochner, Ph.D.

Mrs. Rosemary B. Hocker

Judge William M. Hoeveler

Mr. Tyler Robert E. Hoff

Mr. William E. Hoffman, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Hoffman

Mr. Richard M. Hoffman

Mr. Arnold J. Hoffman

Mr. Gerard W. Hoffner

Ms. Renee Hogan

Mr. Stephen A. Holcombe

Mr. Brett P. Holland

Mrs. Mary P. Hollawell

Mr. Floyd P. Holley

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Holloway

Mr. Howard C. Holman

Mrs. Eileen Burns Holmes

Michael J. Holmes

Mr. Jason G. Holmes

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Holsopple

Mr. Matthew N. Holtz

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert J. Holtzman

Ms. Lauren M. Hoopes

Mr. and Mrs. David Hoover

Mr. David L. Hopkins

Mrs. Victoria Thierry Hopper

Dr. Christopher Hopson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Horen

Mr. William E. Horn

Ms. Veronica Horn

Mrs. Phyllis Horner

Mr. Christopher C. Hort

Mr. Robert W. Horton, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Judith Horwitz

Mr. Mohammed I. Hossain

Mr. Robert K. Hotchkiss

Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Anne Hotham

Mr. Charles S. Hough, Jr.

Ms. Kyriaki Houras

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Houriet

Mr. Graeme K. Howard III

Mr. Mark R. Howey

Mr. William Nemoral Hoxter

Mrs. Joyce V. Hoyle

Mr. Thomas A. Hrivnak

Mr. Michael Hubbel

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hughes

Ms. Tanya Ziegenfus Huller

Mr. Robert D. Hulme

Ms. Esther J. Hulshizer

Mr. Randy Hulshizer

Lacy H. Hunt, Ph.D.

Ms. Thelma M. Hunt

Ms. Christine T. Hunt

Dr. James M. Hunt

Mr. Charles F. Hurchalla

Mr. Harvey L. Hurdle, Jr.

Mr. Jay R. Hurwitz

Mr. James Hutchin

Mr. Kenneth E. Hutchins

Mr. Edward T. Hutchinson

Ms. Beth C. Hutter

Mr. Jay A. Huttner and Wendi Huttner

Mr. Tony Huynh

Ms. Jina Hwang

Mr. Marshal J. Hyman

Ms. Donna Hyman

Mr. Ala F. Ibrahim

Mr. Zuri Idoeta

Ms. Janice Imperial

Dr. Kim M. Ingham

Mr. Alan Javan Inman

Mr. Marc L. Irgang

Ms. Wendy S. Isaacs

Mr. Harold Richard Isdaner

Mr. Arthur M. Issadore

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Iuliano

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Ives

Mr. Neel Iyer

Dr. Alan J. Izenman

Mr. Robert W. Jackson

Mr. Christopher L. Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Jakai Jackson

Mr. John A. Jackson, Jr.

Ms. Pearly S. Jacob

Mr. Leonard Jacobs and Mrs. Linda B. Jacobs

Ms. Katayun I. Jaffari

Mr. and Mrs. Zec Jagmin

Ms. Eleanor A. Jammal

Mr. Kevin B. Jardine

Mr. Marek Gruszecki and Ms. Beata Jaronska

Mr. Jay L. Jaspan

Mr. Harold L. Jeffers

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Jefferson

Ms. Denise S. Jefferson-Bailey

Ms. Joan M. Jennerjahn

Ya Jia

Mr. Long Jiang

Mr. and Mrs. Oswald John

Mr. Jeffrey J. Johns

Mr. Charles M. Johnson

Mr. Donald P. Johnson

Mr. Kevin L. Johnson

Mr. Anthony K. Johnson

Ms. Saniah Johnson

Mr. Kevin M. Johnson

Mr. Matthew Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Comel Leroy Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Johnson

Ms. Sarah Johnson

Mr. Thomas W. Jones

Ms. Lenora Jones

Ms. Cara E. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. M. William Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Horsford Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Jones

Ms. Carol A. Jordan

Mr. Ivan P. Joseph

Dr. George Joseph

Ms. Cherese T. Joseph

Mr. Sandeepsarma Josyula

Mr. Alan R. Jovinelly

Mr. Andrew Junikiewicz

Mrs. Alice Gardan Kaasik

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Kacergis, Jr.

Denise Kahn and Mr. Richard Kahn

Mr. David M. Kaiser

Ms. Lisa Kaiser

Mayuri Kamdar and Pankajkumar Kamdar

Mr. Jason M. Kaminski

Mr. Stephen J. Kane

Mr. Chi H. Kang

Mr. Paul J. Kaniefski

Mr. Darin Kapanjie

Mr. Mark L. Kaplan

Mr. Justin D. Kaplan

Mr. and Mrs. Ned J. Kaplin

Mr. Ronald A. Kapusta

Mr. Benjamin J. Karabin

Michelle G. Karetny-Bachrach

Mr. Lawrence B. Karp

Mr. Joel B. Karsch

Dr. Florence and Mr. Solis Kaslow

Mrs. Rhoda C. Katz

Mr. Richard H. Katz

Mr. Martin I. Katz

Mr. Marc W. Kauffman

Drs. Michael Remshard and Susan Kaup

Mr. Leroy E. Kean

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Kearney

Mr. Todd J. Keitz

Mr. Derek B. Kellett

Mr. Maurice L. Kelley, Jr.

Ms. Samantha L. Kelly

Mr. George E. Kemp

Mr. Daniel H. Kendrick, Jr.

Mr. William H. Kennedy

Ms. Claire Kenney

Mr. Christopher B. Kern

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Kern

Mr. Robert Alan Kerr

Mr. Myron I. Kessler

Mr. Melvin L. Kessler

Mr. Larry D. Keyser

Mr. John T. Kilpatrick

Mr. James D. Kim

Mr. Young Shik Kim

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kimber

Ms. Marie K. Kindler

Ms. Annie B. Kingcade, PHR

Mr. Michael D. Kinsella, Jr.

Mr. Peter Kiproff

Mr. Csaba L. Kiraly

Mr. Donald Kirkwood

Mr. Michael Kirschner

Mr. Charles Klasky

Gary M. Klazmer, Esq.

Ms. Betty R. Kleiman

Mrs. Catherine Swengel Klein

James Klein and Ms. Babette A. Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Eric G. Klein

Ms. Michelle A. Kletzi

Mr. Matthew W. Kletzli

Mr. Howard R. Kline

Mr. Raymond Kling

Ms. Catherine H. Kling-Kopaz

Mr. Stephen Klink

Mr. George W. Knapp

Ms. Susanne Knittel

Mr. Donald G. Koch

Mr. Christopher Kocher

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Koehler

Mr. Paul D. Koehrsen

Ms. Danielle G. Koger

Mr. Edward J. Kohlhepp

Martin S. Kohn, Esq.

Mr. Michael J. Kokola

Mr. Peter M. Kokolus

Mr. and Mrs. Philip P. Koller

Kenneth J. Kopecky, Ph.D.

Ms. Jennifer Olin Korman and Mr. Steven H. Korman

Mr. Harold Kornfeld

Nancy Korotkin

Mrs. Laurie B. Korth

Mrs. Anna B. Kost

Mr. Morton Kotler

Mrs. Terri Ann Kovalski

Mr. Lawrence Kovnat

Mr. Peter E. Kozak Lewycky

Mr. Matthew Kozsuch

Mr. Andrew A. Kratz

Mr. Alan R. Kraus

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Marc Kreiner

Robert Krell and Marlene Krell

Mr. Frank E. Krewson

Mr. Evan M. Krieg

Mr. Fred C. Krieger

Mr. Michael R. Kriner and Ms. Aileen M. Greenberg-Kriner

Ms. Sridevi Krishnan

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Krivak

Mr. Warren Vincent Krout

Sophia Kryst and John Kryst

Mr. Manish A. Kuber

Ms. Marcia Kubik

Ms. Hallie C. Kubit

Mr. Walter M. Kuchlak

Mr. Bernard Kuchuk

Mr. Anthony J. Kuczinski

Mr. Andreas M. Kuhbier

Mrs. Kristen J. Voris Kuipers

Ms. Kelli Kukulka

Mr. Kenneth E. Kulp

Mr. Christopher L. Kulp

Mr. Richard A. Kund

Mr. Richard H. Kupfer

Mr. Eric S. Kushner

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Theresa Kusmierczyk

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kwiatkowski

Dr. Myroslaw J. Kyj

Mr. and Mrs. John Labar

Mr. David W. Ladley

Ms. Carlene L. Laing

Mr. and Mrs. August and Joan Laluna

Ms. Than Lam

Ms. Denise M. Lamlin

Drs. Richard and Judith Lancioni

Luther Lewis Landin, Jr.

Mrs. Anita Lane

Mr. Saul L. Langsam

Dr. Mario E. J. Lanni

Mr. James W. Larkin

Mr. Andrew J. Larsen

Philip S. Laskaris

Mrs. Linda Latham

Mr. Ronald F. Lauretti

Donald R. Lawrence

Mr. Steven D. Lawrence

Ms. Elaine Lax

Mr. Steven H. Layton

Mr. David C. Leach and Ms. Kristen O’Halloran

Mr. Paul Leasoff

Mr. Milton Charles Lederer

Ms. Mary T. Ledwith

Mr. Brook M. Lee

Mr. Edward and Mrs. Susan Leibrock

Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Lenfest

Mr. Robert J. Lento

Jennifer Leon and Stuart Leon

Mr. and Mrs. George Leone

Ms. Irma T. Lerma

Mr. Gary S. Leshner

Mr. Jeffrey Joseph Leventhal


Mr. Marvin A. Levey

Mrs. Shirley Mae Levin

Mrs. Susan J. Levine

Mr. Steven E. Levitsky

Mr. Louis Levitt

Mr. Edward A. Levy

Mr. Eric Levy

Mr. Irving M. Levy

Mr. and Mrs. Murray S. Levy

Mrs. Joan F. Lewers

Mr. Shalom J. Lewis

Mr. Claude T. Lewis, Jr.

Mr. Haston Lewis, II

Ms. Wai Fun Li

Dr. Yuanzhi Li

Ms. Ying C. Liang

Mr. John M. Libonati, Jr.

Mrs. Lynne B. Lichtig

Mr. Bernard D. Lieberman

Mr. George J. Limbach

Ms. Hsiang-Yin Lin

Ms. Jie Lin

Mrs. Carla R. Lindenman

Mr. William S. Lindsay

Mr. Michael J. Lineman

Ms. Ellen H. Link

Mr. Ronald C. Linton

Roland Lipka, Ph.D.

Mrs. Rosalie Glassman Lipkowitz

Mr. Bernard Lipschutz

Mr. and Mrs. Jay H. Lipson

Mr. Norman Lipton

Mr. Edward A. Lisker

Mr. Edwin D. Liss

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Listokin

Mr. William Littman

Ms. Xiaomeng Liu

Mrs. Kathleen Droboniku Livesey

Mr. Richard Livingston, Jr.

Mrs. Nancy M. Lloyd

Mr. Jeffrey E. Lobman

Mr. Richard J. Loechler

Mr. Christopher J. Loeffert

Mr. Douglas R. Logan

Ms. Kia L. Logue

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ralph Lohman

Ms. Xue Xiang Lok

Walter P. Lomax, Jr., M.D. and Mrs. Beverly Lomax

Mr. Michael J. Long

Mr. and Mrs. Joel E. Long

Ms. Sovanny Lonh

Ms. Harriet Sanders Lore

Ms. Joan F. Loren

Dr. Patricia J. Loudis

Mr. Nathaniel M. Loughin

Frank Lowery and Mrs. Lorraine Lowery

Ms. Elizabeth JP Lowery

Dr. Robert L. Lowry

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Jaine Lucas

Mr. Patrick F. Luddy

Ms. Susan J. Ludwigsen

Mr. William D. Lukens

Mr. Richard R. Luther

Mrs. Sandra Schmitz Lutz

John Lutzko

Mr. James M. Lynn

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lyons

Ms. Winnie Ma

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Macinsky

Mr. and Mrs. Burroughs Mack

Mr. Mark A. Macolino

Mr. Matthew T. Macrina

Mr. J. Thomas Macy

Ms. Michelle E. Foster

Mr. Charles P. Madison, Jr.

Mr. Frank J. Maffa

Mr. John P. Magasko, Jr.

Mr. Francis X. Magee, Jr.

Mr. Mark J. Magno

Mr. Lawrence L. Maguire

Thomas Mahoney, Esq.

Mr. Ralph Maiolino

Ms. Judy A. Maira

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Malamut

Mr. Mario R. Malvizzi

Ms. Marie-Renee Malvoisin

Ronald Maneval and Rhonda Maneval

Mr. Steven Manilov

Mr. Kenneth Mann

Mr. Norton N. Manoff

Dr. Lian Mao

Mr. George Robert Marcino

Mr. David B. Marcu

Colonel Victor A. Marcus

Mr. Leonard I. Marcus

Mr. John F. Marcy

Ms. Adjoa M. Marfo

Hal S. Margolit

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marinello

Dimitrios Maris and Eleanor Maris

Mitchell S. Markowitz

Mr. and Mrs. Norman M. Marks

Estate of Maron, Dorothy

Ms. Krista M. Marren

Mr. Robert B. Marsh

Ms. Megan Marshall

Ms. Ann T. Marsteller

John H. E. Martin

Mr. Craig W. Martin, Sr.

Mr. Jonathan L. Martin

Mrs. Erica Bantom Martin

Mr. Jamal L. Martin

Ms. Joanne Mason

Mr. Martin A. Mastascusa

Mr. Stephen C. Masters

Mr. Tyler Mathisen

Dr. Patricia and Mr. Harold Mathues

Ms. Judith L. Matthews

Ms. Chivonne A. Matthews

Mrs. Joan Poplaski Mauriello

Mr. Alan L. Maxwell, Jr.

Ms. Carolyn F. Mayer

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Mayer

Ms. Rose J. Mazur

Mr. James W. Mazzoni

Mr. Michael J. McAnally

Mr. Barry L. McCarraher

Ms. Ruth McCormick

Mrs. Margaret G. McKenna

Mrs. Linda Stein McAleer

Mr. Stephen J. McAnena

Brian J. McAulay, Ph.D.

Mr. Daniel Dennis McBride

Mr. Robert F. McCadden

Ms. Bernice T. McCann

Mr. Dennis J. McCann

Mr. William J. McCann, Jr.

Ms. Michelle A. McCarter

Mr. Paul E. Mccauley

Ms. Seda L. McClurg

Mr. and Mrs. John McConegly

Mr. Dennis J. McCool

John McCool, Ph.D.

Ms. Tiffany A. Mccoy

Ms. Denise C. McCullough

Mr. Michael F. Mcdevitt

Ms. Jennifer L. McDonald

Mr. Charles M. McDonnell

Mr. Arthur P. McDowell

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Patrick McFadden

Ms. Ermatine R. McFarland

Mr. Phillip H. McGavin

Mr. Thomas M. McGeehan

Ms. MaryK McGinley

Ms. Margaret M. McGoldrick and Mr. Richard W. Owens

Mr. Michael J. McGorrey

Mr. Edward P. McGovern, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. McGovern

Mr. William H. McGowan

Mr. William J. McGowan

Mr. Paul McGuire

Mr. Arthur C. McGuire, Jr.

Mr. Charles F. McGurk II

Mr. Matthew S. Mcgurk

Mrs. Barbara B. McHale

Mr. John S. McHenry

Mr. David J. McIlhenny, Jr.

Mr. Robert E. McKelvey, Jr.

Mr. James J. McKenna

Dr. Margaret S. McKenna

Mr. Daniel W. McKenzie

Mr. Donald R. McKenzie

Dr. and Mrs. Russell U. McLaughlin

Mr. Douglas McMahon

Ms. Brigitte P. McMurren

Mrs. Susan C. McNeill

Mrs. Gail H. McPeters

Mrs. Pegene Wiggins McPhaden

Ms. Romona A. Mcqueen

Mr. Peter B. McSherry, III

Mr. William J. McSparron

Mr. Frank J. McWilliams, Jr.

Ms. Arinamaya Md.Ayub

Mr. Steven J. Meade

Mr. Matthew S. Mealey

Mrs. June Wilhelm Meier

Mr. Paul J. Laskow and Ms. Margaret W. Meigs

Mr. Henry and Dr. Barbara Meil

Mr. Neil W. Meischeid

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff A. Meiskin

Mr. Joseph L. Mekulski

Mr. Nicolas V. Menant

Mr. Matthew W. Menaquale

Mr. Joel R. Menchey

Dr. Gaston A. Mendoza

Stephen A. Merves

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew L. Messa, Jr.

Mr. Kimberton Ethan Messner

Mrs. Rae Meyer

Mr. Barry P. Meyers

Mr. Gregory S. Meyers

Mr. Edward D. Meyers

Cheryl Mezick and Frank Mezick

Mr. Alfred J. Michini

Mr. Kevin J. Mickelberg

H. John Miekley III

Mr. Karl D. Migliaro

Ms. Marian Wood Migliorisi

Mr. Peter J. Mihalik

Ms. Lesya Mikhats

Ms. Helen E. Miksits

Mr. Bernard J. Milano

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Milbourne

Commander Edward J. Miller

Mr. Charles J. Miller, Jr.

Neil L. Miller

Mr. Harry Stephen Miller

Mr. David L. Miller

Mr. Robert K. Miller

Mr. Robert F. Miller

Mr. Randy C. Miller

Mrs. Ellen E. Miller

Mr. Matthew J. Miller

Ms. Courtney E. Miller

Mr. Paul R. Miller

Mr. Charles H. Miller

Ms. Kathleen J. Miller

Mr. Donald Miller

Michele Miller and Richard Miller

Mr. James Charles Mills

Rui Min

Ms. Betty Mincer

Mrs. Barbara S. Mintz

Ms. Samantha A. Mirkin

Mr. David L. and Pastor Eileen Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Mitchell, Jr.

Ms. Neha Mittal

Ms. Lucy Mo

Dr. Virginia and Mr. Andrew Modla

Ms. Farah Nadiah Mohd Fadzil

Mr. Arnold D. Mohel

Mr. Richard E. Mohn

Dr. Unnikammu Moideenkutty

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart D. and Kathleen P. Moiles

Mr. Gerald Monagle

Charles Herbert Mond

Mr. Michael J. Montagnon

Mr. Edwin A. Monteiro

Ms. Debra Montella

Mr. William J. Mooney

Edwin Morales and Lisa Morales

Mr. Robert C. Moran, Jr.

Mr. Stephen J. Morello

Ms. Christine L. Morgan

Mr. Thomas F. Moritz

Mr. Edward L. Morlyn

Captain Stephen H. Morris

Maria C. Morris

Richard L. Morris, Jr., Esq.

Ms. Carberta A. Morrison

Mr. George Wyman Morriss

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Morrissey

Mr. and Mrs. Harry and Rita Morse

Ms. Kimberly A. Moser

Mr. and Mrs. James Moser

Mr. Donald W. Mosier

Mr. Jason E. Moskal

Mr. Peter J. Moskowitz

Ms. Felicia A. Mosley

Mr. David T. Moszkowicz

Mr. Mark J. Mowery

Albert A. Moyer, Ph.D.

Mrs. Patricia A. Moyer

Mr. Eric J. Muck

Ms. Susan Mudambi

Mr. Mark R. Mueller

Mrs. Chandreyi Mukherji

Mr. Thomas J. Mullen

Mr. Patrick J. Mulloy

Mr. Christopher B. Mulvey

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Mulvey

Mr. James A. Mulvihill

Mr. John J. Munera III

Ms. Laverne A. Gosling

Mr. Jerome C. Murphy

Mr. James J. Murphy

Mr. Robert F. Murphy

Dr. Karen M. Murphy

Mr. Harry F. Murphy, Jr.

Ms. Margaret Getz Murr

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Murray

Mrs. Mary Brown Murray

Mr. Kevin R. Murray

Mrs. Kellee Murray-Morales

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Murtaugh

Mr. Martin Musicant

Mr. Fayiz F. Mustafa

Mr. James and Mrs. Karen Myers

Mr. Paul A. Myerson

Ms. Stephanie L. Nace

Vardhan D. Nadkarni, Esq.

Mr. Vijay Krishna Narayanan

Mrs. and Mr. Dawn Marie Nave

Mr. Richard M. Neely

Mr. Andrew J. Nehlig, III

Mr. David B. Nelson

Mr. Troy D. Nelson

Ms. Ann Robin Neuer

Mr. Martin Neuhaus

Mr. David C. Newingham

Ralph W. Newkirk, Jr.

Mr. Mark M. Newman

Ms. Sandra Newman

Mr. and Mrs. Shiu Lun G. Ng

Miss Grace Tin-Yun Ng

Ms. Mai T. Nghiem

Ms. Anhdao T. Nguyen

Ms. Pauline T. Nguyen

Ms. Tam Q. Nguyen

Mr. Cuong D. Nguyen

Mr. Terry L. Nickey

Mr. Robert V. Nicoletti

Mrs. Gina D. Nisbeth

Mrs. Karen L. Nitka

Francis Nolasco

Mrs. Gladys M. Novey

Mr. George B. Nowrey, Jr.

Mr. Loic Ntumba

Mrs. Jill L. Bulkin-Nuddle and Mr. David J. Nuddle

Zina O’Connor and Daniel O’Connor

Dr. Robert L. Oakes

Mr. Matt Obenski

Mr. Lawrence J. O’Brien, Jr.

Ms. Jennifer L. O’Connell

Mr. Thomas D. O’Connor

Patrick J. O’Connor, Esq.

Mr. Scott Odell

Mr. John Francis O’Grady

Mr. Francis Patrick O’Hara

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick H. O’Hare

Mr. William E. Ohrum

Mr. Jerry J. O’Leary

Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Kathryn Olexa

Mr. Robert L. Oliver

Mr. Robert S. Olson

Ms. Caitlyn S. Olson-Swanson

Mr. Brian C. O’Malley

Mrs. Karen M. O’Neill

Scott Opitz

Mr. Charlie Orbann

Carol M. Ordille, Ph.D.

Mrs. Tammy L. Orehek

Mr. Thomas J. O’Reilly

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan & Marlene Orens

Mr. Joseph E. Organtini, Jr.

Mrs. Bernice Marie Orlando

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Osborne

Mr. Dennis K. Oscapinski

Mr. Stuart Oser

Mr. Perry Ostroff

Mrs. Mary K. Overholt

Mr. Kirk A. Overton

Mr. Donald H. Owen

Ms. Kara C. Owens

Ms. Lynn S. Oxenberg

Mr. Lakshmanan B. Padmanabhan

Mr. Donald M. Page

Mr. Thamayanthi Santhiran and Mr. Chandra Kumar Pajagopal

Danila Palamides

Mr. Kirill Palatnik

Mr. Louis R. Palitz

Mr. James R. Palmer

Ms. Haiyan Pan

Mrs. Megan L. Panaccio

Ms. Linda J. Pancio

Ms. Bejal Pandya

Mr. Jonathan C. Pang

Mr. Scot D. Pannepacker

Ms. Irene Papanicolaou

Mrs. Maria Papasozomenos

Mr. Curtis D. Parchment

Mr. Kunal Parekh

Mr. Michael J. Paretchan

Hyun Park

Ms. Dorothy E. Parke

Dr. Robert J. Parker

Vaughn Parker

Ms. Trudy Parker

Ms. Victoria J. Parker-Corley

Dr. Arvind R. Parkhe

Mr. Robert C. Parkinson

Ms. Faith Parkinson

Mr. Lawrence J. Parrish

Mr. Theodore V. Partlow

Mr. Joshua W. Parvin

Mr. Michael C. Pasquarello, Jr.

Mrs. Yolanda M. Pasquella

Mr. Anthony S. Pastor

Mr. Niraj B. Patel

Mr. Vir B. Patel

Ms. Janki Patel

Mr. Mit H. Patel

Mr. Magan Patel

Mr. and Mrs. Bhupendra Patel

Ms. Susan N. Pateras

Mr. Kristopher S. Paterson

Ms. Anne Paterson

Dr. Gerald R. Patnode, Jr.

Mrs. Valerie Fendrick Patterson

Mrs. Virginia G. Patton

Mr. Jack and Mrs. Marcia Paul

Mr. David F. Paul

Mrs. Joan Lardner Paul

Mr. Jonathan W. Pearce

Mr. Sean Michael Pearson

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Judith Pecenka

Ms. Sandra Pedrosa

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan L. Peiper, Esq.

Mr. Joseph A. Pelizzoni, III

Mr. John B. Percaccio

Ms. Rebecca Perelion

Mr. Jason Perez

Mrs. Brandy L. Perkins

Mr. Robert V. Perkins

Mr. Noel A. Perloff

Mrs. Genevieve Grubnick Perloff

Ms. Devin M. Perry

Mr. Ray Frederick Perry

Ms. Linda W. Petrucci

Mr. Michael J. Pettinelli

Mr. John H. Pfeiffer

Mr. Henry Pfuhl, Jr.

Ms. Lori T. Pham

Dr. and Mrs. Arvind V. Phatak

Mrs. Susan Phililps

Ms. Shaquetta E. Phillips

Mr. Stefan A. Piccone

Mr. Norman Pickelny

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert C. Pierce, Jr.

Mr. A. Edward Pierce, Jr.

Mr. Simon Pierre

Mr. Christopher T. Pierznik

Dr. Joseph G. Pigeon

Mr. Edward S. Pijanowski

Mr. Giulio S. Pileggi

Mr. Morton P. Pincus

Mr. Geoffrey E. Pinney

Mr. John A. Pinti

Mr. Robert M. Piotrowski

Mr. Hubert William Pipkin

Dr. Stephen F. Pirog

Mr. Donald B. Pitchman

Mr. Jules M. Pitkow

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Pitkow

Mr. Joseph Pizza

Mrs. Mary E. Pizzola

David E. Pliskin

Mr. Daniel J. Ploppert

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin H. Plumer

Dr. Jeffrey S. Podoshen

Mr. Daniel H. Polett and Mrs. Margo Polett

Mr. Anthony J. Polito III

Mr. Norman Pollack

Mr. Albert Pomenti

Oksana Pomerlian

Mr. Michael J. Pongracz

Ms. Brenda Pope

Mrs. Lynn Marie Popeck

Mr. and Mrs. Victor T. Popovsky

Mr. Maury L. Popowich

Mr. Anthony J. Porter

Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. Porter

Ms. Regina A. Post

Mr. Roger S. Post

Ms. Eleanore J. Powanda

Mr. Sydney J. Powell, III

Mr. Vincent W. Powers

Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Powers

Ms. Laurie Pranskunas

Ms. Angela Prendergast

Paula Gelbard Pressman, Esq.and Mr. Neil Marc Pressman

Herbert Pressman, Esq. and Barbara Pressman, Esq.

Mr. Gregg F. Price

Ms. Juliette Primeau

Dr. Larry M. Prober

Mr. Salvatore A. Procopio

Ms. Robin E. Proctor

Mr. Douglas L. Propst

Mr. Marino A. Puliti

Mr. Joseph F. Purcell

Mr. William Quilty

Mr. Richard Mark Quinn

Mr. Edward J. Quinn

Ms. Elvita Quinones

Mrs. Gloria V. Rabinowitz

Dr. Jaroslaw Fedorijczuk and Mrs. Karola Carmen Rac

Ms. Lisa K. Radecke

Ms. Carol A. Radics

Mr. Barry L. Raeburn

Mr. Manoj K. Raghunandanan

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Ragni

Mr. Nicholas A. Rago

Miss Malini Ragoopath

Andrew C. Ragusa

Mr. Dennis C. Raiken

Dr. Radha A. Railkar

Mr. Mark N. Raimondo

Ms. Kelly-Jean N. Rainford

Mr. and Mrs. Frank John Raiti

Mr. Joel N. Ralph

Mr. M.R.Naveen Raman

Mr. and Ms. Robert T. Rambo

Mr. Harry Rambo

Mr. Richard G. Ramge

Mr. Angelo Ramirez

Mr. Eric Ramsey

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Peter Ranieri

Mr. Scott Rankin

Ms. Nicole M. Rappisi

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Meir Ravitch

Ms. Shireen T. Rawson

Mr. Ronald A. Raynes

Mr. E. Stoney Read

Roderick D. Reardon Jr.

Mr. Benjamin Receveur

Mr. James A. Reger, Jr.

Mr. Ronald E. Register

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Regula

Ms. Sadia Rehman

Mrs. Janice Ruth Hoffman Reich

Mr. Ross S. Reiter

Mr. Willard J. Remphrey, Jr.

Prof. Jessica Renaud

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rennie

Mr. George Retter

Mr. William F. Reyers

Mr. Christopher Rhee

Mr. Edward O. F. Rhoads

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Rhoads

Mr. Charles A. Rhoads, Jr.

Ms. Fablola S. Ribeiro

Mrs. Emma M. Rice

Mr. Michael L. Richardson

Mr. Edward B. Richman

Mr. Roland J. Riddell

Dr. and Mrs. Stanley K. Ridgley

Mr. Robert J. Ridolfi

Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Rieck

Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Rieco

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Riggs

Ms. Deborah A. Riley

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Rim

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Rinck

Mr. Jack L. Ringlestein, Jr.

Sheri Risler

Mr. William J. Ritchie

Mr. David P. Rittenberg

Ms. Julievette Rivera

Mr. Nicholas R. Rizzi

Dr. Eve and Mr. Charles Robbins

Ms. Emma C. Roberts

Ms. Tanya Michele Roberts-Graham

Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Robertson, Jr.

Mr. John H. Robertson

Mr. Thomas J. Robinson

Mrs. Diane M. Robinson

Mrs. Helen Harper Robinson

Ms. Kristine K. Robinson

Ms. Fatima L. Robinson

Ms. Alicia Robinson

Mr. Vincent A. Rochester

Mrs. Kay Rock

Mr. Glenn F. Roedel

Mr. Peter Roithmayr

Ms. Janice M. Rolnik

Ms. Maxine G. Romano

Mr. Kenneth Romanowski

Mrs. Catherine E. Rooney

Mr. and Ms. John T. Rooney

Ms. Lynne C. Rose

Mr. Fredric K. Rosen

Mr. Roger Jerry Rosenblum

Ms. Renee L. Rosenfeld

Mr. Sherman Rosenfield

Mr. Steven A. Rosenthal

Mr. Jeffery R. Rosler

Mr. Gerald Rosner

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Rosoff

Mr. Raymond P. Rosti, II

Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. and Virginia A. Roth

Eileen Roth

Mr. Alan K. Rothberg

Mr. Drexel P. Rothrauff

Mr. Mark A. Rothstein

Dr. Jerry D. Rothstein

Mr. Robert F. Roussey, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Routhenstein

Ms. Lisa Hope Rovner

Ms. Amanda R. Royal

Mr. Ralph S. Rubenstein

Alan K. Rubin

Mr. Timothy R. Rubin

Mr. Blake J. Rubin

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald I. Rubin

Mr. Jack Rubin

Claudette Rucker

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ruddick

Mrs. Eleanor O. Ruddy

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard C. and Rosalie Rudegeair

Ms. Helene Rudnick

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Rudof

Ms. Nora Ruffin

Mr. Matthew Michael Runk

Mr. Robert J. Rushton, Sr.

Mr. Arthur W. Russell

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Russikoff

Mr. Ernie William Russom III

David H. Ryan, Ph.D.

Mr. & Mrs. Judson & Mary Ryan

Mr. Joseph W. Rydzewski, Sr.

Mr. Andrew Rydzewski

Dr. Durai Sabapathi

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Sacchetti

Ms. Cathy E. Sacks

Mr. Martin Sacks

Ms. Sasha Saintsulne

Mr. George E. Saitz

Mr. Joseph L. Salamone, Jr.

Mr. William F. Saldutti, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanton J. Salkin

Ms. Marcia Bronstein and Mr. Eric H. Salmansohn

Ms. Kyong Salmons

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & Melissa Salton

Mr. Arnold I. Saltzman

Ms. Kristie L. Samarco

Ms. Arlene A. Sampson

Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Samsel

Karen Wright Sanders

Mr. and Mrs. Giuseppe Sandolo

Mr. Chester H. Sanger

Mr. Richard H. Sansweet

Mr. John David Santamore

Mr. Perry H. Sanville, Jr.

Mr. Parag Sapre

Mr. John A. Sasselli

Ms. Sophie Caroline Sasso

Mr. Edward F. Savage

Mr. Marc A. Savasta

Mr. Steven P. Savett

Mr. Mark A. Savrin

Ms. Jane Scaccetti

Mr. John A. Scaduto III

Mr. Frank G. Scardino

Ms. Anne C. Scardino

Mr. Jacob L. Schachter

Mr. Michael Schafer

Mr. Jonathan M. Schechter

Ms. Danielle U. Scheer

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Scheive

Andrew J. Schell

Mr. Joseph P. Schiavo

Dr. and Mrs. Russell Schilder

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Schlager

Mary Margaret Schlapp and Charles Schlapp

Mr. John Samuel Schleyer

Mr. Kerry L. Schneck

Dr. Bruce E. Schneider

Mr. Irvin A. Schnyder

Mrs. Elizabeth Groom Schock

Mr. Joseph J. Schoen, Jr.

Mr. Robert W. Schoen

Mr. Robert J. Schoppe

Mrs. Melissa B. Schrier

Mr. William V. Schulkin

Mr. Sydney Schultz

Mr. Arnold S. Schwartz

Mr. Christopher J. Schwyter

Mr. Thomas Richard Scioli

Mr. Dean H. Sciorillo

Ms. Angelina J. Scorzetti

Mr. Mcgregor Scott, Jr.

Mr. Jesse L. Scott, Jr.

Dr. Jonathan A. Scott

Ms. Sydney L. Scott

Mr. Travis S. Scott

Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Holly Haag Scrudato

Mr. Stephen M. Scull

Mr. Curtis J. Searl, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Douglass Jack Searle

Mr. Anthony A. Sebbio

Mr. Michael R. Seiden

Mr. Albert Seidman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Seidman

Mr. Ronald Seifert

Ms. Lenora G. Seigle

Ms. Dimitra A. Seiler

Mr. and Mrs. Kent and Diana Seinfeld

Mr. Constantine J. Seiss

Mr. Ronald Seleznov

Mr. Arnold G. Selig

Mr. Scott D. Sellers

Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Settle

Mr. Gheorghe P. Sfedu

Mr. John H. Shain

Mr. Christopher C. Shanley

Mr. Raymond M. Shapiro

Mr. Harry Shapiro

Mr. William H. Share

Mr. William O. Shaw

Mrs. Susanne Shear

Mr. Simon Sheinson

Mr. Bruce David Shelly

Mr. Jonathan A. Shelon

Mr. Yuriy Shepelin

Mr. and Mrs. James Sheppard

Ms. Deandra A. Sheppard-Myers

Mr. Alexander C. Sherrard, III

Mr. James J. Shields

Mr. Michael G. Shields

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Shiffer

Mr. Yosi Shiloni

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Shirey

Mr. Scott L. Shive, Jr.

Mrs. Penny Sevin Shore

Mr. Ryan J. Shultz

Mr. Stanley Lewis Shumas

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis B. Shumsky

Mr. Dennis Jeffrey Shusman

Ms. Linda Shwab

Mr. Robert A. Sicora

Mr. Robert B. Sidelinker

Mr. Gregory Ray Sides

Mr. Sidney Sidlow

Mr. Eric H. Siegel

Mr. William J. Sifer

Mr. Earl L. Sigmund

Mrs. Deirdra A. Silver-Flax

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Sim

Mr. and Mrs. Mark I. Siman

Mr. Samuel Simkin

Mr. Edward Simms

Mr. Carl J. Simon

Mr. and Mrs. Abraham J. Simon

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Simpson

Mrs. Michelle Cannon Singer

Mr. Brent D. Singer

Ms. Paulette Singleton

Mr. Bernard M. Skeete

Ms. Beth Ann G. Skinner

S. Jay Sklar, Esq.

Mr. Edward S. Skros

Ms. Lynne E. Slaweski

Mr. Robert E. Slemmer

Ms. Joan R. Slobodzian

Mr. Robert M. Slook

Dr. Carleene and Mr. David Slowik

Mr. Gill Slutsky

Mr. Charles St. John Smith, Jr.

Mr. James Elwood Smith

Mr. Richard Pierson Smith

Mrs. Petrina M. Smith

Dr. Michael F. Smith

Mr. William J. Smith

Mr. Keith L. Smith

Ms. Sarah C. Smith

Mr. Cary A. Smith

Mr. Mark R. Smith

Mr. Eric R. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Smolen

Mr. James A. Snell, Esq.

Ms. Corinne M. Snell

Mr. Jim W. Snow

Ms. Nina J. Snow

Mr. Harry Edwin Snyder

Mr. Thomas R. Snyder

Mr. and Mrs. Brent H. Snyder

Mr. William Snyder

Mr. Marvin D. Snyder

Jules Snyder

Ms. Marion L. Snyderman

Mrs. Sandra N. Sobel

Mr. Jules E. Sobel

Mr. Eugene Soble

Ms. Laura B. Solano

Mr. Herbert L. Solomon

Mr. Edward R. Solvibile

Ms. Deanna L. Sonet

Ms. Yang Song

Mr. Sungkeun Song

Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Soper

Mr. Leonard Sophian

Mr. Rothanak Sor

Mr. Leonard M. Sorgini

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Sott

Xou Soukaseum

Mr. Bernard Spain

Mr. James K. Spause

Mr. Charles W. Speacht, Jr.

Mr. Marc A. Speiser

Mr. Howard R. Spencer

Dr. and Mrs. Philip Spergel

Ms. Arlene J. Spevak and Barry Spevak

Mr. Joseph D. Spica

Mr. Cornel C. Spiegler

Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Spitz

Mr. Jeffrey S. Spofford

Mr. Steven Spohn

Ms. Jill W. Sporer

Mr. Bernard Sprecher

Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Sramek

Mrs. Hannah J. St Clair

Ms. Caroline E. Staab

Mr. Vincent J. Stafford, Jr.

Mr. Blaine G. Stancombe

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Staniewicz

Cassidy Starkey, Esq.

Mrs. Judith G. Stauffer

Ms. Ann L. Stauffer

Mr. Philip M. Stefano

Mr. Craig S. Stein

Mr. Fred M. Stein

Mrs. Mirele T. W. Steinig

Mr. Steven H. Stepp

Mr. Lawrence H. Sternthal

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Joseph Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. John W. and Ying Stickel

Dr. Lisa T. Stickney

Mr. Craig R. Stine

Mr. Richard C. Stinsman

Mr. Dennis E. Stinson

Mr. William J. Stockage

Ms. Eileen J. Stolte

Mr. Marvin Eugene Stonberg

Ms. Elizabeth A. Stone

Mr. David W. Stonfer

Mr. Richard N. Stouffer

Mr. Don Jose Stovall

Ms. Sharon L. Straiton

Mr. Ryan Straub

Mrs. Joan Strauss Chappell

Ms. Maria Strecker

Mr. William P. Strickland

Mr. Peter Stupak

Mr. Larry Suarez

Mr. William A. Suermann

Mr. Scott M. Sullivan

Mr. Orville R. Surla

Ms. Annette M. Sussman

Mrs. Elizabeth Everett

Ms. Stacey L. Sutts

Mr. Theodore H. Swain

Mr. Richard W. Swalley

Ms. Sharon Swann

Theodor A. Swansen, Esq.

Mr. James D. Swartley

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Sweeney

Mrs. Patricia A. Sweeney-Carango

Mr. Patrick A. Sweriduk

Mr. Tomasz Swider

Mr. Leonard Sylk

Mrs. Robyn S. Symons

Mr. Maksim Tabak

Mr. Martin Taflin

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Tait

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Talasnik

Mr. Kenrick Charles Talbot

Dr. Kim B. Tan

Mr. Eric G. Tarr

Timothy A. Taylor

Mr. Kyle J. Taylor

Mr. Earl J. Taylor

Mr. Thomas G. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Tecosky

Mrs. Deborah Damm Tedesco

Mr. Alfred L. Test III

Mr. Gregory P. Thelen

Ms. Annett E. Thom

Reverend David Cooper Thomas, Jr.

Ms. Dingdi P. Thomas

Ms. Jessica B. Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Stephan and Valerie Thomas

Mr. James P. Thompson

Mrs. Rosalie P. Thompson

Ms. Lateesha T. Thompson

Ms. Margret H. Thompson

Mr. Robert C. Thompson

Ms. Alison Thompson

Mr. Frank Tidikis III and Mrs. Judith M. Tidikis

Mr. Walter F. Tiernan

Mr. Michael P. Tierney

Mr. Howard J. Tiger

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tillman

Mr. William J. Timmins III

Mr. Robert W. Timms

Mrs. Marie Tkacik

Mr. Harry D. Toben

Mrs. Evelyn G. Toff

Mr. James G. Toll

Nicole Toll

Dr. Joseph M. Tomkiewicz

Ms. Rachel A. Tomlinson

Ms. Marie T. Tommassello

Dr. David I. Toof

Mr. Ivan J. Torres

Mr. Randolph H. Trach

Mr. Richard A. Trencher

Mrs. Evelyn W. Trent

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Trent, Sr.

Mr. John C. Trinkl

Mr. Christopher J. Troiani

Ms. Mahnrue D. Troko

Mr. Michael Louis Troutman

Ms. Patricia A. Trudeau

Mrs. Mary Clare Trueman

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tsai

Dr. Louis A. Tucci

Mr. Gary Lewis Tuckfelt

Mr. Alvin H. Turetsky

Mr. David K. Turkheimer

Mr. Joseph P. Tuski

Dr. Elizabeth L. and Mr. James A. Tutelman

Ms. Karen A. Tutino

Ms. Anne B. Tymon

Mr. Howard Ufberg

Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Ulmer

Ms. Karen Ulmer

Mrs. Charlene S. Underwood

Mr. John R. Urban

Ms. Tracy Valentine

Ms. Deborah D. Vallejo

Ms. Tracy Van Luvanee

Ms. Kyea A. Vance

Mr. James C. VanZandt

Mr. Clemens H. Vanzelst

Mr. Brian M. Vayda

Mr. Victor M. Vazquez

Mrs. Patricia K. Veisz

Ms. Leeloni Velazquez

Mr. and Mrs. Nacianceno Velazquez

Mrs. Renee Gauz Veloric

Mr. Gabriel B. Venit

Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Elizabeth Vergnano

Mr. Raymond E. Vermette

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Vesci

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Vetovitz

Captain John H. Vice, USN(Ret)

Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Villanti

Ms. Kimberly A. Viola

Mr. Brian A. Viscusi

Mr. Carmen J. Vitanza

Mr. Michael Vlahos

Mr. and Mrs. M. Allan Vogelson

Mr. John C. Vose

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Karen Votel

Dr. Thong Vukhac

Ms. Judith Wachstein

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Wadlinger

Mr. and Mrs. Russell R. Wagner

Mr. Roy J. Wagner

Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Waldman

Mr. Lawrence P. Walker, Jr.

Ms. Arleen D. Walker

Mr. Brandon S. Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Walker

Mr. John C. Wall

Ms. Sonia V. Walls

Mrs. Arline H. Walls

Mr. John M. Walsh, Jr.

Ms. Laura Hongyan Wang

Dr. Luqiang Wang

Mr. Raymond Wang

Mr. Sung Kai Wang

Ms. Emily T.H. Wang

Ms. Jan Wanschura

Mr. Martin L. Ward

Mr. John J. Ward

Mr. Charles H. Wardlaw

Ms. Patricia A. Washeleski

Mr. Donald S. Wasserman

Mr. Richard A. Wasserman

Mr. William T. Wasserman

Mr. Palakiyem Watoussim

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Watson

Dr. and Mrs. John F. Watson

Ms. Elaine Watters

Mr. Lindsay F. Watton, Jr.

Mr. Gary C. Waxman

Mr. Bruce Waxman

Mr. Myron Waxman

Mr. Ross V. Weaver, Jr.

Mr. James Mark Weaver

Ms. Sharon L. Webber

Mr. David R. Weber

Mr. Richard Weber

Mr. Aaron Weber

Dr. Robert Weech-Maldonado

Mr. Robert J. Weening

John Wegielewski and Jennifer Wegielewski

Dr. Carol A. Weideman

Ms. Susan E. Weidle

Mr. Larry E. Weidman

Mr. Ernest D. Weiler

Mr. Warren O. Weiler, Jr.

Ms. Barbara Wein

Mr. Steven H. Weinkranz

Dr. and Mrs. Donald S. Weinstein

Mr. David I. Weinstein

Mr. Leonard Weinstein

Ms. Michelle Weinstock

Ms. Patricia A. Weir

Mr. Robert Leonard Weiss

Ms. Elysa G. Weiss

Dr. and Mrs. Howard J. Weiss

Ms. Wendy B. Weiss

Mrs. Karol Weiss-lubonski

Mr. Ernest Welde, Jr.

Barbara Wenitsky

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wermuth

Mr. and Mrs. Douglass Werner

Stephen F. X. Whalen

Mr. and Mrs. Mike J. Wherrity

Mr. James W. Whitaker

Ms. Mary C. White

Mr. David A. White

Mr. Daniel R. White

Mr. Charles A. Whitley

Ms. Tamela M. Whitlock

Mr. Douglas Wilson Whittaker

Mrs. Mary J. Widing

Mr. Joel S. Wiedermann

Mr. Jack J. Wiener

Mr. Harvey Wigder

Mr. Paul P. Wild, Jr.

Mrs. Valerie L. Wilkins

Ms. Kristine M. Willard

Mrs. Bessie B. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Williams

Ms. Jameelah N. Williams

Ms. Megan K. Williams

Mr. William Eugene Williams, III

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Williamson

Mr. Robert L. Wilson

Mr. John F. Wilson III

Ms. Dawn Y. Wilson

Mr. Timothy J. Wilson

Ms. Breanne Wilson

Mr. Jack M. Winebrenner

Mr. Robert Joseph Wines

Ms. Sophia Wing

Mrs. Virginia MacLaughlin Winn

Mr. Randal K. Winters

Mrs. Noel C. Wirth

Mr. Joseph A. Wohl

Dr. and Mrs. John Henry Wolf

Mr. John D. Wolfersberger

Mrs. Sunhee Won

Ms. Leslie A. Wood

Mr. Willie J. Woodham

Mr. Joseph J. Woods

Mr. Jason J. Woods

Mrs. Linda K. Woolston

Ms. Brooke K. Worster

Mr. Kenneth Hash and Ms. Moni Woweries

Mr. James Lincoln Wright, III

Mr. James A. Wunderle

Dr. Ming Xia and Ms. Leslie Lei Xu

Ms. Ning Xu

Mr. Jinchi Xu

Mr. Albert J. Yasbick

Lawrence J. Yaskowski

Ms. Inci Yayla

Cheryl Yeakel and Barry Yeakel

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yerkov

Ms. Michele L. Yoast

Mr. Richard T. Yoder

Ms. Amy Yom

Mr. Michael S. Young

Ms. Rhonda Young

Mr. and Mrs. M. Decker Youngman

Ms. Yali Yu

Dr. Elaine J. Yuen

Mr. Stephen T. Zaborowski

Mrs. Patricia A. Zachwieja

Mr. Jerome Zager

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Zaritsky

Mrs. Leslie Smart Zavodnick

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Zeigenfuse

Ms. Iris Zeisig

Mr. David Stephen Zeitzer

Ms. Lori L. Zelko-Garcia

Mrs. Theresa A. Zelonis

Mr. and Mrs. Youssef Zerkani

Ms. Xi Zhang

Mr. David A. Zheng

Ms. Liuqing Zheng

Mr. Zihao Zheng

Ms. Lan Zhong

Lianmin Zhou

Huina Zhu

Mrs. Anne S. Zimmerman

Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Zimmerman, Jr.

Ms. Michele L. Zimmerman

Mr. Matthew Ziska

Mr. Joshua Zissman

Mr. Jerome A. Zivan

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick & Shari Zola

Mr. David S. Zolnowski

Ms. Yana Zolova

M. Michael Zuckerman, Esq. and Jan Paula Levine, Esq.

Ms. Jeanne Zweig

Fox Focus - Alumni Magazine

Alumni Class Notes


Stephen Wilson, BS ’62, was selected by the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH) as the 2010 recipient of the Doug Fletcher Lifetime Achievement Award. The award recognizes dedication and service to AATH and a significant contribution to the understanding and application of humor or laughter during an entire career with a definable body of work.

Harvey Goldberg, BBA ’65, has been nominated to join the board of directors at Dynasil Corp., a leader in specialized sensors, precision instruments and optical products for the medical, industrial and homeland security/defense markets.

John J. Mullen, BBA ’67, was mentioned in Philadelphia SmartCEO for his business, Apple Vacations, which is now the largest tour operator in America.


Timothy Cousounis, BBA ’72, was appointed managing director of DAI Palliative Care Group, a national consultancy that partners with hospices to build their medical staffs.

Alan Inman, BBA ’73, was recruited on short notice to facilitate and help arrange panelists for the “Family Track” of the Global Peace Convention in Manila, Philippines. Inman helped reorganize convention sessions and workshops for two weeks before the convention began.

Michael Lefkoe, MBA ’73, retired after 32 years in the retail industry. His career included positions at Lit Brothers, John Wanamaker/Carter Hawley Hale and Charming Shoppes, where he was an internal auditor. He was also responsible for accounts payable and the rent department as associate director of accounts payable at Charming. Most recently at Deb Shops, Lefkoe was assistant controller of leasing.

Joseph Badowski, BBA ’76, was awarded the professional insurance designation Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) by the American Institute for CPCU. He works for Harleysville Insurance Company as a liability claims supervisor in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Claims Service Center.

Linda A. Galante, BBA ’76, was named as one of the “Women of Distinction” in Philadelphia Business Journal.

Linda A. Galante, BBA ’76, joined the board of directors to The Forum of Executive Women as treasurer.

Jane Scaccetti, BBA ’77, was named as one of the “Women of Distinction” in Philadelphia Business Journal.

Dan Garrett, BA ’79, recently joined PricewaterhouseCoopers’ health industries advisory practice executive team. He has worked with key industry executives across leading commercial health plan, provider and life sciences organizations, and he has also served as an adviser and board-level executive to key industry associations and federal healthcare agencies.


Robert Hicks, BBA ’80, has joined the staff of Delaware’s Auditor of Accounts. With more than 25 years of experience in his field, Hicks previously worked in management positions for the consulting service Accume Partners, MBNA America and Campbell Soup Co.

Wanda Paul, BBA ’80, was appointed to the board of directors for Steppingstone Scholars, Inc., a Philadelphia-based nonprofit organization that develops and implements programs to prepare underserved schoolchildren for educational opportunities that lead to college.

Marc Goldstein, BBA ’80, is celebrating 15 years as principal and owner of Malvern-based GM&P Strategic Advertising, a full-service advertising/marketing agency providing organizations with strategic planning, creative, media planning, execution and production services. Goldstein has 31 years of experience in the advertising/marketing industry.

Lee Zeplowitz, BBA ’82, was appointed to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia legacy advisers group, which is comprised of law, financial planning, banking, trusts, investments and insurance professionals.

William Byrne, BBA ’83, has joined WSFS Financial Corp. as senior vice president of commercial banking. With more than 25 years of commercial lending and leadership experience, Byrne oversees commercial banking activities in Pennsylvania and is based in West Chester.

John Paterakis, BBA ’84, was appointed to the newly established Haitian Relief Commission of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Central America. He will be helping to coordinate all relief efforts in Haiti undertaken by the Greek Orthodox Church globally. Paterakis is first vice chairman of the Board of Church World Service, the relief and development arm of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.

Katherine Clupper, MBA ’85, was named as one of the “Women of Distinction” in Philadelphia Business Journal.

Kathleen Block, BBA ’86, of Milligan & Co., was named one of seven new board members of Philadelphia women’s fundraising federation, Women’s Way.

Justin Brooks, BBA 86, professor at the California Western School of Law, was named one of California’s Top 100 Attorneys in a September 2010 edition of the Los Angeles Daily Journal. This honor marks the third consecutive year in which Brooks has received this recognition. One of four San Diego attorneys to be honored with this award, he is also one of three criminal defense and appeals lawyers in the state to make the list.

Linda Guendelsberger, MBA ’87, was mentioned in Philadelphia SmartCEO after being named one of WeiserMazars LLP’s Smart CPAs of 2011.

Rebecca U. Harris, MBA ’87, received the Member of the Year award from the National Association of Women Business Owners on Aug. 3.

Thomas Spearing, BBA ’88, was promoted to president of Hill International’s Project Management Group (Americas), where he will be responsible for managing the company’s project management operations throughout the U.S. Hill International is a global leader in managing construction risk.

Jeffrey Gorke, BBA ’89, has published The Physician’s Guide to the Business of Medicine: Dreams and Realities, a playbook that maps out the business realities physicians and practice administrators must understand in order to identify, seek and find their “dream” practice.

Carlton Adams, MS ’89, joined Peabody as senior vice president of global supply chains with executive responsibility for the company’s worldwide procurement efforts, including developing comprehensive strategies while managing the quality and cost of goods and services purchased. Most recently, Adams served as director of service parts, purchasing and supplier relations for Caterpillar Inc., with global responsibility for purchasing services.

Joseph Lukach, MBA ’89, has been named CEO of Philadelphia nonprofit Center for Autism. He was previously executive director of Siloam, a Philadelphia HIV/AIDS service organization. Lukach will lead the Center for Autism’s strategic plan, which focuses on increasing the availability of its evaluation and treatment services to people in the Philadelphia region.


Laurada Byers, MBA ’90, was appointed secretary to the board of directors to the Russell Byers Charter School.

Alan J. Kaplan, MBA ’90, was mentioned in Philadelphia SmartCEO for his firm Kaplan & Associates, Inc.

Jay L. Weinstein, MBA ’90, joined the board of directors of the Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation.

Katayun Jaffari, MBA ’91, a partner in the business department of Saul Ewing LLP and chair of the firm’s Corporate Governance Practice Group, has been elected to the Board of Directors for the Scleroderma Foundation, Delaware Valley Chapter. She was also named one of Philadelphia Business Journal’s “40 under 40,” an annual list of individuals younger than 40 who are proven performers in their respective industries and have made Greater Philadelphia a better place to live and do business.

Karen Jett, BBA ’91, has been inducted into the Montgomery County Community College Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame. Jett is principal of Jett Excellence, which helps executives turn values into business practices. She is also an active member of the Institute of Management Accountants and an adjunct professor at Villanova University, where she teaches certified management accountant review courses.

Ron Iller, MBA 93, accepted a position as senior manager with a global consulting firm, The North Highland Company, to start a local healthcare practice helping hospitals and healthcare systems take advantage of new technologies and navigate through healthcare reform and Meaningful Use requirements. He also received certification in Healthcare Information and Management Systems from the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society.

Regine Metellus, BA ’93, of Urban League of Philadelphia, was elected to the board of directors for Maternity Care Coalition in Philadelphia.

Patrick Maloney, MBA ’94, has been appointed CEO of Brooksville Regional Hospital. He has more than 20 years of healthcare experience, most recently as CEO of Coral Springs Medical Center in South Florida.

June Bretz, BBA ’96, was named executive director of the Volunteer Center of Gloucester County.

Kevin Darrington, MBA ’98, chief financial officer of Tops Friendly Markets, has been named CFO of the Year by Business First of Buffalo. Tops is a full-service grocery retailer in western and central New York and northwestern Pennsylvania. Darrington is a certified public accountant and has previously worked for Pathmark Stores, Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy and Foot Locker.


Richard Lussier, MBA ’00, has been appointed vice president of worldwide sales for RainDance Technologies Inc., a private company pioneering microdroplet-based technologies for single-molecule and single-cell analysis. He is responsible for advancing RainDance’s customer relationships and growth into all research and clinical markets that the company serves globally.

Rebecca Udell, MBA ’01, joined the KSS Architects design team to continue its successful expansion into the Philadelphia regional market, particularly in corporate interiors as well as commercial development and higher education.

John Sider, MBA ’02, former deputy secretary for technology investment for the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, has been appointed managing director of Ben Franklin Technology Partners. Sider will be responsible for managing statewide activities and communications.

John Tancredi, BBA ’02, opened his own collectible toys company at

Scott Sampson, MS ’03, accepted a new position as business systems analyst and tester with Vanguard Group in Valley Forge, Pa.

Rebecca Gushue, MBA ’03, was appointed Ward 5 Commissioner in Philadelphia.

Laurie Fanelly, MBA ’04, has been named director of financial and administrative services at University of Pennsylvania Libraries.

Nikki Johnson-Houston, MBA ’04, was named as one of the “Women of Distinction” in Philadelphia Business Journal.

Sophie Shuklin, BBA ’04, is now a principal consultant for a boutique-consulting firm, Atidan LLC.

Mumin F. Islam, BBA, ’04, was elected as a board member for Maternity Care Coalition.

Karen M. Sanchez, MBA ’04, joined the Commercial, Real Estate and Public Finance group of Thorp Reed & Armstrong.

Amy Rice, BBA ’06, is engaged to Stephen Mularski.

Lawrence Spruel, BBA ’06, helped bring a supermarket to the North Philadelphia community, serving as treasurer of the board of directors of Progress Plaza Shopping Center.

Courtney V. Mrusko, BBA ’07, was hired as an account executive for the Philadelphia healthcare team of Lockton.

Angela Prendergast, BBA ’07, was recently hired as assistant director for online marketing in Temple University Alumni and Development Communications, where she is responsible for managing all aspects of Temple’s online community, She was formerly in the Philadelphia Flyers’ marketing department.

Sherri Napoli, BBA ’08, is now a contract specialist at Defense Supply Center Philadelphia.

Christa Detweiler, BBA ’09, was named director of community engagement and volunteerism for the North Montco Volunteer Center in Hatfield, Pa.

Seth Morgan, BBA ’10 and Steven Nicholas, BBA ’10, were recently hired by the Philadelphia-based accounting firm BBD.

Peter Rooke, MBA ’10, was hired as a rotational analyst at Hirtle, Callaghan & Co.

James Curran, BBA ’11, was hired as a market research analyst for Independent Blue Cross.