CEOs tend to overstay their welcome, hurting firm performance, new study finds

Discussed in this issue:
• Di Benedetto ranks sixth among innovation management scholars
• Investments in operations can improve pharmaceutical business
• Alumna authors book with scientific advice from Fox faculty member

Campbell’s Soup senior manager of consumer insights Ciara O’Connell’s job is to know consumers as well as we know ourselves

Discussed in this issue:
• Students rank among Top 10 in three categories in Fall 2012 global Capsim simulation
• 10-10-10 Project™ raises $40,000 for charities, boosting grand total to over $200,000
• E-services should approach baby boomers, millennials differently to gain trust
• Temple researchers use brain imaging and other physiological signals to predict the success of TV ads

Marketing professor garners international media coverage for ‘consumer doppelganger’ research

Discussed in this issue:
• Fox launches new interactive digital marketing minor
• Professor Anthony Di Benedetto hits milestone of 100 academic journal articles
• Fox 10-10-10 marketing students fund smiles, name a dog – and raise $20,000 for charities
• MSCM Department welcomes three new full-time faculty members for 2011-12

Fox marketing project demonstrates the power of 10

Discussed in this issue:
• Fox marketing undergrads No. 1 in demand for internships
• Fox MBAs develop marketing plans for Temple engineering students
• Marketing grad discusses challenges, and triumphs, of living with a disability
• First Interdisciplinary Decision Neuroscience Symposium attracts scholars from 30 universities