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Charlie Scott Brings Rich Consulting Background to Fox MC

July 6, 2017 //

Charlie Scott is a seasoned veteran of the consulting world, and he shares that expertise with students at the Fox School. For the last five years, he has served as a project executive with Fox Management Consulting (Fox MC), leading teams of MBA students through client consulting engagements.

Fox MC offers an applied learning experience in which teams of students provide comprehensive research, analysis, and strategic recommendations to fee-paying clients across the globe. Scott’s rich consulting background makes him ideal to instruct and mentor these teams.

Scott’s career as a consultant began over 35 years ago as an entry level analyst with a regional consulting firm. He had a big opportunity when Mercer, now the world’s largest human resource consulting firm, bought his employer. He grew with the company, serving as head of Mercer’s Philadelphia office in the 1990s and later leading the Human Resources Consulting Division in North America. Scott ended his Mercer career as the Global President of Human Resources consulting, managing 2,500 professionals in 26 countries. In 2012, he opened CTS Consulting Group, advising employers on enhancing their executive and broad-based talent and reward strategies.

Scott’s connection with Fox MC came through one of his Mercer mentors, Bob Aglira. “I had a career as a teacher before I became a consultant,” Scott says. “The Fox MC role is attractive because I get the opportunity to mentor very smart students.”

Scott joined Fox MC in 2012 and thus far has worked on seven projects so far. As a project executive, Scott guides MBA student consulting teams through client engagements, from developing the initial game plan to the final presentation. He analogizes his role as a mentor to that of a “player-coach who spends more time in the dugout than on the field.”

Scott believes the work of these student teams is on par with full-time consultants. “When you hire Fox MC, you are getting about 80% of what you would get if you hired one of the major consulting firms,” he says. “The quality of work is very strong; students work hard and deliver a robust product. All this at a really attractive price, too.”

To all future consultants, Scott’s advice is to understand what it takes to succeed in a consulting practice and measure it against your personal strengths.

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