Mauritius: An African Island Hub of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

A program for faculty, business professionals, and entrepreneurs from the United States and Mauritius. The program will run from June 18 – June 24 2017.

1. Identify and train potential entrepreneurs in the region.
2. Develop necessary entrepreneurship-related knowledge and skills among
participants and integrate new concepts into courses and curricula.
3. Impart basic managerial knowledge and understanding.
4. Develop and strengthen entrepreneurial quality and motivation.
5. Identify elements of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
6. Identify policy interventions that will enable the ‘start-up’ ecosystem to flourish.
7. Enlarge the supply of entrepreneurs for rapid industrial development.
8. Help develop high-growth and technology-based entrepreneurship.

Topics will include:

  1. Mauritius as a hub for African entrepreneurship
  2. Capacity building for local entrepreneurs Opportunities for U.S.-Mauritius trade
  3. Infusing international entrepreneurship into the IB curriculum
  4. Building U.S.-Mauritian linkages for entrepreneurship

For additional information please look at this flyer.

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