MIS faculty member David Schuff wins Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching

April 11, 2013 //

With 50 letters of support from students and faculty, Fox School of Business Associate Professor of Management Information Systems (MIS) David Schuff was selected for this year’s Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching from Temple University.

“Dr. Schuff is perpetually curious and engaged in the field,” said Associate Professor and MIS Chair Munir Mandviwalla. “Over the years he has gone out of his way to learn new ideas and toolsets for the express purpose of improving the curriculum.”

David SchuffRecently, Schuff has mastered data tools such as MySQL and SAS Enterprise Miner and then created original teaching materials for first-of-their-kind undergraduate and graduate courses in analytics. These courses have since become national benchmarks for other schools preparing students to effectively mine Big Data.

Schuff has also incorporated the active student use of technology, such as mobile devices and the MIS Community Site, a socially enabled blogging platform, into his classes. One result has been a new model of teaching called student “co-creation,” in which course materials develop organically on the web from students’ user-generated content.

“I am very appreciative to receive this award. It’s exciting to be recognized for something that you enjoy doing,” Schuff said. “Even though students are surrounded by technology, they often are anxious about technology courses. It’s gratifying to get students to a place where they look at things in a new way, or can do something they didn’t think they could do before.”

Schuff has mentored many Fox faculty members, his materials are used in several key courses taught by other professors, he has been repeatedly recognized with numerous departmental and school awards, and he has maintained outstanding student ratings. In addition, Schuff leads masters programs for the MIS Department and is the director of innovation in learning technologies for the Fox School.

Schuff is also known for connecting his research and teaching to industry. Most recently, he co-chaired a joint academic-industry taskforce to host the October 2012 Big Data Conference at Temple.

Schuff is an expert in data analytics, visualization, decision-making and the use of technology in business. Since joining Temple, he has authored more than 30 publications. His work as appeared in numerous peer-reviewed journals, including Management Information Systems Quarterly, the top journal in his field. His research has recently focused on the potential of Web 2.0 to transform politics, specifically elections.

“David has a mastery of the most fundamental, and yet rare, ability of a teacher,” one of his undergraduate students said in a nominating letter. “He can break down highly complex and abstract concepts, explaining them in a way that takes very little effort to understand, or even get excited about!”

Schuff and other faculty will receive their honors at the Faculty Awards Luncheon in the Temple Performing Arts Center on April 25.