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What are the Provoking Issues of Social Justice in the Workplace?

March 15th, 2013

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A research area focusing on “The civilizing mission of multinational corporations in the new global order” and “Enslavement of the self: The neoliberal subject in the 21st century workplace” is an example of research navigating the sensitive and thought provoking issues of social justice in the workplaces. This research examines the commoditization of social interactions via the increasingly expansive influence of the market in our everyday lives. This line of research is not intended to offer managers suggestions of how to treat people differently in the interest of profit making. Rather, the intention is to unveil some of the ways that humans are exploited under the market system. For managers, the relevance is to offer the space for debate on ways that market-driven organizations may distort and dictate social mores. Engage in this conversation can create more avenues for institutionalizing democracy and social justice in the workplace.

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