Fresh Start! Get Involved

January 21, 2009 //

    Welcome back fellow Temple Students!

    Hopefully everyone had a wonderful break to recuperate. But the beginning of the semester also begins the sign ups for the Student Professional Organizations (SPOs). There are many that may suit your interests so be sure to find at least one to join.

    SPOs are a great way to get involved here at Temple so take advantage of them. They show that you went beyond the standard school curriculum and  it adds a nice touch to your resume.  When you start interviewing for jobs employers will see that you are  involved, and that you are capable of handling more than just school work.

    SPOs are a great way to network and make friends. Many students will build bonds with others and potentially in the future they could help get you a job or prove to be of some value. They are a great way for transfer students to make friends during your beginning semesters here. They certainly helped me make friends.

    Last but not least, SPOs are a great way to improve your understanding of the work force. Many of them invite guests from the working world to come speak and give essential words of advice. These working professionals can help educate you of what it takes to get out and be successful in your major.

    So everyone go out and get involved!
    Check out the list of SPOs here to learn more.