Businesses in today’s globally competitive and rapidly changing technological environment are increasingly resorting to multi-disciplinary approaches to problem solving. The Fox School is leading a growing trend in business schools towards interdisciplinary research with its Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) concentration. Outstanding students seeking in-depth preparation spanning multiple functional areas of business or who have expectations for breadth beyond the established programs of study may be interested in the IDS concentration.  The faculty members within the IDS program are internationally recognized coming from multiple backgrounds in accounting, finance, international business, information systems, marketing, neuroscience, statistics, and strategic management.

Because Interdisciplinary Studies students orient themselves between departments, student identification of a primary mentor is of paramount importance. The mentor’s role is to ensure desirable student development as measured by paper presentations at top conferences, publication in relevant academic journals and, ultimately, placements in research universities. Students from the IDS concentration typically seek mentorship from the most prestigious researchers in the Fox School, and, accordingly, are typically of the highest caliber among our accepted applicant pool.

Financial Aid

All students admitted to this program are considered for full financial support for up to five years. Funding typically comes in the form of research or teaching assistantship and includes full tuition and a competitive stipend. The funding is renewable every year, subject to adequate progress and annual evaluations. Students who apply before the January 15 deadline will also be considered for Temple University’s prestigious university fellowships.