Ning Ye
Ning Ye, 2013 Fox School of Business, Temple University Presidential Fellowship Recipient

In addition to Teaching and Research Assistantships, all students admitted into the Fox School’s PhD programs are considered for Temple’s prestigious University-wide Fellowships. These¬†Fellowships typically go to Temple’s most accomplished incoming graduate students, and the Fox School is pleased house a one of the highest percentages of fellowship recipients across the University.

All University fellowships provide full financial support for for four years, the first two of which are service-free. During the fellowships’ latter two years, recipients typically perform up to 20 hours per week of service as a Teaching or Research Assistant. The fellowships fall in three categories.

  • Presidential Fellowships are the most prestigious awards. Competition is reserved for only the most outstanding candidates.
  • University Fellowships are awarded to outstanding incoming graduate students. These awards are intended to support students who demonstrate outstanding potential for success in their chosen fields.
  • Future Faculty Fellowships are intended to attract outstanding students who would diversify the professoriate. Candidates are newly admitted graduate students from underrepresented groups in the applicant’s discipline who show exceptional leadership and/or have overcome significant obstacles in pursuing an academic career.

Fellowship Recipients

Presidential Fellowships

Elizabeth Beard, PhDDecision Neuroscience
Yuqian Chang, PhDBA / Marketing
Han Chen, PhDBA / Marketing
Yuqi Han, PhDBA / Finance
Camille Hutt, PhDBA / Human Resource Management & Organizational Behavior
Aniket Khera, PhDBA / International Business
Steven Maez, PhDBA / Accounting
Iguehi Rajsky, PhDBA / Accounting
Tong Wang, PhDStatistics