Decision Neuroscience, including its subfields of neuroeconomics and neuromarketing among others, has provided new insights into the mechanisms that underlie a wide range of economic and social phenomena, from risky choice and consumer behavior to altruism and cooperation. The field represents a primary example of truly interdisciplinary research with people from diverse fields like economics, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, business administration, physics and engineering, working together in advancing our knowledge of mechanisms underlying decision making and decision preferences. This incredibly unique program would be one of the first of its kind, and Temple University is looking forward to watching this program grow.

The interdisciplinary PhD program in Decision Neuroscience trains the next generation of researchers in the field of decision neuroscience with the ability to integrate and apply academic findings to real-world questions and problems. Currently, few schools offer such a program.

The interdisciplinary initiative seeks to leverage the capabilities of the Fox School of Business and the the College of Liberal Arts’ Brain and Cognitive Science Program to position Temple University as a leader in the area of Decision Neuroscience. The Fox School of Business at Temple University has always been at the forefront of this area, through the efforts of the Center for Neural Decision Making (CNDM). Similarly, the Psychology department at Temple University has been at the forefront of research in the broad area of brain and cognitive sciences. Bridging the two through a university-wide, interdisciplinary initiative attracts high quality graduate students to Temple, and opens up several exciting funding opportunities in the form of external grants.

For more information please consult the program’s promotional materials.

Financial Aid

All students admitted to this program are considered for full financial support for up to five years. Funding typically comes in the form of research or teaching assistantship and includes full tuition and a competitive stipend. The funding is renewable every year, subject to good progress and annual evaluations. Fellowship consideration will be given to applications received by December 15th.