Christine Wegner, PhDChristine Wegner, PhD

University of Florida
Tourism & Sport

Christine Wegner, a Fox School of Business PhD candidate in the Tourism and Sport concentration, recently accepted a tenure-track faculty position at the University of Florida, where she will teach Management and Leadership in Sport and Recreation at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

During Wegner’s time at the Fox School of Business, she participated as a research assistant at the Sport Industry Research Center (SIRC), where she worked on several research projects aimed at bettering the surrounding community through some form of sport. She most often finds herself conducting research that uses distance and recreational running organizations, biking organizations, or, most recently, CrossFit. Although her dissertation work functions at a national level, she has also collaborated with local Philadelphia programs, such as Students Run Philly Style, and Women Bike PHL.

“I like the fact that my research can contribute both theoretically, as well as practically, for programs and organizations that try to enact positive social change for people and communities,” said Wegner.

“The professional and challenging environment of the Fox School have given me confidence in my ability to move forward and become a successful researcher and teacher right away,” she added.

Tom Adams, PhDTom Adams, PhD

University of Connecticut

Tom Adams, a Fox School of Business PhD candidate in the Accounting department, recently accepted a position at the University of Connecticut where he will be teaching Managerial Accounting. He is an ADS Program Scholar (funded by the AICPA).

Before joining Fox, Adams worked as an auditor and senior financial analyst in the Philadelphia area, which sparked an interest in learning more about audit research. After a positive experience at La Salle University as an undergraduate, Adams started at the Fox School of Business in the fall of 2011. He noted that the opportunity to work with his two dissertation co-chairs, Dr. Jagan Krishnan and Dr. Jayanthi Krishnan, compelled him to choose Temple to pursue his PhD, saying “if you are interested in audit research, there is no better place to learn about it than here at the Fox School of Business.”

Under their mentorship, Adams feels he has gained invaluable experience through both his research and rigorous coursework in the Fox PhD program. He speaks fondly of his collaborations with both faculty and students across departments. Of his co-chairs, he says, “they have invested so much time in mentoring me during my time at Fox and I feel confident that I am very well prepared to begin my career.”

Kartik GanjuKartik Ganju

McGill University
Management Information Systems

Kartik Ganju, a Fox School of Business PhD graduate in the Management Information Systems (MIS) concentration, recently accepted a tenure-track position at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University, located in Montreal, Quebec. Ganju will continue pursuing his research and teach classes in Information Systems and Healthcare starting this fall.

Ganju joined the Fox School of Business in the fall of 2010 after moving to Philadelphia from India. His area of study was in the field of Information Systems, and his research specifically focused on the changes that the adoption of Electronic Medical Record systems have on hospitals. “Due to close connections between the school and a number of medical schools in the greater Philadelphia area, I was able to connect with healthcare professionals, brainstorm ideas for research projects, and present my findings,” Ganju says. This, in addition to the ability to work closely with an extremely diverse network of faculty, is what drove him to choose the Fox School’s PhD program over other schools.

Ganju graduated from the Fox PhD program in May. During his first two years at McGill, he will be teaching an introductory class in Information Systems, and move on to teaching classes on Healthcare, which aligns well with his own research interests.

Ryann Reynolds-Mcllnay, PhDRyann Reynolds-Mcllnay, PhD

Oregon State University
Marketing, 2016

Ryann Reynolds-McIlnay, PhD candidate in Marketing at the Fox School of Business, recently accepted a position to teach Marketing and Merchandising Management at Oregon State University, beginning in June 2016. The Merchandising Management program at OSU was recently integrated into the College of Business, and part of her service to the University will include providing insight to the redesign of the AACSB accredited curriculum.

During her time at the Fox School, she has focused the majority of her PhD research on consumer behavior, shopper marketing, and sensory marketing. Reynolds-McIlnay’s two-essay dissertation examines the impact of folded apparel display disarray and neatness on shopper’s in-store choice and approach behaviors. In a manuscript based on the first essay of her dissertation, which is in revision for second review at Journal of Marketing Research, she finds that product choice shifts away from the darker or lower brightness apparel products when they appear to have been previously touched, but not for the corresponding lighter or higher brightness products.

She chose to pursue her PhD at the Fox School due to its rigorous curriculum and goal of training quality researchers. She believes that the marketing faculty and Morrin have helped her immensely in terms of publications and preparing her for her future career at Oregon State. “As a mentor and research partner, Mimi trains her students to recognize novel and interesting research questions, how to conduct behavioral experiments, properly analyze the data, and communicate the findings in a way that is accessible to academics and practitioners,” Reynolds-McIlnday said. “She is truly vested in the success of each of her students and her mentorship has been paramount in my success at Fox.”

TJ HanniganTJ Hannigan

Strategic Management, 2016

Thomas J. Hannigan, a Fox doctoral candidate in the Strategic Management department, chose to pursue his PhD at Temple University to be a part of the world-class innovation and research being conducted by the faculty in the Strategic Management department. “Scholars in this department were involved with tackling problems that I found appealing,” Hannigan said. “I could see that their research was fascinating, current and collaborative, which suggested they were influential people to work with.”

Since coming to the Fox School, Hannigan has developed a strong working relationship with his dissertation chair, Dr. Ram Mudambi, the Frank M. Speakman Professor of Strategy. Mudambi has given Hannigan the opportunity to lead cutting-edge research, and together they have presented at a number of conferences and co-authored multiple papers. The two have been accepted for publication in journals such as the Academy of Management Perspectives, the Harvard Business Review, and Competiveness Review.

“The Fox School has prepared me for my career in such a way that I am already operating at the level of a faculty member,” Hannigan said. “I have strong methodological foundations from my coursework and most importantly, I have been socialized into what it means to operate at the level of an R1 research school.”

Michelle Andrews, PhDMichelle Andrews, PhD

Emory Unviersity
Marketing, 2015

Dr. Michelle Andrews, PhD ’15, graduated with a concentration in marketing and was an integral part of the research community during her time here at the Fox School of Business. She worked alongside her faculty mentor and dissertation chair, Dr. Xueming Luo of the Marketing department, in the Global Center for Big Data and Mobile Analytics, where she developed not only her research skills, but an interest in mobile ad effectiveness.

“Mobile phones are like our remote controls to everyday life,” said Andrews. “Investigating how people connect with others, consume content, and connect with marketers on their mobile phones intrigues me.” This led her to co-author a paper with Dr. Luo titled, “Using Mobile Technology to Crowdsense,” which won the Best Conference Paper Award at the 2014 American Marketing Association Summer Educator Conference. Together they discovered that people may be more responsive to mobile ads when in crowded situations, such as public transit commutes.

Andrews believes that the research expertise she gained through her courses and the faculty at Fox helped prepare her for her current position at Emory as well as for future success in her field.

“Fox was instrumental in providing knowledgeable faculty to help train me and my fellow colleagues, inviting guest speakers to come talk about their cutting-edge research with us, and funding travel to top conferences to present my work and interact with scholars in the community,” said Andrews.

Kevin HongKevin Hong, PhD

Arizona State University
Management Information Systems, 2014

I chose to pursue my PhD at Fox in order to work with my advisor, Dr. Paul A. Pavlou. I look up to him, as he is a well-established researcher in the field with a stellar reputation. He has encouraged and convinced me to come here and work with him. All of my experiences at Fox have been very positive. Dr. Pavlou is among the most professional people I’ve seen in my life. I learned so much from him. He cares a lot about my professional life, especially research, and he supports me in every way he can. It is lucky to be his first PhD student and work under his mentorship.

Mike ObalMike Obal, PhD

University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Marketing and Supply Chain Management, 2014

What I was looking for when I was considering PhD programs was a program that had a really strong reputation as far as research that the faculty members were doing, and the types of placements that PhD students were going to. I knew before I got to Fox that there were students who had come out of here and gone to places like the University of Pittsburgh, Villanova, Cornell, and that’s just within this department. I knew that if I could come here and do a good job, I would have a good chance of placing well. Temple was all of the things that I wanted.

Gordon Burtch, PhD

University of Minnesota
Management Information Systems – 2013

Gordon Burtch, of Pickering, Ontario, spent his time as a PhD candidate in the Fox School’s Management Information Systems (MIS) Department studying crowd-funded markets such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter under faculty advisor Sunil Wattal. His research had already landed him and two co-authors a partnership with Indiegogo to provide the firm with actionable insights.

Now, it’s also landed him a post-graduation placement as an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota, where he’ll start July 1, 2013. “It’s just a great place to start my career,” Burtch said. “The faculty in the Information Systems department there are an amazing set of people, at the top of their field.”

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Snehal AwateSnehal Awate, PhD

Indian School of Business
Strategic Management – 2013

Snehal Awate entered the PhD program with an engineering background. “Doctoral cohort, here at Fox, comes from many different disciplines. And faculty too have wide research interests to accommodate them. Diversity of research is just amazing here”, she said.

Snehal’s dissertation focused on innovations in newly emerging industries such as the renewable energy industry. Through a close collaboration with her mentor, Prof. Ram Mudambi, she developed a sound research program. It has resulted in several scholarly articles. One of her dissertation papers appeared in the Strategic Management Society’s Global Strategy Journal, while other papers are under review at top strategy and international business journals. Their research has also won a grant from the Ernst & Young – SKOLKOVO Institute for Emerging Market Studies.

Snehal now joins the Indian School of Business, India, as an Assistant Professor of Strategy. It is one of top schools in the country with a strong research focus. It is actively mentored by faculty at the Wharton and Kellogg schools of business. “It’s really exciting to go back home and be able to apply the research there”, Snehal said.

Karen XieKaren Xie, PhD

University of Denver
Tourism and Hospitality Management – 2013

Karen Xie’s research investigates the areas of hospitality marketing and technology.

She was recently informed that this interdisciplinary research agenda has enabled her to teach and do research in both the hospitality school and the Department of Business Analytics at the Daniels College of Business. She is looking forward to that. Karen’s advisor is Dr. Chih-Chien Chen, Assistant Professor at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management. Karen would like to thanks Dr. Chen’s great support and excellent mentoring during her study at the Fox School of Business. This make a three-year study a joyful and rewarding experience for Karen.

Suzanne MakaremSuzanne Makarem, PhD

Virginia Commonwealth University
Marketing – 2010

Suzanne C. Makarem, PhD, is assistant professor of marketing at the School of Business of Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business. She joined the university in 2010, after earning her PhD in Marketing (Quantitative Track) from the Fox School of Business and Management at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Makarem received her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and her Master of Business Administration from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. While at Temple University, Suzanne received the John R. Washburn Award for Academic Excellence, Fox School of Business and Management, Temple University (May 2006); the 44th AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellowship, Atlanta, Georgia (June 2009); and Honorable Mention for Excellence in Teaching by a Doctoral Student in the Business Administration Program, Fox School of Business and Management, Temple University (May 2010). Dr. Makarem’s teaching interests include consumer behavior and marketing research. Her research interests are focused on affect and emotions in consumer decision-making, specifically related to consumer behavior in the healthcare industry. She was recently the lead author of “Satisfaction in Technology-Enabled Service Encounters,” Journal of Services Marketing, 23(3), 134-144, which was named a Highly Commended Paper at the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2010. She is a member of the American Marketing Association, the Association for Consumer Research, and the Society for Consumer Psychology.

Yinghong ZhangYinghong Zhang, PhD

Lally School of Management, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Accounting – 2010

I always appreciate my time at the Fox school when I pursued my PhD in Accountancy degree there. The PhD program provides us many opportunities to cooperate with different faculty members for multiple research projects that can be turned into high quality academic publications. The faculty members are very supportive. They even guide us through the difficult job hunting process. Finally, research presentations offered by world-renowned scholars and frequent interactions among fellow PhD students allow us get familiar with cutting-edge research topics and keep enthusiasm for research and teaching.

Prof. Yinqi ZhangProf. Yinqi Zhang, PhD

Kogod School of Business, American University
Accounting – 2006

I felt from the very beginning that the Accounting PhD program at the Fox School was the right fit for me. I enjoyed the interaction and collaboration with faculty and the camaraderie among PhD students. The program prepared me well for both research and teaching. The PhD seminars required term papers which served as direct training for producing original research. I published three articles in collaboration with faculty while in the PhD program. There was considerable individual interaction with faculty members who are both knowledgeable and accessible. I have continued to work with Temple faculty since graduating in 2006. As for my teaching, I taught multiple times while I was in the program and that helped in my ability to make a smooth transition from a doctoral student to a faculty member at American University.

Prof. John D'ArcyProf. John D’Arcy, PhD

Department of Management, University of Notre Dame
Management Information Systems- 2005

The Temple PhD in Business provided me with all of the tools necessary for a successful academic career. I had the opportunity to work hands-on with faculty experts in my field, while also gaining practical experience through involvement with industry-sponsored research projects. I am particularly thankful for the multi-method training I received, as this skill set has served me well in my research program, especially as I collaborate with faculty from around the world. I think the breadth of courses offered in the Temple PhD in Business – including both qualitative and quantitative research approaches – is a strength that sets the program apart from many others.

Prof. Robert J. KwortnikProf. Robert J. Kwortnik, PhD

School of Hotel Administration- Cornell University
Marketing- 2003

The faculty at Temple are outstanding mentors for emerging scholars who aspire to teach at top-ranked institutions and to do high-level research. I entered the academic job market confident that I was well trained to tackle challenging research questions and to publish in the best journals— to succeed as a scholar. But perhaps more importantly, I knew that my professors at Temple “had my back” and would continue to guide, teach, push, and support me as my career progressed, and this has proven to be true. A Temple Ph.D. is about more than the strong curriculum and learning support—it’s about relationships.

Prof. Terry Hyslop, PhDProf. Terry Hyslop, PhD

Professor, Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Duke University
Director, Duke Cancer Institute Biostatistics

Terry Hyslop, Fox PhD ’01, has been elected as a Fellow of the American Statistical Association (ASA), the world’s largest community of statisticians, with the number of Fellow recipients limited to no more than one-third of 1% of the ASA membership.

The ASA elects Fellows to the Association to recognize excellence in teaching, research, and service. Nominated by their peers, ASA Fellows are members of established character who have made outstanding contributions in some aspect of statistical work.

Hyslop attended the Fox School’s PhD Program in Statistics from 1995-2001, taking classes in the evenings while working full-time at Jefferson Hospital and raising a family. She notes that she was able to pull research ideas from her full-time work while concurrently completing the required coursework. This allowed her the flexibility to complete her thesis and have it approved a just a couple of months after completing her last course.

She credits the Statistics Department at Fox with laying the groundwork for all that she has done and her successful career, saying, “a colleague once told me that earning my PhD would provide me with the keys to understanding statistical literature, and he was right. All that I learned during my time at Fox prepared me, and continues to inform all that I do as a biostatistician today.”

Prof. Robert Weech-Maldonado

Prof. Robert Weech-Maldonado, MBA, PhD

Department of Health Services Administration, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Risk, Insurance and Healthcare Management- 1998

Temple’s PhD in Business Administration provided a nurturing environment and the opportunity to work with world-renowned faculty in health administration. The strong theoretical foundation, research skills, and teaching experience that I acquired at Temple have been critical success factors in my career.

Prof. Vikas MittalProf. Vikas Mittal, PhD

Jones Graduate School of Management, Rice University
Marketing- 1997

My experience at Temple was invaluable in preparing me for my career. The courses provided me a broad and historical overview of the marketing discipline, as opposed to a narrow slice of the discipline typical of many other doctoral programs. I also appreciated the nurturing environment and the ability to take important courses outside the business school.

Rinku Singh (top) and Dinesh Kumar Patel (left)

Ash Vasudevan, PhD – 1996

In 2007, Ash Vasudevan (PhD ’96), co-founded a nationwide talent search in India to find the next big-league-caliber baseball pitcher in a country where cricket dominates sports. It culminated in 18-year-olds Rinku Singh and Dinesh Kumar Patel—javelin throwers who disliked cricket and had never heard of baseball—becoming the first Indians to sign professional sports contracts in North America (both with the Pittsburgh Pirates). By now the story might sound familiar. Disney’s Million Dollar Armbased on the competition of the same name—premieres nationally May 16 with Vasudevan being played by Aasif Mandvi of The Daily with Jon Stewart.

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