The PhD program at Temple University’s Fox School of Business trains outstanding scholars who advance the state of their fields through research and teaching. The Fox School prepares its PhD graduates to lead field research and pursue life-long academic careers at prestigious research universities around the world. The Fox School’s PhD program offers a degree in Business Administration, encompassing ten concentrations, and a degree in Statistics.

At Fox we make rigorous research and personalized attention the hallmarks of our PhD program. Our faculty members are committed to educating future leaders in business, research and statistics. We seek hard-working men and women with exceptional intellectual skills to carry forward a productive research agenda that tackles complex business problems. Our goal is to recruit a select group of individuals with stellar credentials and innovative ideas. We seek students looking to immerse themselves in the distinct research environment of the Fox School so as to actively engage the changing world of management for years to come.

The greatest resource Fox affords is our faculty, an internationally recognized group of leaders in a variety of fields. Our world-class faculty members conduct cutting-edge research that crosses disciplinary boundaries, offering insight into management theory and practice. At Fox, PhD students work closely with faculty members in a supportive research environment that tackles pioneering new topics to push the frontier of academic research. Accordingly, we consider all students admitted to the program for full funding opportunities.

I am truly delighted that you are interested in pursuing your PhD at the Fox School of Business. If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact our Associate Director, Lisa Fitch. You may also contact any of the PhD concentration advisors or research faculty within your field of study.


Paul A. Pavlou
Senior Associate Dean of Research, Doctoral Programs, and Strategic Initiatives

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