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What Is Data Science?

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that combines statistics, computer science, information systems, and business. It extracts actionable knowledge from the vast quantities of data created every second.

Netflix users streamed 69,444 hours of video
Snapchat users shared 527,760 photos
15,220,700 texts were sent
Google conducted 3,607,080 searches
Uber riders took 45,787 trips
Amazon made $258,751 in sales

With more data than ever available at our fingertips, we need help to make sense of it all. Whether helping business executives make data-driven decisions, advertisers target likely customers, or teachers identify knowledge gaps in students, the data scientists at Temple University's Fox School of Business sort through the noise to discover groundbreaking insights.

Why Is Data Science Important?

Data science has impact across industries—from improving businesses’ financial performance to understanding how millions of genetic pairs interact. Today, data science is entering a new era, where information technology is now capable of supporting data-driven business, in real-time.

At the Fox School and beyond, researchers across numerous disciplines are advancing insights that improve efficiency and effectiveness of businesses and consumers. By diving into online dating apps to understand the appeal of mobile technology, using algorithms to identify academically at-risk students, and inventing technology to calculate millions of data points in seconds, Fox School researchers are On the Verge of great discoveries.

Data Science Faculty

  • Paul Pavlou

    Senior Associate Dean of Research;
    Co-Director, Data Science Institute

  • Edoardo M. Airoldi

    Millard E. Gladfelter Professor, Statistics and Data Science; Co-Director, Data Science Institute

  • Hilal Atasoy

    Assistant Professor, Accounting

  • Sezgin Ayabakan

    Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems

  • Konstantin Bauman

    Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems

  • Yuexiao Dong

    Associate Professor, Statistical Science

  • Eric Eisenstein

    Director, Master of Science, Business Analytics and Marketing; Associate Professor, Marketing and Supply Chain Management

  • Jing Gong

    Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems

  • Alan J. Izenman

    Senior Research Professor of Statistics, Statistical Science

  • Jaehwuen Jung

    Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems

  • Vishesh Karwa

    Assistant Professor, Statistical Science

  • Subodha Kumar

    Professor, Marketing and Supply Chain Management

  • Kuang-Yao Lee

    Assistant Professor, Statistical Science

  • Zoran Obradovic

    Professor, Computer and Information Sciences Department; Co-Director, Data Science Institute

  • Min-Seok Pang

    Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems

  • Marco Shaojun Qin

    Assistant Professor, Marketing and Supply Chain Management

  • Donald B. Rubin

    Murray Shusterman Senior Research Fellow, Statistical Science

  • Sanat Sarkar

    Professor and Washburn Research Fellow

  • David Schuff

    Research Professor & Chair, Management Information Systems

  • Tedi Skiti

    Assistant Professor, Strategic Management

  • Cheng Yong Tang

    Associate Professor, Statistical Science

  • Sunil Wattal

    Associate Professor, Management Information Systems

  • Zhigen Zhao

    Associate Professor, Statistical Science