The Global EMBA Integration Workshop series is a continuing rotation of workshops on current international hot topics featuring our best faculty. Over 75 students from our partner schools in Tokyo, Paris, Colombia, Singapore and Korea all come together to take part in this for-credit workshop online. One workshop module usually spans across an entire month with work being assigned to teams of mixed international students. The culmination is a live video conference session where the professor speaks directly to the topic and then teams present their work to the class and comment on each other’s research.

Executive MBA Partner Schools Involved:

  • Temple University Tokyo -Tokyo – Temple University Japan (TUJ)
  • Temple University Paris – Paris, France – Ecole Nationale Des Ponts et Chausses
  • Temple University Cali – Cali, Colombia – Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
  • Temple University Singapore – Singapore – Fox / IEEC
  • Temple University South Korea – Korea – Fox-aSSIST
  • Temple University – Philadelphia, PA – Philadelphia EMBA

Project Team

Faculty Members & Staff

  • Mitrabarun Sarkar, Professor, General & Strategic Management
  • David Schuff, Associate Professor, Management Information Systems
  • Rachel Geffner, Director of International Programs
  • Darin Kapanjie, Managing Director of Online & Digital Learning
  • Laureen Regan, Associate Professor, Risk, Insurance and Healthcare Management
  • Youngjin Yoo, Professor, Management Information Systems

Technology Specialist

  • Christopher Miano, Sr. Technology Support Specialist, Graduate Programs

Instructional Designer

  • Carly Papenberg, Sr. Associate Director of Instructional Design

Video Production Specialists

  • Dan Lantz, Associate Director, Video Production
  • Kevin Donahue, Video Production Specialist