The Video Vault is a compilation of all online lecture videos that have been produced by the Fox Online & Digital Learning department and Fox School of Business faculty.

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While the Fox Online & Digital Learning department supports faculty in the creation of their own online lecture videos, we also strongly encourage faculty to use any applicable videos from the Video Vault in their own courses. Assigning videos from pre-requisite courses can be a great review for students so they are better prepared to engage fully in their current coursework, giving faculty more time to take student learning to new levels.

To create your own lecture videos, please contact us for more information.


The Video Vault is a resource available to students during their studies at Temple and beyond. As long as students retain their username and password, they will always have access to the Video Vault.

Students are encouraged to use the Video Vault during their coursework, especially if they are in upper-level courses and need to review concepts from prior classes. Reviewing previous concepts from earlier classes make it easier to recall and apply them in more challenging classes, allowing students to be more successful as they progress throughout their studies at Fox.