Edmodo is the primary online discussion board used in Fox School of Business coursework. Edmodo uses a format that is very similar to Facebook, making it easy for students and faculty to post and reply to messages.


Using discussion boards is one of many ways to engage students outside of the classroom. Through Edmodo, faculty can engage with students to clarify questions, to prompt students with thought-provoking questions resulting from a class, or to provide a forum for students to voice their own opinions and resources, fostering peer to peer learning.

Contact us to start using Edmodo or to learn evidence-based strategies that will engage students through online discussion boards.


Edmodo provides students another avenue to engage with faculty and students outside of the classroom. It provides opportunities to ask questions that arise after class, to discuss specialized topics as a small group, to consider other students’ points of view, and to add an opinion or unique perspective to the conversation, adding value to every students learning experience.