Blackboard is Temple University’s Learning Management System (LMS). All online courses and most face-to-face courses use Blackboard to host discussion boards, post assignments, link to videos, keep track of grades, and more.


Blackboard provides a repository for assignments, articles, and other online resources for a particular course. When a Blackboard course is structured well, faculty create a positive online environment for students, where expectations are clear and assignments are easy to find. By placing material on Blackboard for students to review prior to class, faculty can use classroom time for active learning strategies and other engaging activities that take learning to higher levels.

Click here to access the Blackboard Video Tutorial Series for Faculty

Please contact us to create a Blackboard environment or to receive Blackboard templates that will engage and support students.


Blackboard makes it easy to keep track of assignments, tests, and upcoming assignments throughout the duration of a course. Students can also submit work through Blackboard, making printer jams and low ink a thing of the past.