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Xi Li


Xi Li

Xi Li

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Accounting

Office: Alter Hall 449
Phone: 215.204.4231

Research Interests: Financial Reporting and Disclosure, International Accounting, Corporate Governance, Debt Contracting, Corporate Social Responsibility

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Sample Publications

  • "Accounting Conservatism and the Cost of Capital: International Analysis", 2015, Journal of Business Finance & Accounting, Vol. 42 (5-6), pp. 555-582.
  • "The Impacts of Product Market Competition on the Quantity and Quality of Voluntary Disclosures", 2010, Review of Accounting Studies, Vol. 15 (3), pp. 663-711.
  • "Ownership Structure and Corporate Diversification" (with Yi Zhang), 2006, Business and Politics, Vol. 8, Article 4: Iss. 1, Article 4.