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Maureen “Mimi” Morrin

Title: Professor
Department: Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Office: Alter Hall 513
Phone: 215.204.8189
E-mail: maureen.morrin@temple.edu

Research Interests: Consumer Decision Making and Sensory Processing

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Morrin’s current research focuses on examining how the human senses impact the consumer decision-making process. Her articles have been published in leading journals, such as the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research and the Journal of Consumer Psychology.

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She is a member of the editorial review boards of the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing and is an area editor for the Journal of Consumer Psychology. Dr. Morrin has presented her research at many universities, as well as national and international conferences. Her corporate background includes five years in advertising (at Ted Bates) and brand management (at James River Corp and Playtex Family Products). Dr. Morrin has received external grants to support her research and several honors, including a Top Ten Reviewer Award from the Journal of Consumer Psychology and an outstanding reviewing award from the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.

Sample Publications

  • Krishna, Aradhna, Maureen Morrin, and Eda Sayen, “Smellizing Cookies and Salivating: A Focus on Olfactory Imagery,” (2014) Journal of Consumer Research 41(June), 18-34.
  • Morrin, Maureen, J. Jeffrey Inman, Susan M. Broniarczyk, Gergana Y. Nenkov and Jonathan Reuter, "Investing for Retirement: The Moderating Effect of Fund Assortment Size on the 1/n Heuristic," (2012) Journal of Marketing Research. 49 (4), 537-550.
  • Krishna, Aradhna, May Lwin, and Maureen Morrin, (2010) "Product Scent and Memory," Journal of Consumer Research 37(June), 57-67.
  • Nenkov, Gergana, J. Jeffrey Inman, John Hulland and Maureen Morrin, (2009) "The Impact of Outcome Elaboration on Susceptibility to Contextual and Presentation Biases," Journal of Marketing Research, XLVI (December), 764-776.
  • Krishna, Aradhna and Maureen Morrin, (2008) "Does Touch Affect Taste? The Perceptual Transfer of Product Container Haptic Cues," Journal of Consumer Research, 34 (6), 807-818.
  • Morrin, Maureen, Jonathan Lee and Greg Allenby, "Determinants of Trademark Dilution," (2006) Journal of Consumer Research, 33 (September), 248-257.
  • Morrin, Maureen and S. Ratneshwar (2003), "Does It Make Sense to Use Scents to Enhance Brand Memory?" Journal of Marketing Research, 40 (1), 10-25.
  • Morrin, Maureen, Jacob Jacoby, Gita Johar, Xin He, Alfred Kuss, and David Mazursky (2002), "Taking Stock of Stockbrokers: Exploring Momentum Versus Contrarian Investor Strategies and Profiles," Journal of Consumer Research, 29 (2), 188-198.
  • Morrin, Maureen (1999), "The Impact of Brand Extensions on Parent Brand Memory Structures and Retrieval Processes," Journal of Marketing Research, 36 (4), 517-525.

Awards and Honors

  • Outstanding Reviewer Award, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing 2014
  • MSCM Department Research Award, Temple University 2014
  • Sheth Consortium Faculty Speaker 2013
  • Session Leader, AMA Doctoral Symposium 2013
  • Working Paper Co-Chair, ACR Conference 2012
  • Leading Researcher Panelist, SCP Conference 2012
  • Keynote Speaker, SKEMA Business School Research Camp, France 2011
  • Invited Speaker, Sensory Branding Forum 2010
  • Top Ten Reviewer Award Journal of Consumer Psychology 2009-2010
  • ACR Doctoral Symposium Faculty Fellow 2009


  • Quantitative Methods in Marketing Management MKTG3509
  • Seminar in Behavioral Research in Marketing MKTG 9002
  • Seminar in Marketing Theory Development MKTG 9001

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