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Howard J. Weiss


Howard J. Weiss

Howard J. Weiss

Title: Professor
Department: Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Office: Alter Hall 514
Phone: 215.204.6829

 Research Interests: Sports, Technology in Education

Dr. Weiss’s Curriculum VitaeWebsite

Howard J. Weiss received his undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis and received his MS and PhD degrees from Northwestern University. His research includes articles on inventory, scheduling, waiting lines and sports that have appeared in several journals including Management Science, Operations Research, Naval Research Logistics and Interfaces.

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Dr. Weiss has co-authored two textbooks - Introduction to Mathematical Programming published by North Holland and Production and Operations Management published by Allyn & Bacon. He is the author of several educational software packages for Pearson publishing used worldwide including POM-QM for Windows, Excel OM/QM, Active Models and Compensation Analysis. He has served as an associate editor for Naval Research Logistics, and Computers and Operations Research and was the Deputy Editor of Interfaces. He has been on the faculty at Temple University since 1976 and has served as the Academic Director of the Executive MBA program since July 2000 and as Academic Director of the Professional MBA program from July 2006 – June 2014.

Sample Publications

  • Howard J. Weiss, (2013) Implementing Line Balancing Heuristics in Spreadsheets. INFORMS Transactions on Education 13 (2):114-125.
  • Mittal, N., Weiss, H. (2012). Active Excel Models to Teach Location and the Center-of-Gravity Method. 6 (2012), 79-90.
  • Nydick, R. L., Weiss, H. (2012). Let’s Put the Seasonality and Trend in Decomposition. INFORMS Transactions on Education, 12 (3), 147-152.
  • Rasmussen, R. A., Weiss, H. J. (2007). Advanced Lessons on the Craft of Optimization Modeling Based on Modeling Sudoku in Excel. INFORMS Transactions on Education, 7 (3), 228-237.
  • Weiss, H. J., Rasmussen, R. A. (2007). Lessons from Modeling Sudoku in Excel. INFORMS Transactions on Education, 7 (2), 178-184.

Awards and Honors

  • Musser Award, Fox School of Business.(2006)


Fox School of Business, Temple University

  • MSOM 5001
  • STAT 5802
  • MSOM 3101

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