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Jeffrey Boles

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Legal Studies in Business

Office: Alter Hall 414
Phone: 215.204.4145
E-mail: jeffrey.boles@temple.edu

Research Interests: White Collar Crime, Law & Human Behavior, Ethical Judgment & Decision-Making

Curriculum Vitae | SSRN Profile

Dr. Jeffrey R. Boles joins the Fox School from the prestigious international law firm Dechert LLP, where he served as a white collar and securities litigation associate. He has worked there since 2006. Prior to joining the firm, Dr. Boles had a judicial externship with U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken, and an internship with the San Francisco Office of the Public Defender.

Dr. Boles has been an adjunct faculty member for the Temple University Honors Program, where he taught criminal behavior and moral, social and cultural psychology to undergraduate students. Dr. Boles is an excellent teacher and was recently named Temple’s Honors Professor of the Year.

Dr. Boles earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and English from Temple, a master’s and PhD in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley and his Juris Doctor degree from the UC Berkeley School of Law. From 2001 to 2002, Dr. Boles was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of British Columbia, where he researched legal and moral reasoning, and cognition and culture.

  • Jeffrey R. Boles, The Dilemma of FCPA Self-Reporting, Florida Law Review Forum (forthcoming).
  • Leora F. Eisenstadt & Jeffrey R. Boles, Intent and Liability in Employment Discrimination, 53 American Business Law Journal (forthcoming).
  • Jeffrey R. Boles, Financial Sector Executives as Targets for Money Laundering Liability, American Business Law Journal (2015).
  • Jeffrey R. Boles, Criminalizing the Problem of Unexplained Wealth, New York University Journal of Legislation and Public Policy (2015).
  • Jeffrey R. Boles, The Two Faces of Bribery: International Corruption Pathways Meet Conflicting Legislative Responses, Michigan Journal of International Law (2014).
  • Jeffrey R. Boles, Examining the Lax Treatment of Commercial Bribery in the United States: A Prescription for Reform, American Business Law Journal (2014).
  • Jeffrey R. Boles, Documenting Death: Public Access to Government Death Records and Attendant Privacy Concerns, Cornell Journal of Law & Public Policy (2012).
  • Jeffrey R. Boles, Easing the Tension between Statutes of Limitations and the Continuing Offense Doctrine, Northwestern Journal of Law & Social Policy (2012).
  • Jeffrey R. Boles, Corporate Reform: The Locus of Control, Berkeley Business Law Journal (2004).

Working Papers

  • Corporate Actor Liability in the Money Laundering Realm
  • Moral Decision-making in the Context of Whistleblower Activity
  • Corporate Governance, Bribery, and Reputational Penalties: Empirical Evidence

  • Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation, Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award Recipient, 2016
  • Best Paper Award, Western Academy of Legal Studies in Business Annual Conference, 2016
  • Temple University Fox School of Business Dean’s Research Honor Roll Award Recipient, 2015
  • Temple University Fox School of Business Departmental Teaching Award Recipient, 2012-2013.
  • Peer Envy: Measurement and Impact on Retirement Investment Decisions (with Co-PI), Inter-Disciplinary Forum for Young Scholars, Temple University, $2,500.00 (December 2011).
  • Neural Investigation of Group Decision-making Processes (with Co-PI), Inter-Disciplinary Forum for Young Scholars, Temple University, $3,000.00 (December 2011).
  • Temple University Honors Professor of the Year Award Recipient, 2009-2010.
  • U.C. Berkeley Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award Recipient, 2005-2006.
  • University of British Columbia. Fulbright Scholar, 2001-2002. Research: Legal and Moral Reasoning; Cognition and Culture.

Fox School of Business, Temple University

  • Legal Environment of Business (Honors and Non-Honors Sections)
  • Law & American Society (Honors)
  • Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and the Law (Honors)
  • Moral Psychology (Honors)
  • Criminal Behavior (Honors)
  • Social & Cultural Psychology (Honors)

  • Dechert LLP, White Collar & Securities Litigation Associate. September 2006 – June 2011
  • Bar of Pennsylvania, 2006. Admitted to practice before the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.
  • University of California, Berkeley. J.D., 2006.
  • Hon. Claudia Wilken, U.S. District Court, N.D. Cal., Oakland, CA. Summer 2004 Judicial Extern.
  • Office of the Public Defender, San Francisco, CA. Summer 2003 Legal Intern.
  • Hornaday Center for the Study of Peace and Well-Being, Berkeley, CA. Summer 2002 Research Fellow.