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Hua Chen


Photo1_Chen Hua

Hua Chen

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Risk, Insurance, and Healthcare Management

Office: Alter Hall 625
Phone: 215.204.5905

Research Interests: Corporate Risk Management, Risk Modeling and Securitization, Systemic Risk, Longevity Risk

Dr. Chen’s Curriculum Vitae, SSRN Profile

Dr. Hua Chen is an Assistant Professor of Risk, Insurance, and Healthcare Management. He received his Ph.D. degree in risk management and insurance at Georgia State University. His research interests include corporate risk management, risk modeling and securitization, systemic risk and longevity risk management.

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Dr. Chen has publications in top tier journals in risk management, insurance and actuarial science, including Journal of Risk and Insurance, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, North American Actuarial Journal and Asia-Pacific Journal of Risk and Insurance. Dr. Chen coordinates the Robert A. Hedges Research Seminar Series in the Department of Risk, Insurance and Healthcare Management, and is the director of the M.S. Program in Actuarial Science at Temple University.

Sample Publications

  • Chen, Hua, Wen-Yen Hsu and Mary A. Weiss. The Pension Option in Labor Insurance and Its Effect on Household Saving and Consumption: Evidence from Taiwan. Journal of Risk and Insurance, forthcoming.
  • Alai, H. Daniel, Hua Chen, Daniel Cho, Katja Hanewald and Michael Sherris (2014). Developing Equity Release Markets: Risk Analysis for Reverse Mortgage and Home Reversion, North American Actuarial Journal, 18(1): 217-241.
  • Chen, Hua (2014). A Family of Mortality Jump Models Applied to U.S. Data, Asia-Pacific Journal of Risk and Insurance, 8(1):105-122.
  • Chen, Hua, Michael Sherris, Tao Sun and Wenge Zhu (2013). Living with Ambiguity: Pricing Mortality-linked Securities with Smooth Ambiguity Preferences, Journal of Risk and Insurance, 80(3): 705-732
  • Chen, Hua, J. David Cummins, Krupa S. Viswanathan and Mary A. Weiss. Systemic Risk and the Inter-Connectedness between Banks and Insurers: An Econometric Analysis, Journal of Risk and Insurance, forthcoming.
  • Chen, Hua and Reza S. Mahani (2012). Optimal Demand for Insurance with Consumption Commitments, Asia-Pacific Journal of Risk and Insurance, 6(2):1-24.
  • Chen, Hua, Samuel H. Cox and Shaun S. Wang (2010). Is the Home Equity Conversion Program in the United States Sustainable? Evidence from Pricing Mortgage Insurance Premiums and Non-Recourse Provisions Using the Conditional Esscher Transform, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 46(2): 371-384.
  • Chen, Hua and J. David Cummins (2010). Longevity Bond Premiums: the Extreme Value Approach and Risk Cubic Pricing, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 46(1): 150-161.
  • Chen, Hua and Samuel H. Cox (2009). Modeling Mortality with Jumps: Applications to Mortality Securitization, Journal of Risk and Insurance, 76(3): 727-751.
  • Chen, Hua and Samuel H. Cox (2009). An Option-Based Operational Risk Management Model for Pandemics, North American Actuarial Journal, 13(1): 54-76.

Awards and Honors

  • Outstanding Professor of the Year in the M.S. Program in Actuarial Science, Temple University (2014)
  • Award for High Achievement in Sponsored Research, Temple University (2013)
  • Dean’s Research Honor Roll, Temple University (2011)
  • Junior Scholar Award, the Asia-Pacific Risk and Insurance Association (2009)


Fox School of Business, Temple University

  • International Risk Management (Undergraduate)
  • Advanced Theory of Interest (Undergraduate/Graduate)
  • Theory of Interest (Undergraduate/Graduate)
  • Actuarial Modeling II (Undergraduate/Graduate)

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