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Angelika Dimoka

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Office: Alter Hall 510
Phone: 215.204.5672
E-mail: angelika@temple.edu

Research Interests: Decision Neuroscience, Consumer Neuroscience, NeuroIS

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Dr. Angelika Dimoka has been appointed as an Associate Professor of Marketing with a secondary appointment in Management Information Systems and the College of Engineering.

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Dr. Dimoka received her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California. Her research interests lie on decision neuroscience, and functional neuroimaging in marketing and MIS (neuromarketing and neuroIS), quantitative analysis of decision making in online marketplaces, and modeling of information pathways in the brain. Dr. Dimoka’s research has appeared in Journal of Marketing Research, MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, NeuroImage, Journal of Neuroscience Methods, Annals of Biomedical Engineering, and the IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. Dr. Dimoka has been a referee for many conferences and journals. Dr. Dimoka is the director of the Center for Neural Decision Making.

Sample Publications

  • Dimoka A. (2012), “How to Conduct a functional Magnetic Resonance (fMRI) Study in Social Science Research,” MIS Quarterly (36:3) pp 811-840
  • Dimoka A, Banker RD, Benbasat I, Davis FD, Dennis AR, Gefen D, Gupta A, Ischebeck A, Kenning P, Pavlou PA, Müller-Putz G, Riedl R., vom Brocke J, Weber B (2012), “On the Use of Neurophysiological Tools in IS Research: Developing a Research Agenda for NeuroIS,” MIS Quarterly (36:3) pp 679-702
  • Dimoka A. (2011), "Brain Mapping of Psychological Processes with Psychometric Scales: An fMRI Method for Social Neuroscience" NeuroImage (54). S263-S271
  • Dimoka A., Pavlou P.A. and Davis F. (2011), “NeuroIS: The Potential of Cognitive Neuroscience for Information Systems Research,” Information Systems Research (22:4), pp 687-702
  • Dimoka A. (2010), "What does the Brain Tell Us about Trust and Distrust? Evidence from a Functional Neuroimaging Study," MIS Quarterly (34:2), 373-396

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