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David H. Ryan


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David H. Ryan

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Accounting

Office: Alter Hall 459
Phone: 215.204.8131

Research Interests: Federal Taxation, Tax Policy, Behavioral Effects of Tax Law

Dr. Ryan’s Curriculum Vitae, Website 

David Ryan joined the Fox School in 1989 after a successful career in public accounting. He earned an undergraduate degree in accounting at Penn State and graduate degrees in international business and accounting at the University of South Carolina. Dr. Ryan is a Pennsylvania CPA and teaches federal income taxation and financial accounting. He studies the effects of tax policy and has published papers on the behavioral and distributive effects of tax law changes. His publications have appeared in both professional and academic journals, including The Journal of the American Taxation Association, Advances in Accounting, Advances in Taxation, and Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research.

Sample Publications

  • “Stock Option Modification under SFAS 123(R),” forthcoming in The Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting, co-authored with Steven Balsam, Il-woon Kim, and Hakjoon Song.
  • “Do Online Homework Management Systems improve student performance?” Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations 2010, co-authored with Mary Anne Gaffney and Christian Wurst
  • “The Effect of Internal Revenue Code Section 162(m) on the Issuance of Stock Options,” Advances in Taxation, 2008, co-authored with Steve Balsam.
  • “Limiting executive compensation: The case of CEOs hired after the imposition of section 162(m),” Journal of Accounting Auditing and Finance, Fall, 2007, co-authored with Steve Balsam.
  • "The Influence of Attributions and Budget Emphasis on Framing and Risk Preferences under Conditions of Unfavorable Budget Variances," Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research , Volume 6, 2000. Co-authored with K. Wentzel.


Fox School of Business, Temple University

  • ACCT 5209 Taxes and Business Strategy
  • ACCT 571 Introduction to Federal Taxation
  • ACCT 760 Seminar in Behavioral Accounting Research
  • ACCT 740 Interdisciplinary Accounting Research Doctoral Seminar
  • ACCT 131 (3531) Federal Taxation of Individuals