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Boris Iglewicz


Boris Iglewicz

Boris Iglewicz

Title: Professor Emeritus
Department: Statistics

Office: Not Available
Phone: Not Available

Boris Iglewicz is the Director of the Biostatistics Research Center and Professor of Statistics, Temple University. He has served as an Advanced Research Fellow and Visiting Professor, Harvard University. Dr. Iglewicz has published more than 50 refereed papers, books, and chapters in books. Professor Iglewicz has been recognized by the American Statistical Association as a Fellow, recipient of the W. J. Youden Award, SPAIG Award, Don Owen Award, and Chapter Recognition Award. Other honors include election to membership of the International Statistical Institute, Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, Senior Member of the American Society for Quality, and recipient of the Musser Leadership Award in Research.

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Dr. Iglewicz has successfully supervised 24 Ph.D. dissertations with students winning 17 international awards for their dissertation research.    His publications have been referenced in leading advanced texts on clinical trials, distribution theory, multivariate analysis, outlier detection, quality improvement, regression, sequential analysis, survival analysis, and robust methods.



  • Fellow, American Statistical Association
  • Fellow, Royal Statistical Society
  • Elected Member, International Statistical Institute
  • Senior Member, American Society for Quality
  • 2004 SPAIG award for Merck-Temple partnership, American Statistical association
  • 2003 Don Owen Award, San Antonio Chapter of the American Statistical Association
  • 2001 W. J. Youden Award, American Statistical Association
  • 2001 Musser Leadership Award in Research, Fox School of Business and Management, Temple University
  • 1992 Chapter Recognition Award, The American Statistical Association Council of Chapters
  • 1998 Research Round Table Member, Fox School of Business and Management, Temple University


  • An Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning (with J. Stoyle), MacMillan, New York, N.Y. (1973).
  • “Robust Scale Estimators and Confidence Intervals for Location.” Chapter 12 of Understanding Robust and Exploratory Data Analysis. Edited by Hoaglin, D.C., Mosteller, F., and Tukey, J.W., John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New York, N.Y. (1983).
  • “Alternative Designs: Sequential, Multistage, Decision Theory and Adaptive Designs.” In Cancer Clinical Trials: Methods and Practice. Edited by Buyse, Staquet, and Sylvestor, Oxford University Press (1984).
  • How to Detect and Handle Outliers (with D. Hoaglin), Quality Press, American Society for Quality Control, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (September 1993).

Selected Recent Papers

  • “Robust Estimation of the Parameters of g – and – h Distributions, with Applications to Outlier Detection,” (with Y. Xu and I. Chervoneva). Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 75, 66 – 80, (2014, July).
  • “ A Nonparametric Test for Deviations from Randomness, with Applications to Stock Market Index Data,” (with A. Strandberg), Communications in Statistics – Simulation and Computation, 42 (3), 686 – 697, (2013).
  • “Generalized Weighted Likelihood Density Estimators with Applications to Finite Mixture of Exponential Family Distributions,” (with T. Zhan and I. Chervoneva), Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 55 (1), 457 – 465. (2011, January).
  • “Relative Quantification Based on Logistic Models for Individual Polymerase Chain Reactions,” (with I. Chervoneva, Y. Li, S. Waldman, and T. Hyslop), Statistics in Medicine, 26, 5596-5611 (2007, October).
  • “A General Approach for Two-Stage Analysis of Multi-Level Clustered Non-Gaussian Data,” (with Inna Chervoneva and Terry Hyslop), Biometrics, 62-3, 752-759. (2006, September).
  • "Orthogonal Bases Approach for Comparing Nonnormal Continuous Distributions," (with Inna Chervoneva). Biometrika 92, 679-690. (2005).
  • “Illustrating the Impact of a Time-Varying Covariate with an Extended Kaplan-Meier Estimator,” (with Steven Snapinn and Qi Jiang). The American Statistician. 59, 301-307. (2005).
  • "Calculation of Sample Size in Survival Trials: The Impact of Informative Nonconcompliance," (with Qi Jiang and Steven Snapinn), Biometrics 60, 800-806. (2004).
  • “Design and Analysis of Three treatment Equivalence Trials,”(with Brian Wiens), Controlled Clinical Trials, 21 127-137. (2000).
  • “Measurement Methods Comparisons and Linear Statistical Relationship,” (with Charles Y. Tan), Technometrics, 41, 192-201. (1999).

    Supervised PhD Dissertations

    Codes for dissertation related awards:
    American Statistical Association: Biometrics Section (Bi); Biopharmaceutical Section (paper (B), presentation (BP)); W. J. Youden Award (W).
    Institute of Mathematical Statistics Laha Award (L)
    Society for Clinical Trials Student Scholarship Competition Price (S).
    International Biometric Society Distinguished Paper Award (ENAR (E), WNAR (WN)).
    International Chinese Statistical Association Paper travel Award (C).
    Fox School of Business, Temple University (paper (FP), teaching (FT))
    Joseph Heyse Publication Award, Temple University (J).

    • Ronald Suich, 1969, Case Western Reserve University, A Truncated sequential t-Test. Professor, State University of California, Fullerton, retired
    • Gaston Mendoza, 1976, A Three phase model for controlled clinical trials. Former department chair, Associate Professor, Fairleigh Dickinson University, retired.
    • David C. Huang, 1978, Some decision theoretic models in clinical trials. Associate Director, Genetics Institute, retired
    • Theodore Christie, Jr., 1980, Temple University, The Use of Run Lengths in Patient Allocation Schemes for Clinical Trials. Associate Professor, Delaware Valley College, retired.
    • Jorge Martinez, 1981, Some applications of robust scale estimators. Professor, National University of Colombia. Bogota, retired. Was Department Chair, Dean of Science, and Vice President, Academic Affairs (Provost), National University of Colombia, Bogota.
    • Jose’ Vargas, 1982, Detection of outliers in censored exponential samples. Professor, National Colombia University, Bogota.
    • Brenda Gillespie, 1989, Topics in Kaplan-Meier estimation. Research Associate Professor and Associate Director of Center for Statistical Consulting and Research University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
      Dissertation Award: S.
    • Kenneth Goldberg, 1991, Bivariate extensions of the boxplot and distribution free quartile based tests. Director, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical.
    • Koon Shing Kwong, 1992, Evaluation and applications of the multivariate normal distribution with a singular negative product correlation structure. Teaching Professor, Singapore Management University.
      Dissertation Award: Bi.
    • Frank Shen, 1993, Robust and bootstrap testing procedures for Bioequivalence. Vice President, Global R & D, Abbvie, Inc. Fellow of the American Statistical Association..
    • Alexandra Carides, 1996, Multi-treatment group sequential designs. Assistant Professor, Temple University.
    • Yun (Charles) Tan, 1998, Assay methods comparison and linear statistical relationship. Director of Biostatistics, Pfizer.
      Dissertation Awards: B, W.
    • George W. Carides, 1998, Estimation of Mean treatment cost in the presence of right censoring. Biometrician, Merck Research Labsoratories, deceased.
      Dissertation Award: B.
    • Brian Wiens, 1998, On Testing equivalence of three populations. Senior Director of Biosmetrics, Portola Pharmaceuticals.. Fellow of the American Statistical Association.
      Dissertation Awards: B, BP, S.
    • Radha Railkar, 2000, Alternative strategies for analyzing stratified comparative binomial trials. Senior Principal Scientist, Merck Research Laboratories.
      Dissertation Awards: B, BP.
    • Theresa (Terry) Hyslop, 2001, Assessment of Individual and Population Bioequivalence in Crossover and Parallel Designs. Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatrics, Duke University and Head of Biostatistics, Duke Cancer Institute.
      Dissertation Award: B
    • Sharmila Banerjee, 2002, Outliers in large data sets.
    • Qi Jiang, 2003, Power and sample size determination with informative noncompliance, Executive Director, Amgen. Fellow of the American Statistical Association.
      Dissertation Awards: S, WN, C.
    • Inna Chervoneva, 2003, A general approach for two-stage analysis of multi-level clustered non-Gaussian data. Associate Professor, Thomas Jefferson University.
      Dissertation Awards: E, L.
    • Jiang Yu, 2007, Further contributions in estimating an overall correlation coefficient, Biostatistician, AstraZeneca.
    • Ying Wan, 2007, On type I and type II error adjustment and Efficiency of two-stage design in accelerated drug development. Associate Director, Janssen Research & Development.
    • Tingting Zhan, 2012, The generalized linear mixed model for finite normal mixtures with application to tendon fibrilogenesis data. Instructor, Thomas Jefferson University.
      Dissertation Awards: E, FP, J.
    • Alicia Strandberg, 2013, A nonparametric test for deviation from randomness. Assistant Professor, Villanova University.
      Dissertation Awards: FT, J.
    • Yihuan Xu, 2014, Robust estimation of the parameters of g – and – h distributions, with applications to outlier detection. Associate Director, ImClone LLC, A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Eli Lilly and Company.
      Dissertation Award: J.