Sfekas, Andrew headshot

Andrew Sfekas

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Risk, Insurance, and Healthcare Management

Office: Alter Hall 612
Phone: 215.204.6192
E-mail: andrew.sfekas@temple.edu

Research Interests: Industrial Organization, Healthcare Competition, Organizational Learning

Dr. Sfekas’s Curriculum Vitae

My research focuses on several topics in the health care industry. I am currently looking at how competition occurs in the hospital industry. Specifically, I have examined under what circumstances hospitals can leverage their positions to achieve higher prices; the role of public insurance and low-income patients in hospital competition; and the role of organizational focus in hospital profits. I am also examining how new technologies compete with old ones within a hospital. Finally, I am looking at several aspects of how hospitals and surgeons learn through experience. I have also done work on several topics at the intersection of economics and public health. In particular, I have examined the effects of cigarette prices and taxes on smoking initiation and the effects of major illness on household wealth.

Sample Publications

  • Sfekas, A. (2013). Is there a Medicaid penalty? The effect of hospitals' Medicaid population on their private payer market share. Health Economics, 22(11), 1360-1376.
  • Winston Smith, S., Sfekas, A. (2013). How much do physician entrepreneurs contribute to new medical devices?. Medical Care, 51(5), 461-467.
  • Sfekas, A., Lillard, D., Molloy, E. (2013). Smoking initiation and the iron law of demand. Journal of Health Economics, 32(1), 114-127.
  • Sfekas, A., Dranove, D., Cook, K. (2010). Does Major Illness Cause Financial Catastrophe?. Health Services Research, 45(2), 418-436.
  • Sfekas, A., Dranove, D. (2009). The Revolution in Healthcare Antitrust: New Methods and Provocative Implications. Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly, 87(3), 607-632.
  • Sfekas, A. (2009). Learning, Forgetting, and Hospital Quality: An Empirical Study of Cardiac Surgery in Maryland and Arizona. Health Economics, 18(6), 697-711.
  • Sfekas, A., Dranove, D. (2008). Start Spreading the News: A Structural Estimate of the Effects of New York Hospital Report Cards. Journal of Health Economics, 27(5), 1201-1207.


Fox School of Business, Temple University

  • HM 3501: Introduction to Health Services Systems
  • HM 5106: Advanced Health Economics and Finance

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