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Shoham, Amir

Amir Shoham

Title: Research Associate Professor
Department: Finance

Office: Alter Hall 424
Phone: 215.204.4147
E-mail: amir.shoham@temple.edu

Research Interests: Cultural impact on finance, economics, and business

Curriculum Vitae

Amir Shoham (PhD) holds degrees in Economics and Business Administration from Ben-Gurion University. He is currently on the faculty of the finance department at the FOX School of Business Temple University.

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Dr. Shoham taught academic courses in economics and finance in seven countries including China, France, and Georgia. In previous years he was on the Board of Directors of two public firms. He has published articles in Journal of International business studies, Human Resource Management, Applied Economic Letters, Journal of Socio-Economics, and others.

Sample Publications

  • Santacreu-Vasut. E, Shenkar, O., and Shoham, A. (2014) “Linguistic Gender-Marking and Its International Business Ramifications" Journal of International Business Studies (forthcoming).
  • Ahammad, F, M., Sangmook, L., Malul, M., and Shoham, A. (2014) “Behavioral Ambidexterity - The Impact of Incentive Schemes on Productivity, Motivation and Performance of Employees in Commercial Banks” Human Resource Management (forthcoming).
  • Malul, M., and Shoham, A. (2013). “The Salaries of CEOs: Is it all about skills?” Journal of Economics and Business 67:67-76.
  • Santacreu-Vasut. E, Shoham, A, and V. Gay. (2013). “Do Female/Male Distinctions in Language Matter? Evidence from Gender Political Quotas.” Applied Economics Letters 20(5):495-498.
  • Malul, M., Shapira, D. and Shoham, A. (2013). “Practical Modified Gini Index.” Applied Economics Letters 20(4): 320-323.
  • Shoham, A. (2012). “Managing Multinational Corporations through Compensation: The Risk-sharing Contract Method.” Journal of Economics and Business 64: 231-239.
  • Shoham, A. and Malul, M. (2012). “The Role of Cultural Attributes on Savings.” Cross-Cultural Management: An International Journal 19(3): 304-314.
  • Brock, D. M., Shenkar, O., Shoham, A. and Siscovick, I. C. (2008). “National Culture and Expatriate Deployment.” Journal of International Business Studies 39(8): 1293-1309.

Awards and Honors

  • SSE/WAIB 2014 Best Paper Award for Increased Gender Awareness in International Business Research, Sponsored by the Stockholm School of Economics for the paper Manos, R., Santacreu-Vasut, E., Drori, I., and Shoham, A. "Do Female/Male Distinctions in Language Influence Microfinance Outreach to Women?"
  • Outstanding Lecturer 2009, The College of Management Academic Studies.
  • American Consortium on European Union Studies (ACES) 2007 Working Paper Series Grant for “Managing Knowledge Flows in European MNCs: Elasticity Employment Contract Model.”
  • American Consortium on European Union Studies (ACES) 2006 Research Seed Grant for “Comparison of PRC and Indian Responses to the Elimination of EU Textile and Apparel Quotas: Economic and Cultural Perspectives.”
  • The Best Research of 2003, awarded by the Family Doctors Organization of Israel, (together with D. Bone and U. Regev).
  • Best Doctoral Student of 2003, awarded by the Dean of the School of Management, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.
  • Excellent Achievement 1999, awarded by the Chair of the Department of Economics, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.


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