The Fox and PUJC Executive MBA (EMBA) faculty have made several recommendations to help prepare incoming students for their participation in the EMBA Program. These suggestions are listed below to serve as a guide in your transition into a graduate level business program:

  • Become proficient in your understanding of general business and economic terminology.
  • Be familiar with the current financial operations of YOUR company, including the most recent annual report.
  • Be sufficiently familiar with quantitative and financial data to eliminate “mental blocks” and be comfortable with their discussion.
  • Understand the “role” of management, e.g., basic organizational theory, planning process, concept of strategy, control, design/structure of organizations and the organizational process.
  • Develop a regular pattern of business reading, e.g., The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, or The New York Times “Financial Section” on a daily basis and one or two of the following periodicals: Business Week, The Economist, Fortune and Forbes.
  • Acquire as much familiarity as possible with Microsoft Office for Windows: Word, Excel, Power Point and Access.
  • Become familiar with the basic functions of a business/financial calculator.

Coursework Preparation

Accounting 5801

If you have not been exposed to accounting, you should prepare for the course by reviewing an introductory accounting book. Be prepared to discuss any experiences you have had with your company that are related to accounting. Become familiar with your company’s financial statements and if possible, bring copies for distribution in class.

Statistics 5801

A review of basic mathematical concepts, either informally or through formal course work, is strongly recommended. Many texts that cover such material can be found in libraries. These often contain titles, which include the words “college math” or “business mathematics/statistics.”

Preparatory Courses

Preparatory courses are offered by Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Cali prior to the start of the EMBA program. For further information regarding these preparatory courses, contact EMBA program director at PUJC.

Preparatory Software

Many students have found the following “pre-MBA” software helpful when preparing to enter the Executive MBA program. Completion is not required and we are not endorsing any one product over another.

MBA Survival Kit

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve taken a class, or maybe finance wasn’t your thing. Well, the MBA Survival Kit can help. It gives you what you need-a chance to review accounting, finance, quantitative skills, and statistics at your own pace. The set of four interactive CD-ROMs was developed by leading MBA professors and includes individualized feedback, clear explanations, animated graphics, and case studies.

MBA Primer – Thomson South-Western

Interactive on-line programs focused on preparing the incoming MBA student for the quantitative areas of business. The 4 courses offered are: managerial economics, financial accounting, business statistics and finance. The student can purchase all four courses together or any of the four separately. Each course is divided into individual topics. Each topic has a text lesson, practice tests, and interactive learning tools.

Ivy Software: Business Math & Statistics, Capital Budgeting, Financial Accounting

Separate interactive CD-ROMs accompanied by an abbreviated textbook. CD’s are organized by topic into separate chapters. Each chapter has text describing key concepts, followed by practice questions. The student is given feedback on his/her answer and, for any incorrectly answered question, is described the correct method for answering the question.