Going Global Series

This series of exclusive workshops designed to educate dynamic business owners on how to navigate the ever changing international marketplace. The skills, strategies, insights, and network of contacts gained at these seminars will enable you to lead your organization on a Global Scale.

The on going series will cover the following topics:

  • Doing Business with Asia – Part I
  • Growth through Exporting
  • Doing Business with Africa
  • Importing for Everyone
  • Doing Business with Asia – Part II
  • Doing Business in Latin America
  • Doing Business in Ghana, Kenya & Tanzania

The series will also include a “Networking Session” at the end of each event.

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Instructors are international trade experts from the private sector and government. They lend their experience and valuable advice on global tactics. Students attending this program are peers in international business and are a valuable resource for sharing their respective best practices and expansion strategies.


The teaching format is interactive in nature. Various seminar activities and discussions encourage participants to learn from instructors as well as peers.