Mid-Atlantic Diamond Ventures focuses on early stage, sustainable, high technology businesses. Some of the companies that have been a part of the cultivator include:

Life Science

Accelerated Care - Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Accelerated Care employs Nurse Practitioners armed with a suite of digital diagnostic equipment to provide on-site specialty medical care for America's rural citizens. Nurse Practitioners assist Board Certified physicians in examining patients electronically.

Advanced Materials Design - New York, NY
Advanced Materials Design (AMD) has developed and is commercializing drug delivery and medical device products made from a new generation of unique, proprietary, resorbable polymer biomaterials to facilitate superior controlled delivery of drugs and provide for the development of biodegradable devices for vascular and orthopedic applications.

Advanced Medical Data Solutions - Quakertown, PA
Advanced Medical Data Solutions produces medical devices and develops healthcare solutions focusing initially on cardiac rehabilitation. The devices and solutions are developed to lower healthcare costs and increase patient care and quality of life.

Advanced Vision Therapies - Gaithersburg, MD
Advances Vision Therapies (AVT) is focused on the treatment of sight-threatening eye diseases that have multi-billion dollar markets and significant unmet medical needs, yet have been underserved by large pharma.

Aedan Pharmaceuticals - Lansdale, PA
Aedan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical/consumer products company that was created to bring to market a product based on 2 patented technologies, targeted at the 40% of adults who have difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules. The technology has immediate application in the convenience store market as well as potential applications in dosing children and companion animals.

ALS Biopharma, LLC - Doylestown, PA
We are an emerging biotechnology company dedicated to the discovery of small-molecule therapeutics and diagnostics for the treatment of the debilitating neurological orphan indication of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease). We incorporate modern aspects of drug discovery including compound library synthesis and screening. In partnership with top academic and industrial laboratories, ALS Biopharma, LLC is researching both small molecule and biologic protein-based approaches to treat the disease.

Amulet Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Rockville, MD
Amulet Pharmaceuticals, Inc is an early stage biotechnology company focused on developing premium, proprietary NORTECH™ Nitric Oxide-based technologies to alleviate life threatening side-effects from the current generation of cardiovascular stents, medical devices and drugs.

Apeliotus Vision Science – Hershey, PA
Apeliotus Vision Science is a recent spin-out of Apeliotus Technologies, a Georgia-based company that develops and commercializes medical devices based on university inventions. In the U.S. alone, an alarming one in six people over age 65 have AMD, a figure that reaches one in three for people over age 75. AMD is the leading cause of adult vision loss and blindness in developed countries. While there is a growing array of treatment options, there is currently no practical, low-cost method for detecting AMD at the early stages of the disease. Apeliotus Vision Science's objective is to provide a simple, cost-effective tool for early diagnosis of AMD, before patients have suffered significant visual impairment.

Aperiomics, Inc.
From one test, Aperiomics’ Absolute*NGS Pathogen Detection platform aims to simultaneously detect all pathogens by combining genetic sequencing with computational power. Applications for this platform service include veterinary, plant, environment, & human testing. This approach is transformative over current methods and will revolutionize the way infectious diseases are identified and diagnosed.

Arvik Enterprises, LLC - Dobbs Ferry, NY
Arvik Enterprises is a medical device incubator that focuses on innovative medical devices that target an unfulfilled need in high potential segments encompassing both invasive and minimally invasive procedures.

Augmenta - Wilmington, DE
Augmenta Biologicals is a seed-stage biopharmaceutical company developing new technologies for improved immunization without the need for conventional immune adjuvants, and for clearance of pathogens from the blood.

Aviana Molecular Technologies - Wynnewood, PA
Aviana Molecular Technologies (AMT) is a development stage company focused on marketing a new generation of innovative, highly sensitive and specific, State-of-the-Art Biosensors specifically targeting point-of-care (POC) diagnostic products for human healthcare and veterinary medicine. AMT's focus is to identify areas in POC with high unmet needs in the US and around the world, where POC diagnosis can make a difference in human health. AMT's biosensor technology is based on an innovative and proprietary adaptation of the commonly used surface acoustic wave sensors (SAW) with critical changes that make this technology applicable as a biosensor. Further innovation allows AMT's biosensor to be used to diagnose multiple diseases and biomarkers in one chip using an entirely electronics-based system for readouts.

BioDetego, LLC
BioDetego is developing the next generation of cancer diagnostics - identifying who needs chemotherapy better than traditional staging or molecular diagnostics. Unlike competing molecular diagnostic tests, their lead product, VASPfore-CRC, accurately determines metastatic risk in colorectal cancer (CRC) patients, provides 100% actionable information to reduce undertreatment of patients in need of chemotherapy and harmful overtreatment of low risk patients, and offers payors enormous saving. Please welcome David Zuzga, Ph.D., CEO.

BioProcess Associates, LLC - Morton, PA
BioProcess Associates is a joint venture that brings together valuable technology for generating a powerful disinfectant/biocide, with a team of industry experts from the biopharm industry.

BioAnalytics Group - Jamesburg, NJ
The BioAnalytics Group (BAG) offers computer-enabled products and services to the pharmaceutical industry. BAG's Model-based Assays technology platform enables customers to make better mission-critical decisions in drug discovery and development, saving months of time, millions of dollars, and reduced wasted animal and human drug testing.

BioSense - Doylestown, PA
BioSense has developed a proprietary bio-electronic device (bio-probe) and software than measures multiple parameters. This device provides an analytical tool for female reproductive (fertility) health and early stage cervical cancer detection.

Biosome - Wilmington, DE
Biosome, Inc. is a biotechnology company that is founded upon an innovative nanoparticle-based detection technology with applications in pathogen detection, medical diagnostics, and food and water safety. Biosome has developed a system for the fast and cost-effective detection of bacteria.

BioTek Instruments Inc. (formerly MicroPlate Automation) - Moorestown, NJ
BioTek Instruments, Inc. is a global leader in the development, manufacture and sale of microplate instrumentation and software.

Bainbridge Health
Bainbridge Health—a spin out of CHOP—provides hospitals with a comprehensive and economically viable SaaS solution to improve patient safety. Our clinical intelligence platform facilitates the reduction of medication errors, while diminishing "data clerking" burdens of the care team. We are leveraging a unique blend of clinical expertise and our early mover advantage to achieve a sustainable competitive position in a newly emerging market.

CardioNova - Israel
CardioNova is an Israeli company focused on the treatment of Artrial Fibrillation. The Cryostamp III™ catheter technology provides an automated and anatomical approach to treatment and addresses the problems with current ablation methods. Additionally, this revolutionary device does not require extensive training or medical expertise.

Capital Genomix - Gaithersburg, MD
Capital Genomix, a biotechnology company located in Chantilly, Virginia, possesses two powerful and proprietary genomic and proteomic drug development technology platforms. Capital Genomix intends to couple these platforms -- GeneSystem320(TM) (GS320(TM)) for analytical study of genes and gene expression and ImmunoMouse(TM) for the development of specific antibodies against genetic sequences of biological significance -- into a unified, end-to-end gene discovery, functional analysis and target validation system.

CarePartners Plus - Horsham, PA
CarePartners Plus creates innovative, patient-centered approaches to improving healthcare in America and beyond. Our company’s breakthrough Wellby™ patient engagement system uses a friendly, structured and dignified approach to help people take positive, effective steps toward better health while generating vital information on their progress and wellbeing.

CerionX - Exton, PA
CerionX has a new cleaning technology for use in life science and biomedical laboratories. TipCharger® displaces existing cleaning alternatives and captures the revenue from the $1 billion/year now spent on cleaning automated fluid handling devices in drug discovery labs.

Chesapeake PERL - Savage, MD
Chesapeake PERL is a manufacturing company with proprietary technology producing recombinant proteins from insect larvae that allows both rapid and large-scale expression of a broad range of high-quality proteins with no known human pathogens and without expensive process development for scale-up.

Complexa - Pittsburgh, PA
Founded in 2008, Complexa, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing innovative therapies for the treatment inflammatory and metabolic diseases. Initial focus is placed on acute and chronic kidney disease. Complexa's human network pharmacology discoveries have revealed new classes of drug candidates that are based on naturally-occurring activated fatty acids. Our lead compounds activate the body’s own protective mechanisms against inflammatory injury and metabolic stress.

Cool Bio
COOL-BIO's platform technology creates therapeutic antibodies that can be turned on and off with body temperature, improving safety and efficacy. COOL-BIO's lead product is a platelet inhibitor turned on by cold (hypothermia). Therapeutic hypothermia, the process of cooling the body to prevent organ damage, is widely used in cardiac surgery, ischemic stroke, cardiac arrest, neurosurgery, and traumatic brain injury.

CS Bioscience Inc. - New York, NY
CS Bioscience Inc. is a development stage, dental biotechnology company, with an innovative product portfolio designed to capitalize on increasing awareness of recent scientific developments and more knowledgeable dental professionals. The product portfolio is based on the Company's proprietary dental formulation named NuPath® Complex. The Company is positioned to address growing consumer desire for sophisticated products, based on sound science, that promote oral health in as "natural" a way as possible.

Deck 5 Bioproducts - DE
Deck 5 Bioproducts, Inc., a Delaware corporation, has perfected a new method of mass-producing and delivering viral reagents better, faster and less expensively to meet the needs of scientists conducting life sciences research. We achieve this through implementation of a unique business process that combines several technical advances in the fields of molecular biology, virology, protein expression, purification and antibody production. Our most significant differentiation from our competition is that Deck 5 will provide reagents that cover the entirety of the viral life cycle delivered within 24 hours.

DelCorean, LLC - Orefield, PA
After many years of witnessing the benefits of our “Leg Cramp Lotion”, Delcorean LLC was founded by a long practicing pharmacist with the intention of bringing this life changing muscle cramp product to the public. Years of experience creating and selling our “Leg Cramp Lotion” has been taken and applied to our muscle cramp relief product “Cramp911”. We now are committed to overcoming any obstacle or expense to bring this product to the marketplace.

DiaKine Therapeutics - Charlottesville, VA
DiaKine Therapeutics is developing a pipeline of drugs for unmet medical needs in diabetes. These novel immune modulators have the potential to become the standard of care in diabetes by arresting the disease, restoring insulin production, and halting long-term complications. We will utilize partners/service suppliers and maintain minimum staff over the next few years in order to control costs. We plan to develop Orphan indications by utilizing non-dilutive financing as an internal focus and out-license/sell larger market segments after Proof of Principal Phase 2.

Drug Detection Solutions - Lansdale, PA
DDS has developed a market disrupting surface testing platform with the first application being for the detection of illicit drugs. The technology is low cost, non-invasive, easy to use, portable, durable and highly sensitive. It works on all surfaces testing for unknown substances and biologicals, and can detect multiple compounds in a single test.

Dynamis Therapeutics - Jenkintown, PA
Dynamis Therapeutics focuses on cosmetics and Rx skin care products including anti-wrinkling, anti-aging skin care creams and lotions. Development of Dynamis cosmetic products are leveraged by academic collaborations with scientists who study elastin and collagen-related diseases.

Edge Therapeutics, Inc. - Newark, NJ
Edge Therapeutics is a private, hospital-focused specialty pharma company started in 2009. Edge transforms well-established off-patent drugs into targeted, locally delivered therapies that address large unmet acute neurological conditions. Edge’s lead product, NimoGel, has the potential for U.S. sales to exceed $500MM.

Ell Imaging - Flemington, NJ
Ell Imaging, is a medical device company specializing in women’s health. Its mission is to leverage disruptive ultrasound engine technology to overcome utilization barriers and ultimately to replace the pelvic exam with a patient-friendly abdominal ultrasound scan. Their disruptive, patented technology is designed to reinvent the point-of-care in women’s health.

Enteron Therapeutics, LLC - Newtown, PA
Enteron Therapeutics, is a US based privately held specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing differentiated, value generating therapeutics for market segments with unmet needs in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal system. Enteron is seeking an investment of $1.0 million that will enable the Company to reach important development and regulatory milestones including approvals from the FDA to market its products.

EnviroTek, Inc. - Raleigh, NC
EnviroTek has leveraged decades of scientific research to produce AgrilCell foam, the first commercially viable soil-enhancement product that simultaneously reduces water requirements, offers needed gases to plants, improves growth performance, and is fully biodegradable.

Euclid Systems - Herndon, VA
Euclid is an eye care company specializing in the treatment and control of myopia, or nearsightedness.

Expression Pathology - Gaithersburg, MD
Addressing a major bottleneck and unmet need in drug and life science research, Expression Pathology has developed the only technology available that makes possible discovery of proteins in archived tissue for validation of new protein biomarkers of disease progression, drug response, and toxicity.

Exscribe - Bethlehem, PA
Exscribe develops open standards-based products and services to help orthopaedic physicians increase revenues, improve productivity, facilitate compliance, and reduce risk, resulting in overall improvement in patient care and satisfaction, as well as enhancements in the physician's quality of life.

EyeIC - Narberth, PA
EyeIC is a biotechnology company focused on ophthalmology. It is home of MatchedFlicker, a new standard in retinal change detection. MatchedFlicker allows new levels of accuracy and consistency in image comparison without investment in additional equipment or training.

Genomic Expression - New York, NY
Genomic Expression is developing proprietary cost-effective genomics diagnostics tools for personalized medicine, making research and delivery of healthcare more effective. Genomic Expression is developing genomic signatures that translate into information on treatment options that is easy for doctors to understand, supported by a $30 million grant project.

GrantAdler - Long Valley, NJ
GrantAdler's objective is to produce cutting edge medical products that have a clear and positive impact on people's lives, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of clinicians, and lower hospital costs by combining proprietary technology and world-class talent.

GWR Medical - Chadds Ford, PA
GWR Medical, Inc is the provider of Topical Oxygen Therapy TO2™ for the healing of open wounds. GWR’s Topical Oxygen Therapy delivers oxygen directly to the wound surface utilizing GWR’s FDA approved,O2Boot® or O2Sacral®, devices. The therapy is a natural, safe and non-invasive treatment suitable for all healthcare environments, but is most often prescribed for in-home treatment.

Gyrotron Technology - Bristol, PA
GTI has established a state-of-the-art testing and demonstration base near Philadelphia where the company customizes its fundamental beam technologies for application to different materials, processes, and environments.

Halare, LLC - Warrior's Mark, PA
Halare is an early stage telemedicine company supporting the treatment of Asthma, Sleep Apnea and other breathing related disorders. The company provides adjunct therapies using breath training regimens by combining clinically-proven breathing techniques with a proprietary device and an on-line network to aid users in the comfort of their homes. The company’s software groups users in phenotypes, which enables the company to offer customizable regimens, track user compliance and continually and automatically improve its services.

Healthy Humans - Wayne, PA
Healthy Humans is a web-based, ehealth company that provides patients with content and tools for managing their health across the spectrum from prevention to chronic disease states. The company’s SaaS solutions are customizable for each patient’s needs and are delivered under the supervision of their physician.

HeMemics - Rockville, MD
HeMemics is a privately held company with proprietary technologies to dehydrate biologics (proteins, cells, tissues, etc.) in dried or partially dried format for wider distribution and ease of use. The potential exists for dehydrated biologics to restore their functions after reconstitution with water or buffer. This will revolutionize the cell-based research, diagnostics and therapy markets, both human clinical and veterinary.

Hemodyne - Bethesda, MD
Hemodyne has developed the Hemostasis Analysis System, a state-of-the-art rapid blood test that is unique in its ability to directly assess platelet health, offering critical new information for physicians to better manage drug therapies for heart patients and hemophiliacs and to improve assessment and management of bleeding risk related to surgery, trauma, and blood.

Immunome, Inc. - Wynnewood, PA
Immunome is a discovery stage biopharmaceutical company that has created a proprietary Native Human Monoclonal Antibody (N-huMAB) platform. N-huMAbs are in the exact structures created by nature and possess the natural safety and protective power of the human immune system. The strength of the Immunome technology is its ability to capture the innate curative immune response to infectious diseases and vaccines. Because the Immunome method is intrinsically unbiased, Immunome is able to obtain N-huMAbs not accessible by other antibody cloning methods. Immunome has focused its internal development efforts on the toxins that induce the devastating results of common infectious diseases.

Immunomic Therapeutics - Gaithersburg, MD
Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc. (ITI) is a business development oriented biotechnology company advancing the clinical application of novel DNA–based vaccines to cancer, infectious disease and allergy. ITI’s product portfolio is based on a proprietary technology known as “LAMP” that has been exclusively licensed for all applications worldwide from Johns Hopkins University. LAMP is an intracellular escort protein that enhances DNA vaccines by facilitating the presentation of target antigen to the immune system.

Immunotope - Doylestown, PA
Immunotope develops immunotherapeutic vaccines for the treatment and prevention of cancer, infectious diseases, and autoimmune disorders. These vaccines require less preclinical trial time.

InfraScan, Inc. - Philadelphia, PA
InfraScan, Inc. is a start-up medical device company that focuses on developing, commercializing and distributing of handheld diagnostic imaging devices for head injuries and stroke. InfraScan’s flagship product, the Infrascanner™, is a hand-held imaging device using near infrared (NIR) technologies for the detection of hematoma, or bleeding in the brain, in head trauma patients.

JDP Therapeutics - Lansdale, PA
JDP Therapeutics Inc. is a privately held, clinical stage specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing small molecule therapeutics to treat life threatening diseases with significant unmet medical needs, primarily for use of acute care in the hospital setting.

Kenna Technologies - West Chester, PA
Kenna Technologies delivers a revolutionary drug discovery engine of biological modeling and knowledge development to biopharmaceutical industry.

Keystone Nano - Boalsburg, PA
Keystone Nano is creating a new class of nano-particles that will dramatically reduce the life threatening side effects of current therapies. The company’s patent-applied for process allows the creation of 30 nm NanoJackets that improve previously approved therapies by dramatically decreasing dosages while maintaining effectiveness. Keystone Nano is currently conducting preclinical development on four cancer therapeutics and expects to enter the clinic in early 2008.

Kibow Biotech - Philadelphia, PA
Kibow is developing proprietary, non-invasive treatments for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), including over-the-counter oral probiotic and a biopharmaceutical for patients in end-stage renal disease (ESRD).

Lackawanna Biosciences - Clarks Summit, PA
Lackawanna Biosciences will market and manufacture Staphage Lysate (SPL)?, a licensed immunomodulator (and biologic) indicated for staph-related infections, to treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and other disorders that stem from chronic staph infections in the U.S. and Europe.

Life Mist Technologies, Inc. - Paoli, PA
Life Mist Technologies, Inc. (LMT), a privately held corporation located in Paoli, Pennsylvania, was established to commercialize a proprietary, low pressure, acoustic nozzle atomization technology. The device produces high volumes of fine droplets using both gas and liquid and can be used to address a wide variety of industrial atomization applications. US patents covering the technology provide Life Mist with a strong intellectual property position. The Company is currently focused on creating innovative fire suppression solutions for key markets.

Life Sensors - Malvern, PA
LifeSensors is a biotechnology company located 35 miles west of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Founded in 1996, LifeSensors has developed a number of innovative protein expression technologies that enable efficient translation of the genome into proteome. LifeSensors is well-known for its innovations in an important family of proteins consisting of ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like proteins (UBL) such as SUMO (Small Ubiquitin-like Modifier).

LumenVu, Inc. - Philadelphia, PA
LumenVu, Inc. is the developer of a unique technology that improves accuracy of catheter placements with significant economic and therapeutic advantages. Its products offer real-time bedside imaging of catheters as they are placed into patients – eliminating guesswork by the clinician in ‘blind’ placements.

MBF Therapeutics - Ambler, PA
MBF Therapeutics is a veterinary oncology company advancing the standard of cancer care for companion animals by commercializing safe, effective and humane therapies. MBFT will pursue conditional FDA and USDA registrations to significantly accelerate commercialization of three novel products which are anticipated to be on the market within three years.

Microlab Diagnostics, Inc. - Gaithersburg, MD
Microlab Diagnostics is a leading edge molecular diagnostics and genetic testing company. Our systems and reagents enable the analysis of DNA and RNA for HealthCare Diagnostics, Homeland Security, Human Biometrics, Life Science Research and many non-human genetic analysis markets.

MicroMRI - Langhorne, PA
MicroMRI, Inc. is a medical device company focused on developing and commercializing novel and innovative products that perform high resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of bone micro-architecture with subsequent detailed visualization of bone structural elements. The Company intends to develop a commercial product for routine clinical use that can be deployed as an add-on to currently available clinical MRI scanners.

Neuronascent - Clarksville, MD
Neuronascent is focused on the discovery and development of therapies for Alzheimer's disease, depression, and stroke based on the science of neurogenesis that reduce the loss of neurons, restore and replace damaged neurons, promote the formation of new neurons, and reverse cognitive loss.

NovaPedix - Philadelphia, PA
NovaPedix is developing highly purified biopolymers for use in orthopedic surgery. One product line (internal fixation) will stabilize complex fractures, and a second will treat and prevent osteomyelitis. NovaPedix is being spun out of the FMC Corporation.

Opertech Bio - Philadelphia, PA
Opertech Bio has developed a revolutionary approach to taste testing, a multi-billion dollar market covering the food and beverage, flavor ingredients, pet food, and pharmaceutical industries. Opertech Bio’s technology can be used to discover new flavor ingredients, measure palatability and optimize flavor formulations.

Oran Diagnostics - Berwyn, PA
The company’s mission is to be the market leader in providing minimally invasive technologies that measure oxidative stress as a valid and clinically relevant marker of disease and disease severity to hospitals, clinics and medical practitioners to improve patient care while reducing cost.

OrphageniX - Wilmington, DE
The vision of OrphageniX is to develop effective treatments for Orphan Diseases. The Company will focus its efforts on developing its proprietary oligotherapy technologies and is determined to produce effective therapeutic products that provide a significant benefit to patients.

Otosound Products, LLC - Ridgewood, NJ
Otosound Products LLC is a privately held biomedical therapeutics company that was formed in collaboration with the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) to commercialize promising new sound technologies that have been developed for the treatment of the prevalent problem of tinnitus.

PainQx (PQX) is a Philadelphia-based MedTech diagnostic/software company that has developed a method to objectively measure pain in humans. The PQX SaaS platform achieves this by scanning and decoding neural activity from a patient’s brain and processing the data through proprietary algorithms. The output is a pain score comprised of a robust data set and scaled pain biomarker that directly correlates to a patient’s pain state.

Patients' and Consumers' Pharma - Lansdale, PA
Patients' & Consumers' Pharma is an emerging life-science company developing novel technologies to produce customized pharmaceutical products for human and veterinary patients. Using a deep understanding of patients' needs, innovative formulation approaches and patented mass-customization technologies, Patients' & Consumers' Pharma provides unique cost-effective solutions to improve the dosing of medications, increase compliance and enhance therapy by the use of personalized pharmaceutical products.

PCAsso - North Brunswick, NJ
PCAsso is developing PolyChromatic Angiography (PCA), the next generation angiography. PCA is an innovative imaging technology that will provide quantitative analysis of leakage in the blood vessel of the retina. It is also disruptive in the sense that it is expected to dominate the retinal angiography market. Annual sales estimates are expected to exceed $500 million in the US alone. PCA is scalable and maybe adapted for use in other disease with vascular leakage and tap into the whole angiography market.

PepThera, LLC - Audubon, PA
PepThera is developing leptin receptor-directed therapeutics that correct leptin imbalance in obesity-related indications such as weight management following post-bariatric surgery, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, obesity-related infertility and more. Non-leptin weight management drug candidates nearest to approval have concerns with regard to safety, mechanism of action, or both.

PetsDx - Glenshaw, PA
PetsDx is an innovative group of individuals experienced in both veterinary medicine and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). We are committed to working with local veterinarians to advance the practice of veterinary medicine by offering convenient access to state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies.

PharmaSeq - Monmouth Junction, NJ
Pharmaseq has developed the world's first light-powered microtransponders that are used for making high speed, low cost measurements in genomics, proteomics, drug discovery, and combinatorial chemistry.

PhenoTech, Inc. - Philadelphia, PA
PhenoTech is a privately held biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) to be used in various diagnostic applications.

PhotoSonix Medical, Inc. - Ambler, PA
PhotoSonix Medical, is developing a novel energy-based therapy, which synergistically combines light and ultrasound to treat chronic bacterial infections. The company’s initial target market is people with severe acne. PhotoSonix Medical reports strong in-vitro & in-vivo results and is the proud holder of 3 issued patents. Target prescribers include dermatologists & primary care physicians, with an at-home use device.

Plasmonix – Baltimore, MD
Plasmonix’s focus is on enhancement of luminescent signals through advanced use of metal nanoparticles and application of its technology in life science and diagnostic assays. Commercialization of other consumer and industrial applications, including cosmetics, apparel, paints, lighting, solar and communications, is being approached through partnerships and collaborations.

PluroGen Therapeutics, Inc. - Charlottesville, VA
PluroGen’s Mission is to use its 2 patent protected technology platforms and the superior performance, already in over 2,000 patients, of 2 of its 1st product configurations to generate a continuous stream of novel, simple and advanced products to improve wound healing. PluroGen is focused on products for each of the 6 Areas of Therapeutic Treatment of wounds benefiting patients and providing caregivers with new cost-effective wound healing options.

Presymtec Medical (formerly Predictive Inc.) - Exton, PA
Presymtec Medical is a medical device company focused on the early detection of infections before clinical symptoms are experienced. Their proprietary technology, the Presymtec™ Monitor and System, is currently the first and only device focused on applying wireless health monitoring technology to early detection of pre-symptomatic indicators of infections.

Protedyne - Windsor, CT
Protedyne is a complete solutions provider for genome-based drug discovery. Protedyne manufactures world-class BioCube Systems and provides contract research through our research team. We improve the effectiveness of genetic research and speed the discovery of new drugs by improving comprehensive high throughput automation solutions.

Protez Pharmaceuticals - Malvern, PA
Protez Pharmaceuticals is a privately held company founded in 2003 with the mission to discover, develop and commercialize novel antibiotics for the hospital market. The Company is leveraging its portfolio and world class expertise in antiinfective discovery and development to advance internal programs, to in-license an additional advanced stage asset, and to drive strategic discovery alliances.

QuiO is a digital healthcare company on a mission to eliminate self-injection error, improve medication adherence and remotely manage chronic disease. QuiO's proprietary Smartinjectors and connected software products can be used in clinical trials and disease management programs to monitor clinically-relevant data at home. The data enables care teams to deliver support to the right patient at the right time.

Real Time X, Corp - Norristown, PA
Real Time X, Corp. (RTXC) is an innovative medical and dental device company that has developed a unique in-office real time imaging device that will enable professionals to make timely assessments, deliver better care to patients and increase practice revenues.

Renaissance Scientific - Philadelphia, PA
Renaissance Scientific is a healthcare company focused on delivering affordable, innovative solutions to large, public health problems, like HIV, HPV and other infectious diseases. Their products in development include vaginal microbicidal/spermicidal gel for women, a nipple filter device for risk-free breastfeeding by HIV positive mothers, lubricant for condoms and antimicrobial and disinfectant hand sanitizer.

Saladax Biomedical - Hoboken, NJ
Saladax Biomedical is pioneering the development of novel, fast and?inexpensive immunoassays that will enable routine blood level monitoring ?of anti-cancer drugs to become the standard of care in treating cancer patients.

Scientific Products & Systems - Baltimore, MD
SP&S provides quality precision dispensing tools to the pharmaceutical and bioscience markets.

Smart Genetics - Philadelphia, PA
Smart Genetics is a web-based genetic testing and counseling service. The Smart Genetics solution effectively replicates the traditional genetic testing and counseling experience online to provide affordable, convenient and completely confidential genetic testing services.

Soft Tissue Regeneration - New Haven, CT
Breakthrough technology for soft tissue regeneration of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of the knee and a rotator cuff augmentation device for rotator cuff injuries.

Solixia - Philadelphia, PA
Solixia is an early-stage life science company pioneering the use of radioactivity in medicine. Our goal is to harness the unrealized potential of radioactivity to detect and treat severe, systemic, or late-stage disease. We will achieve this by developing and commercializing innovative, radioactive molecules that can deliver large amounts of diagnostic or therapeutic radiation specifically to target organs or tissues. The focus of our lead research program is a treatment for chemorefractory ovarian cancer.

Sunstone Biosciences - Philadelphia, PA
Specializing in up converting nanophosphurs.

Thubrikar Aortic Valve, Inc. – Norristown, PA
The Company is developing a next-generation Transcatheter Aortic Valve - the Optimum TAV - invented by Dr. Mano Thubrikar, author of the book “The Aortic Valve.” TAV Implantation (TAVI) has become the new standard for treating surgery-ineligible Aortic Stenosis (AS) patients, as it eliminates the need for open-heart surgery. TAVI is expected to replace all aortic valve surgery, however, a more durable TAV is required for use in low risk patients. Optimum TAV is designed to mimic the natural aortic valve. It is expected to have maximum durability and efficiency in patients, as shown by preclinical studies.

Urovalve - Basking Ridge, NJ
Designs, develops, and commercializes superior medical devices that address problems with urinary tract functions and significantly improve the quality of life for people with serious disabilities.

Vascular Magnetics - Philadelphia, PA
Vascular Magnetics, Inc. is using a combination of nanotechnology and magnetic mechanisms to develop Vascular Magnetic Intervention (VMI), a novel therapy for peripheral artery disease (PAD), a common chronic condition characterized by obstruction (stenosis) of the arteries in?the legs. VMI differs from current therapies: Using VMI, the physician can choose the specific drug and dose to be used, use multiple drugs simultaneously and retreat the diseased artery if needed. PAD affects over 27 million people in North America and Europe alone.

VerdiZyme - Newark, DE
VerdiZyme is a biotechnology company with exclusive rights to proprietary technology for developing and mass-producing highly specialized biocatalysts for replacing the $14 billion chemical spend in the Pulp and Paper industry.

Verication - Ellicott City, MD
Verication is a healthcare technology company that provides cost-effective, easy-to-use, rapid, and non-destructive products to detect counterfeit drug products at point of inspection and to verify drug product and dosage to eliminate medication errors at the point of dispensing and point of administration.

Vibe Pharmaceuticals
Vibe Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a drug discovery company focused on developing treatments for musculoskeletal disorders. Its innovative VIBE discovery technology was spun out of the University of Pennsylvania and is differentiated by selecting the body’s natural anabolic agents for creating new bone and muscle. Vibe identifies drug candidates that can be licensed to biopharmaceutical partners in preclinical or early stage clinical development.

X-BAR - Kennett Square, PA
X-Bar Diagnostics Systems specializes in medical diagnostic systems.

Information Technology

AboutOne - Malvern, PA
AboutOne.com is a private and secure online service that helps you quickly enter, track and organize all of your personal and household information across the 12 aspects of your life; Examples include Family, Contacts, Education, Possessions, Health and Career. In the event of an accident, career change, divorce, death, tax submission or the myriad of other ad hoc life events. AboutOne enables you to find what you need in seconds, from any location at any time. It also automates the sharing of select information with family members and friends.

AcademyOne, Inc. - West Chester, PA
AcademyOne is developing a website to assist colleges and universities meet the needs of transfer students. AcademyOne will revolutionize the way students shop for courses, institutions recruit students, and institutions market their programs and courses to students and employers.

ActionApps, Inc. - Yardley, PA
ActionAPPS delivers on-line Web-based services (via ASP model) to measure, monitor, and improve employee and management performance, enabling HR staff to identify strengths and weaknesses in the performance of managers and employees on both business unit and individual levels.

Advanced Logic Systems - Camden, NJ
Advanced Logic Systems (ALSI) designs, builds, and deploys proprietary mission-critical software that enables e-business transformation. We deliver our software applications via an application service provider model (ASP) model.

Advanced Mobile Solutions - Wayne, PA
Advanced Mobile Solutions are a global leader in the production, management, provision of mobile phone content and solutions. From the supplying of branded java games to providing bespoke platforms for retailers, AMS have built a reputation around quality advice, guidance, product and more importantly profitability and re-investment in our suppliers.

Aereon Solutions - Newtown, PA
Aereon is an award-winning developer of service automation solutions that leverage the Internet and wireless technology. In combination with best-of-breed business management software, Aereon Solutions enables service companies to improve productivity, reduce operating costs, increase revenue, and enhance customer service by eliminating manual, paper-based business processes.

Agentsmith - Baltimore, MD
Agentsmith provides analytical software that helps media firms control their business, optimize inventory, and maximize revenue, working from the same premise as Sabre Systems in the airline industry. Agentsmith software automates and enhances ad-sales revenue in the U.S. television marketplace.

Alo Networks - Rockville, MD
Alo Networks provides a targeted interactive advertisement service for Hispanics via an innovative mobile social network. Alo creates a "personalized interactive billboard" for a desirable and hard-to-reach market. Alo offers voice, text and video advertising over cell phones, specifically targeting the U.S. Hispanic community.

AlphaGenics - Rockville, MD
AlphaGenics is a science-based personalized consumer products development company. We target the lifestyle market with functional foods/nutraceuticals whose ingredient mix is configured around each person’s genetic chemistry, with a mass-market distribution framework.

AudioAudit - Paramus, NJ
AudioAudit delivers a new broadcast standard of accountability and communication for the advertising and broadcast industry, automating a traditionally highly manual and error-prone transaction. AudioAudit automates and streamlines the broadcast advertising reconciliation process, shortening billing cycles and significantly reducing error rates.

Bestimators - Philadelphia, PA
Bestimators seeks to solve the problem of the flawed and inefficient home improvement market for both homeowners and contractors. Bestimators is a marketplace for big-ticket home improvement projects. They supply home improvement experts to assess and spec a project, as well as qualified and vetted contractors to bid on the work. Bestimators delivers multiple proposals to a homeowner in an organized fashion to assist in home improvement decisions.

BlueSpace - United Kingdom
BlueSpace Software is a Delaware corporation offering a software package that modernizes enterprise messaging without taking away its attributes of convenience, universality, and low cost. BlueSpace targets large enterprises, especially in financial services and the public sector that require a high level of business process security and control, and face increased compliance and/or privacy requirements related to internal and external messaging.

Clinical Ink  - Winston-Salem, NC
100% of all clinical trials are dependent on paper documents to record the original information. This paper-based process is cumbersome, expensive, time-consuming, and error-prone. Clinical Ink eliminates the need for paper documents to record research data. Our patented technology utilizes digital forms to capture these SOURCE documents and data simultaneously – thereby eliminating the cost, time, and effort of manual data entry and document/data validation processes.

Carii is a private, controlled community social platform. Available globally on web and mobile devices, Carii provides robust functionality for creating, managing and linking private and public communities. Carii focuses on small/med businesses and non-profits, but also education, clubs, families and member groups.

CNVERG - Wilmington, DE
CNVERG allows real-time collaboration between on and off premise participants, with the ability to bring ad-hoc participants into a meeting in seconds, with nothing to download or install. CNVERG implements best practices for visual management, Lean, and Agile by adopting the best in real-time web technologies. CNVERG can run on giant touch-screen walls and connect to desktops, tablets, and even mobile phones. It is built as a web application, so it works on any device that supports modern webkit browser bringing visual collaboration to everyone without requiring specialized hardware.

ColdLight Solutions - Wayne, PA
ColdLight Solutions is a technology company whose proprietary Neuron analytics engine automates the time and labor intensive process of predictive data analysis. ColdLight empowers business users with a faster, simpler, less expensive way to obtain actionable business insights and competitive advantage from the massive volumes of data available to them.

Commence Corporation - Oakhurst, NJ
Commence is a provider of intuitive, flexible customer relationship management software to the middle market. Flagship product, Commence RM, streamlines the front office business processes that directly impact sales execution and customer service.

Compoze Software - Conshohocken, PA
Compoze Software is a leading provider of collaborative software for Enterprise Portals. Products enable companies to increase efficiency and enhance communication across all lines of business by providing access to everyday applications inside a portal.

ConsentSolutions Inc. - Washington DC
ConsentSolutions, Inc provides consultation, development and application software for online access to multimedia informed consent documents with patient education and decision elements for prospective and active clinical trial subjects.

CoreCentive - Trenton, NJ?
Through CoreCentive’s proven process, we provide small, medium and Fortune 1000 companies with a platform to support all their efforts to excite, engage and empower their entire workforce. We regularly work with organizations to help assess the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities within their current employee and customer engagement practice(s). CoreCentive integrates innovative business solutions to foster the acceleration of performance, productivity, and profitability in the workforce.

CoreDial - Plymouth Meeting, PA
A leading provider of SMB Hosted IP Phone Systems (PBX) and Business quality Voice Over IP (VoIP) services in the Mid-Atlantic and other US regions, CoreDial provides businesses with an easy and cost effective way to upgrade and outsource their current phone system while leveraging the tremendous advantages of business quality VoIP services.

Critical Situation Management - Marysville, PA
Critical Situation Management, Inc. is a leading provider of proven EMERGENCY RESPONSE software and services for managing critical situations in today's rapidly expanding security market. Critical Situation Management's software, 4command, provides unmatched ability to deliver rapid instructions to emergency managers faced with critical situations. It defines the threat potential and deploys an 'expert system' for rapid response.

De-Id Data
DE-ID™ was specifically designed to de-identify a wide range of data sources, including narrative textual information – transcription reports on one hand and text boxes in clinical information systems on the other – and can sensitively distinguish PHI from non-PHI.

The DelFin Project - Boca Raton, FL
DelFin's revolutionary patented technologies provide consumers with a broadband "TV-like" experience while utilizing a narrowband (dial-up) Internet connection. A media and technology company, DelFin provides channel partners with tools and compelling entertainment programming to enhance sponsorships, advertising, and commerce opportunities.

Digital Life Technologies - Bala Cynwyd, PA
Life Technologies’ mission is to unlock the pent-up demand for an electronic wallet (e-wallet) that allows the mobile phone to become your payment device for point-of-sale payments. Your mobile phone and a single universal magnetic stripe card will be your new wallet. Digital Life’s Go-Wallet, is the first and only e-wallet that is compatible with all magnetic stripe point-of-sale terminals, contactless ‘tap and go’ terminals and ATM’s.

DotPhoto - West Trenton, NJ
DotPhoto provides the most comprehensive photo printing and image/sound archiving services on the Internet. It is the first website to accept both image and sound files from digital cameras.

EggZack - Flemington, NJ
In as little time as it takes to send an email, small businesses can take control of their websites and automatically deliver promotions and information to multiple and local online places such as search engines, media/publications, social networks, email news-letters, blogs, RSS feeds and more. EggZack makes marketing simple for small firms who ?don't have the time or the expertise to manage multiple marketing outlets.

Emodt - Pittsburgh, PA
Emodt, scans corporate communications allowing companies to quantify employee emotion, reduce risk and minimize liability. Compliance Officers face increasing pressure to reduce risk and demonstrate due diligence to regulators and shareholders. Emodt provides dashboards and real-time alerts of emotional behavior to help identify suspicious activity, potential fraud and toxic behavior.

Enigma - Mountain View, CA
Enigma uses Web-based technology to deliver information to physicians for use at point-of-care. The company's Predict state-of-the-art decision support tool applies patient-specific clinical information to disease management guidelines to give physicians best evidence-based care recommendations for their patients.

Galileo Analytics - Bethesda, MD
Each year, pharmaceutical and biotech companies spend over $400M on data and analysis products they know are seriously flawed. Galileo solves this problem by a fast and flexible proprietary analytical engine that probes multiple dimensions of health data in real time, and an analytical and visualization tool that shows analyzed data in clusters of related variables,?enabling researchers a deeper and more relevant dive into healthcare dimensions.

Gene Network Sciences - Ithaca, NY
Gene Network Sciences (GNS) is a systems biology company that is developing computerized, data-driven virtual human cellular models that stimulate the behavior of living cells to advance drug development.

Goober Networks - Dover, DE
Goober Networks is an innovative VOIP (voice-over-IP) Instant Messaging platform. Goober supports most mobile devices and PC environments. Like no other product or service, Goober offers major brands their very own personal messaging software, allowing them to easily create special interest communities for their clients.

Grassroots Unwired – Philadelphia, PA
Grassroots Unwired is the only solution that provides complete mobile solutions that support Canvassing, Get Out the Vote, and Election Day activities in real-time.

GridPlex - Upper Darby, PA
GRIDPLEX empowers energy consumers, commercial building owners, communities and utilities to manage and conserve electricity, water and other critical resources, and reduce their carbon footprint. The GRIDPLEX solution is a unique and "game-changing" platform of integrated hardware and software that leverages intelligent automation, “smart grid” technology and the Internet, to realign the economic balance between energy consumers and utilities. Deployment of market-ready, patented GRIDPLEX solutions to 1% of the existing market can produce savings for commercial and residential energy consumers of over $1B during the next 5 years.

hField Technologies, Inc. - Bethlehem, PA
hField designs and manufactures innovative, high-performance wireless networking products that offer outstanding performance while maintaining total interoperability with wireless standards. hField effectively triples WiFi coverage, solving problems of weak, slow connections for the Seriously Mobile Computer User; increasing productivity and decreasing cost and frustration.

Intellison - New York, NY
Intellison software transforms any medical imaging system into an intelligent machine that assists the user in making an accurate diagnosis, functioning as though a team of experts were present during exam, answering questions and providing real-time guidance and expertise. The platform allows any medical practitioner to interpret sonograms with a level of confidence comparable to that available only at major medical centers.

Ividix Software - Wayne, PA
Ividix is a revolutionary video content management platform designed specifically to deliver rich video content to Higher Education institutions. Our platform aggregates video content in a cloud for our customers, allowing the institutions to focus on campus actvities. Ividix delivers video content management in a hosted model, allowing our customers to focus on the content, not the architecture. The Value of the Ividix platform is in its ability to increase the availability of video in the learning environment. Our delivery model allows schools to achieve this while reducing your costs for delivering digital video in the learning environment(s).

Kaprica Security
Kaprica Security is a cyber-solutions company currently developing groundbreaking technologies, including an innovative new mobile security platform. As opposed to conventional software products, our platform takes a hardware-centric approach enabling it to assess security risks with ease and a higher degree of confidence. Currently in the late development stages, this device will protect smartphones and tablets from increasingly hazardous and omnipresent threats of malware, viruses and spyware, ensuring that data files, passwords and other valuable information is secure.

Legal Science Partners
There is a big and growing world of legal information that, if made actionable, could improve business, health, government and society. Legal Health Science's platform does this. They are a provider of software, data, and services for customers in legal services, information/media, healthcare and government.

mCom Financial Solutions - Philadelphia, PA
A post-revenue software and services technology company, mCom offers the Darwin? solution set, a multi-channel framework that enables banks to maximize their electronic offerings by simplifying complex e-banking systems and improving the way banks address their customers.

Metalayer – Philadelphia, PA
MetaLayer Inc. is working to change how you analyze images and text by offering products for atomizing and visualizing data. We were founded in 2011 by two software developers who previously developed tools for data validation during crisis events and disaster response. Our products take streams of text or images and add structured, relational, temporal, and geospatial meta-data. Our products focus visualization, scalability, ease of use, and integration for businesses and developers.

MilkCrate – Philadelphia, PA
MilkCrate is a digital hub for the sustainability community. The company harnesses the passion of conscious consumers into a game changing tool that connects users to sustainable local businesses, customized opportunities for civic engagement, and healthy lifestyle information. Through strategic partnerships with local & national organizations, MilkCrate is positioned to be the go-to resource for sustainable living in Philadelphia and eventually nationwide. Morgan Berman, CEO will be presenting.

MobileFusion (KWantera) - Pittsburgh, PA
MobileFusion, is a predictive analytics company serving a wide variety of customers, including process industries, financial services firms and the US military. We improve the accuracy and quality of critical, real-time decisions driven by large, complex and disparate data sources. We developed a real-time predictive analytics platform using large-scale distributed computing, and machine learning that aids real-time decision. Our solutions are currently serving customers in the government and commercial sector.

Mobile Location Media Holdings (MoLoMeHo) - Ghent, NY
Mobile Location Media Holdings (Molomeho) is a location-based services and software applications developer, delivering rich mobile applications via location aware smartphones. Brands can place in-application advertising and establish one-on-one marketing relationships directly with customers. Molomeho's first application, CaddyHawk, targets the sizable and affluent golf market with its multitude of high-end national advertisers and notable brands.

mVisum - Cedar Brook, NJ
The company has developed proprietary data handling technology that permits secure and rapid transmission of data to mobile devices. While this technology can be applied to many markets, mVisum’s primary focus has been to use this technology for medical and clinical applications. To date, the mVisum communication platform is in use at a number of medical facilities. Usage includes critical life saving applications for heart attack and burn patients. The technology is also being used to alert nurses to critical patient alarms in the ICU setting

My Chinoki - Philadelphia, PA
My Chinoki allows businesses to communicate with customers interested in receiving deals via text message. Consumers can sign up for the online service and select which businesses they want to hear from on the company's website.

Our first company comes to us from DreamIt Ventures. NarrativeDx has developed a SaaS platform to provide actionable insights from patient experiences to improve care and maximize reimbursements.

Net2itive - Ambler, PA
Net2itive is a technology-driven bandwidth intermediary. They develop proprietary technology and deploy it throughout the US, allowing us to purchase low-cost Internet bandwidth and resell it to web site operators, saving them up to 50% on their bandwidth costs.

Niemi Group - New York, NY
Niemi Group has architected web-based software and a content delivery system to address the problem of recruiting patients for clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry.

Norogene - Wilmington, DE
Norogene - Behavior Pattern Management Laboratory. Specialized and innovative interactive training for health care professionals.

Odyssey Technologies - Laurel, MD
Odyssey produces software for use in the video surveillance industry. The company's software platform for digital video streaming and management - Remote Eyes® - is the only open standards OEM platform for creating video surveillance solutions.

On Garde - Collingswood, NJ
A manufacturer of Unified Threat Intelligence Appliances for the managed security service provider (MSSP) marketplace. On Garde appliances enable MSSPs to offer unified network security exception reporting/intellingence to their customers, which provides service differentiation, demonstrates ROI, and, in many cases, unlocks new revenue streams for the provider.

Onclave - Princeton, NJ
Onclave builds and markets hosted applications for business communications, with initial target markets in the public relations and advertising industries. Onclave products are web-native applications that enable agencies to deliver new, higher margin services online without having to purchase or install software.

Parallel Computers Technology Inc. - King of Prussia, PA
PCTI develops, sells and services a database cluster software ICX-UDS. This breakthrough technology enables clustering multiple independent database servers to deliver higher transaction processing speed and higher service availability than using a single server and existing cluster products.

PeerFinder - Montclair, NJ
PeerFinder is an on-line service that improves ROI for attendees and exhibitors at tradeshows and conferences.

Performance Software/Dynasuite - East Hanover, NJ
Performance Software, Inc. (PSI) is the first company to successfully deliver a 100% fully integrated Web-native™ enterprise-class Human Resource Management System (HRMS) called DynaSuite on the web. This product drastically reduces HRMS management costs.

PhindMe - Plymouth Meeting, PA
PhindMe is a mobile marketing company with a focus on bringing local businesses to mobile quickly through easy to use content management, customer relationship management and social networking tools.

Physician Verification Services - Bala Cynwyd, PA
"One physican, one password . . . everywhere on the world wide web." PVS provides a universal password system for identifying 2.2 million healthcare providers in six countries. PVS integrates professional status verification with direct mail promotion, market research, and real-time data to provide foundations for e-detailing and eCRM.

PixelScan - Israel
Pixel-Scan has developed state-of-the-art technology to improve the capture of picture quality and colors. Their unique scanning system allows for image sensor optimization to the highest sensitivity level available. The image sensor industry is a high-growth market, which should reach $12B by 2013 and Pixel-Scan has positioned itself to capitalize on this opportunity.

Plehn Analytics - Philadelphia, PA
Plehn Analytics supplies unique economic and financial reports leveraging privileged access to U.S. government-supplied data. Our products focus on market segmentation, risk assessment, and intelligence about customers, suppliers, and competitors in order to enable the financial services industry to make more informed decisions. To the best of our knowledge, Plehn Analytics is the only company producing reports derived directly from actual IRS tax returns, surveys conducted by statistical agencies, and records collected by administrative agencies. Producing products based on this data requires familiarity with complex government processes, access to the correct agencies, and the ability to ensure confidentiality in the resulting reports. Our core intellectual property lies in the algorithms used to assimilate the data to keep it confidential so that it can be distributed, as well as the knowledge of over 100 government agencies from which to draw the raw confidential data.

Polaris Health Directions - Fairless Hills, PA
Polaris develops and markets outcomes assessment and management systems that are used by health care providers, managed care organizations, government agencies and pharmaceutical companies to deliver better patient health outcomes at reduced cost. Our focus is on markets where mental health conditions have an impact on physical health (e.g., cardiac disease, primary care) and individuals’ welfare (e.g., child welfare, domestic violence, treatment of troubled youths).

PreClick - Atlantic Highlands, NJ
PreClick's business mission is to cost-effectively build the world's largest network of digital camera owners through partnerships, by anticipating the needs of digital photographers by providing the smallest, fastest, and easiest software to organize, preserve, print, and share growing collections of digital photos.

Q-Linx, Inc. - Philadelphia, PA
Q-Linx is a supplier of IT-enabled risk assessment software and systems for decision support, outcome monitoring, and measurement, providing real-time knowledge and improved communications for streamlining and intensifying case management in the hospital, corrections, and child and family services environments.

Rethink Autism - New York, NY
Rethink Autism provides a unique online service that provides training and online support for Applied Behavior Analysis, the gold standard of treatment for individuals diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Rethink Autism's SaaS also tracks progress automatically with data available in real time for all team members. Its software enables more professionals to be trained, reduces costs and supports coordination of therapy outside and inside the home.

Snac - New York, NY
Snac, Inc. is a mobile software and services company that has created a breakthrough mobile widget dashboard service that dramatically improves the speed and ease with which users of smartphones and regular phones access top web services and content. The company deploys the service in partnership with the owners of such services and content, enabling them to connect with their mobile consumers 10-20 times more frequently than existing solutions.

SnipSnap – Philadelphia, PA
The SnipSnap app allows anyone to convert a printed coupon into a digital, mobile format, which they can easily search and retrieve on their smartphone. All a user needs to do is snap a picture of the offer (be it from an FSI, direct-mail piece, newspaper, or otherwise) and the app works its magic to scan all of the printed text and images.

SpeechVantage - Conshohocken, PA
SpeechVantage develops and deploys speech-based applications and advanced voice processing solutions for four primary vertical markets: healthcare, finance, insurance, and retail. Current products are fully deployed and tested in over 21 client sites.

Spot It Buy It - Philadelphia, PA
Spot It Buy It connects social media and ecommerce to create a fast and seamless path from discovery to purchase. Their flagship product allows small and medium sized businesses to turn their Instagram accounts into mobile-optimized online stores. They charge a monthly subscription fee for their services, as well as transactional fees for premium upgrades.

Store Eyes - Allentown, PA
Store Eyes has developed a compliance monitoring system to effectively capture digital images in retail stores in a timely and regular basis. Their system will provide a cost-effective solution to in-store merchandise auditing. Additionally, Store Eyes has positioned itself to become a player in this $2B market by establishing key relationships with major retailers, consumer packaged goods companies and industry service companies.

T-App Ltd. - Israel
TApp Ltd. is a startup Israeli software company that was founded in 2006. TApp obtained its seed investment from Mayan Ventures, an incubator investment company in Israel, which it is using for the research and development of its software. The company has four full time programmers, who along with the founder, Roman Morgenstern have developed a new technology that provides software solutions for PC Desktop Application Management.

The Teamwork Company/Life Practice - Cockeysville, MD
Life Practice™ is an Internet-based health and fitness tool that connects real coaches with employees of companies and organizations to help change unhealthy lifestyle behaviors by creating a highly interactive experience for the user.

Vemics - Nanuet, NY
Vemics has created the first e-learning distance learning application that replicates a real-time, live classroom, focusing on delivering continuing education and professional development directly to professionals at their place of business in vertical markets that require the completion of a pre-determined number of courses in order to maintain professional certification to practice.

Veotag, Inc. - New York, NY
Veotag unlocks the value of online video by letting its users add text menus to video. For the first time, viewers can open a video like a book, and finally use video as real reference material. In addition, the video becomes text searchable using the major search engines, so users can interact with it.

Voxera - Langhorne, PA
Voxera is developing a next generation dynamic voice application that makes mobile information management a reality. Targeted for mobile professionals who require time and location sensitive information from the Internet, Voxera's InfoSpeak product utilizes artificial intelligence technologies to dynamically access, summarize, and deliver the information via an enhanced voice user interface.

WellSpring Wireless - Bristol, PA
Wellspring makes and sells patented wireless utility metering and control products to apartment owners and billing service companies, producing a simple payback of their investment in less than 18 months. In 2005, the Company changed its product design to employ a new 2-way ZigBee open protocol radio that complies with IEEE 802.15.4. ZigBee provides wireless connectivity to building controls just as Wi-Fi (802.11) does for portable computers.

WorldDealer - Pittsburgh, PA
WorldDealer, an automotive Internet marketing company, leverages website design, hosting, and real-time website content management to over 100 auto dealers nationwide, providing simple, affordable, turnkey solutions to marketing, lead management, and e-CRM for auto dealers.

Yorn – W. Conshohocken, PA
Yorn is the instant feedback system that creates a direct line of communication between you and those who matter most — allowing you to know what’s great or not-so-great about your total customer experience. Use Yorn to help turn your audience and customers into your everyday test market; deepening your relationship by making them part of your experience and letting them craft your business to align with their wants and needs.

Physical Science & Cleantech

American Genius Coporation - West Chester, PA
GENIUS® Air Conditioners represent the newest technology available for commercial sized applications. GENIUS® Air Conditioners utilize staged heat and mass transfer to dehumidify and cool outside air - 100% fresh air. Incorporating a GENIUS® to handle humidity will reduce your energy bills by at least 40%. The most efficient systems running on waste heat can save75 to 85% of energy cost.

Athena Biotechnologies, Inc. - Newark, DE
Athena Biotechnologies, Inc. has unique and patented technologies for the discovery and development of bacteria and for creating significant and valuable products for renewable energy, medical, pharmaceutical and agricultural uses. These assets are currently focused opportunities in ethanol production.

Bridge Semiconductor Corporation
 - Pittsburgh, PA
We design and manufacture affordable thermal imaging sensors and cameras. Our patented infrared focal plane array (IRFPA) sensor is designed with the features and costs needed to unlock volume demand in emerging, price sensitive markets. All products are manufactured in standard scalable, volume production facilities.

BuLogics, Inc - Philadelphia, PA
World expert product developers using Z-Wave technology, Bulogics has developed an energy control and monitoring solution with an ROI of just 12 - 18 months, and which is a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions. The company will function as a original design manufacturer branding products under its marketing partners.

Cardinal Resources, LLC - Pittsburgh, PA
Cardinal Resources offers world class environmental assessments, remediation, and engineering services. These services, which have saved our clients millions of dollars, remain a key part of our business. The strength of Cardinal Resources is our staff. As an employee-owned firm, we have created an environment where our staff has the freedom and tools needed to do whatever it takes to make a client's project successful.

Chi Sage Systems (NovaThermal Energy) - Philadelphia, PA
NovaThermal Energy’s patented geothermal technology saves 30%-60% in building heating & cooling costs. A unique anti-block device allows utilization of all forms of water with a ground-source heat pump, without pre-cleaning or treatment.

Climax Global Energy - Fairfax, SC
Climax Global Energy, Inc., an alternative energy company, converts waste plastics, used oils and forestry-industry by-products, and biomass into synthetic crude oil, transportation fuels, and industrial petrochemicals. It provides avenue/market for disposing of non recyclable waste for its waste suppliers, such as recycling agencies and industrial sources.

EChip - Hockessin, DE
The EChip is the world's first microchip for bait. Invented in the greater Silicon Valley, it replicates the voltage discharged by the nervous system of live bait.

FluidMotive - Wynnewood, PA
FluidMotive has developed a hydroelectric power turbine for low head hydro sources of water that is “green”, clean, and renewable. It is applicable to streams, rivers, ocean currents, and tall office buildings. Underserved rural areas will benefit, as well as boats, ships, buoys, remote monitoring, and campers.

GateChange Technologies - Bethlehem, PA
GateChange Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company that develops, markets, and sells breakthrough, problem-solving integrated circuit solutions to companies creating advanced electronic systems.

Helios Coatings - New York, NY
Helios Coating's Metallight patent-pending process is a decorative metallic coating system primarily for metals (aluminum and steel) and certain non-metallic metals. The system greatly reduces the environmental impact found in traditional plating processes in addition to reducing costs vs. plating.

Holganix - Glen Mills, PA
Holganix (whole-gan-x) is a cost-efficient, natural way to get thick, green, healthy lawns and trees while reducing the use of fertilizers by as much as 90%. Instead of chemicals, it uses natural microorganisms that turn a small amount of fertilizer into the most effective lawn and tree treatment available. With Holganix, you can lower your fertilizer costs, reduce your environmental footprint … and get great results.

H2ope Biofuels – New Castle, DE
H2OPE Biofuels will provide a clean alternative source of fuel for the masses, available globally using an affordable, readily available photosynthetic process. The product is a green, alternative source of fuel, utilizing algae to produce hydrogen. The customer will be the world population, essentially anyone who utilizes energy for any process in their daily existence. There is tremendous potential for the product due to the consistent need for and use of electricity, generation of heat, transportation, industrial production and etc. If this process replaces current energy sources the environmental ramifications will be huge, and the financial reward will be remarkably pleasant to the investor.

Hydrocoil Power - Wynnewood, PA
HydroCoil Power, Inc. is an engineering design company focused on developing innovative domestic and international applications for their patented HydroCoil™ Turbine. he Company’s goal is to provide competitively priced and environmentally friendly, low head hydroelectric power equipment for water-to-wire and distributed electricity applications. The HydroCoil™ Turbine is a promising design innovation, based on the transformational scientific concept of Ribbon Drive technology. The turbines can be retrofitted to unused or under-utilized dams and waterways, resulting in assets generating carbon-neutral, renewable hydroelectricity.

InMat - Hillsborough, NJ
InMat uses proprietary nanocomposite technology to produce industrial coatings that provide unique performance advantages. Primary products include a flexible barrier coating that improves air retention and provides a chemical barrier for products in the sporting goods, automotive, and personal protective equipment markets.

Innova Materials (Innova Dynamics) - San Francisco, CA
Innova Dynamics is an innovator in advanced materials technology and cleantech that is inventing and commercializing disruptive advanced materials technologies for a sustainable future. Our technologies impact a broad range of fields including electronics, optics, energy, water treatment, coatings, biology, chemistry, and more. We work by partnering with other leading technology companies to deliver urgently needed solutions enabled by our patent-pending technologies.

Momentum Dynamics - Malvern, PA
Momentum Dynamics is a start-up clean technology company located in Malvern, PA. The company is developing a unique and proprietary technology system that will permit electrically powered vehicles to be recharged without the use of a wire. This wireless technology is revolutionary because it can be operated automatically, allowing both passenger-class and commercial fleet vehicles to be charged safely and effortlessly in all weather and without direct supervision. Operating software developed by Momentum Dynamics allows the system to automatically identify equipped vehicles and regulate the sale of power in a manner similar to Automatic Toll Collection Systems (such as EZ-Pass and FasTrack). When used with large commercial vehicles where rapid charging is often important, the system can recharge a vehicle using lower voltage systems (240V) much more rapidly than a comparable plug-in charger.

NanoScale Storage Systems (NS3) - San Jose, CA
NanoScale Storage Systems (NS3) will exploit an advanced nano scale disk storage technology that, over time, will develop the ability to store 100,000 gigabytes at a cost of less than $0.20 per gigabyte.

PAIR Technologies - Newark, DE
PAIR Technologies has developed a Planar Array Infrared Spectrograph (PA-IR) for use in chemical detection and analysis that is portable, scalable and rugged, and with performance superior to existing Fourier Transform instruments.

PChem - Bensalem, PA
PChem has developed an innovative enabling manufacturing technology for making highly conductive nano-metals.

Philadelphia Fry-o-Diesel - Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia Fry-o-Diesel (PFoD) produces high-quality diesel fuel from trap grease (and other waste greases). Trap grease is food wastes separated from the waste water that goes down the drain in a restaurant. It’s a useless waste product that restaurants and haulers pay to have collected and incinerated or dumped in landfills. Until now! PFoD’s patent pending technology makes it profitable, without subsidies, to use trap grease as a raw material for fuel.

Photonics On-Fiber Devices, Inc. - Philadelphia, PA
Photonics has developed a new class of fiber optic devices for optical communication systems.

Polymer Phases – Oreland, PA
Polymer Phases’ vision is to provide renewable “drop in” raw materials to manufacturers of plastic articles, construction products, coatings and adhesives. Its products will replace the petroleum based products these manufacturers currently use without requiring any or minimal process modification (drop-in product) and at similar cost.

Porous Power Technologies - Plymouth Meeting, PA
Porous Power Technologies offers an efficient, high-porosity electrode separator membrane designed to increase the performance of any lithium-ion cell, provide extended battery life and enable the lowest production cost. This ground-breaking technology, SYMMETRIX™, will also function as an enabling technology for the large, laminated lithium-ion cells established as an industry standard for electric drive vehicles (EDV’s).

Potomac Photonics - Lanham, MD
Miniaturization of electronic and medical devices with features less than your hair width using laser technology. Potomac's MesoProducts fill the gap between what mechanical devices and lithography (masks) can do.

Predictive Systems Engineering - Cherry Hill, NJ
Predictive Systems Engineering develops complete computerized commercial equipment; hardware, software, and services, that allow companies to predict with accuracy when and where their industrial machines will fail.

RFID TagSource – Camden, NJ
RFID TagSource is the leading provider of RFID tagging solutions for high value asset management applications. We combine best-of-breed durable RFID tags with labeling, encoding, and customization services to support our customers project initiatives.

Secure RF - Westport, CT
SecureRF is developing highly secure radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions for port security, DoD, and the pharmaceutical industry. Today’s commercial solutions cannot fit into these low-resource platforms and our patent-pending linear-based solutions are thousands of time more efficient than anything currently available. Additional opportunities include payment systems, high-value supply chains, and sensor networks.

Sensics - Baltimore, MD
Sensics developed and is bringing to market a patented high-end head-mounted virtual reality display that is considered by many experts to be the best in the world.

Sky Trax Inc. - New Castle, DE
Sky-Trax has developed a revolutionary technology that accurately determines and tracks the location, orientation, and movement of objects indoors. Similar to global positioning system which works outdoors, Sky-Trax Indoor Positioning System™ (IPS) tracks objects indoors, where GPS fails.

SunEdge – Bear, DE
Sun Edge LLC's novel concentrator technology focuses the power of the sun to 4x the intensity of standard solar products. This concentration means Sun Edge systems can use 1/4th as much photovoltaic (PV) material to deliver the same power output as non-concentrated systems.

Thor Power - Bethlehem, PA
Thor Power designs and produces industrial electric tools that are half the weight and twice the output/efficiency of current alternating current (AC) motors using brushless direct current (BLDC) motors.

Urban Turbines - Levittown, PA

Vizinex RFID - Quakertown, PA
Vizinex RFID is the industry leader in developing and manufacturing high performance RFID tags that are tailored to specific applications. Our experience, design expertise, and flexible manufacturing process, enables us to solve difficult and differentiated RFID problems. We investigate and understand our clients’ needs to optimize solutions and deliver cost effective products.

Xigo Nanotools - Bethlehem, PA
Xigo Nanotools develops and sells patented scientific instruments to measure the surface area of nanoparticles. Their patented technology, Acorn Area, is designed to be used in quality control and research and will address a common problem in nanotechnology by rapidly and accurately measuring the attributes of nanotechnology.

Y-Carbon, Inc. - King of Prussia, PA
Y-Carbon is a materials science nanotechnology start-up company built on a proprietary Tunable Nanoporous Carbon technology. Y-Carbon’s award winning technology provides a quantum leap in performance in many applications such as supercapacitors, gas (hydrogen, methane and chlorine).


Achieve X, LLC - Conshohocken, PA
The CFO Alliance is a community that brings together the experience, knowledge, and collective wisdom of peers, subject matter experts, and academic authorities to enable senior financial leaders and decision makers to be more effective and act with greater confidence throughout their career. By fostering relationships among those with common objectives, interests, opportunities, and challenges, financial leaders are able to work faster and smarter and lead their organizations during times of challenge and through transitions to drive performance and results. AchieveNext.com is a platform used to Power communities such as The CFO Alliance. AXR and associated IP are the scalable assets that support multiple CxO Alliance Communities.

Every year roughly 300,000 women in the United States undergo a mastectomy or lumpectomy, with about half of those having implant or FLAP reconstruction surgery. Reconstruction surgery is on the rise, as is prophylactic mastectomy surgery with reconstruction, however until 2014, there was not a single company devoted to creating lingerie that fit the specific needs of women with breast reconstruction. AnaOno, my company, was the first.

Automated Currency Instruments - Exton, PA
Predominantly for the gaming industry, ACI provides the ultimate in self-service redemption kiosks and cage automation.

Base Jump, LLC. - West Chester, PA
Triton Web Studios is a full-service Internet marketing firm with a difference: we make it easy for you to maintain and sustain a working web presence.

Brain Rewards - Wallingford, PA
Brain Rewards is an education-meets-gaming, earn-when-you-learn site where kids, their friends, and families play games, get smart and earn rewards. While tapping the opportunity to connect families, Brain Rewards also connects marketers and their brands to childhood learning and family interaction through a parent portal, mobile activities and brand sponsored programming.

Callfx - Wayne, PA
Callfx is a direct marketing enabler that turbo-charges direct marketing with its proprietary, outbound telephone technology, FXBlast.

Career Successions, LLC - Moorestown, NJ
Career Successions is your comprehensive career guidance solution for winning in today's job market. Planning a career? Armed with expert career training from the country's top career coaches and leading job search tools, make a career transition or find and land a better job faster. Guaranteed!

CoFund 360 - Philadelphia, PA
CoFund360 is the first accelerator designed for startups seeking > $1M in crowdsourced capital. They provide the initial cash & services in exchange for 5% equity. Their curriculum-based program teaches startups how to raise many small amounts of money from a large number of people, through various methods. Startups seeking up to $1M in seed capital that have the ability to raise at least $25K-$100K on leading crowdfunding websites are accepted into the 10-week cohort-based program.

Collages.net - Langhorne, PA
Collages.net provides marketing and fulfillment solutions to the $3 billion professional photography market. The company's web-based software allows both digital and traditional film-based photographers to display, market, and fulfill their photography to consumers using the Internet and digital media.

Delaware Crossing - Warrington, PA
Delaware Crossing Investor Group is a network of former and current executives and entrepreneurs who provide counsel and capital to early-stage and other growth-oriented companies.

e-SBiz - Newark, DE
e-Sbiz, a spin-off from Conective, is a provider of business-to-business services for organizations competing in deregulated industries.

eSocrates - Allentown, PA
eSocrates is a knowledge management and e-learning company that monetizes the intellectual property of its clients. The company has developed a proprietary, state-of-the-art learning management system that provides an interactive, dynamic, and media-rich learning environment that facilitates collaborative learning.

Fervor Magazine (Cuizine Enterprises) - Medford, NJ
Cuizine Enterprises is the publishing company for Fervor magazine. Fervor is a consumer magazine dedicated to food and travel.

First Flavor - Bala Cynwyd, PA
First Flavor is the leader in non-facilitated product samples for flavored consumer products which are used by leading food and beverage companies to sample their products' flavors via point-of-purchase displays, print ads and direct mail.

FlyTunes Inc. (formerly BroadClip Inc.) - Lancaster, PA
FlyTunes delivers music, talk, weather, and traffic to portable devices. Although FlyTunes is presently only available on the Apple iPhone and iPod touch, FlyTunes will be made available on all capable devices as they are released. Using our simulator on this site, you can also use FlyTunes on your computer.

Fone 2 Fone Inc. - Philadelphia, PA
Styky is a newly released product of Fone2Fone Inc., a company founded in 2004 that specializes in developing networked communities through mobile phone applications. Styky is the first application that allows owners of mobile phones to wirelessly save, restore, and share digital content across a wide spectrum of mobile devices.

FullLife Products - Moorestown, NJ
FullLife Products markets enhanced ambulatory products to serve the aging population. These products provide superior ambulation, ergonomics, and aesthetics at the same cost to insurer as existing products.

The Gabriel Institute - Philadelphia, PA
The Gabriel Institute is the originator of Role-Based Assessment and the CHI IndicatorsTM. We are dedicated to helping organizations, large and small, improve quality and productivity, while securing a higher return on their investment in people. Each time we succeed in delivering financial and organizational performance benefits to our clients, we fulfill our mission of ‘making the workplace a better place to work.'

Hanson Technologies - Carlisle, PA
The Fresh Cut Vegetable and Salad industry has experienced a major change in customer requirements since the September 2006 E. coli contamination in spinach. Customers, such as grocery and restaurant chains, are requiring test results on produce PRIOR to shipment. Our solution can give results in two hours or less. This is a major improvement from the 12 to 36 hours required today.

Health Core - Newark, DE
Health Core provides health outcomes research and clinical trials management to the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare plan community. Health Core specializes in research conducted within the managed care environment and focuses on effective delivery of timely research findings to key drug formulary decision makers for healthcare plans and pharmacy benefit management companies.

HoozOn - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
HoozOn capitalizes modern culture's obsession with celebrities, and the need of celebrities to better manage their image, satisfy their fan base, and effectively monetize their time. HoozOn provides live and video on demand interactive subscription television over the internet so that by simply signing into a URL anywhere worldwide, celebrities can webcast from their computer or mobile device, conduct live chats and more.

ITG Pathfinders - Newark, DE
ITG Pathfinders helps clients find new markets and profits through new business and IT initiatives, offering focused and integrated "solutions in a box" that address opportunities for improvements in key financial metrics. ITG Pathfinders utilizes a proprietary client engagement methodology name COPILOT to implement solutions.

Jobnet.com/Jobnet Works - Malvern, PA
Jobnet is the dominant regional job board in the Philadelphia area. Jobnet Works! Is an exciting new nationwide recruitment resource. It is an affordable, simple, and powerful job recruitment solution that allows companies of all sizes to rapidly create and electronic medium for job posting, resume collection, and resume management search.

Jumpstart NJ - Mt. Laurel, NJ
Jumpstart is a private, member-lead, angel group that invests in early-stage technology companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. As the leading angel group in New Jersey, Jumpstart members include many successful entrepreneurs, business executives and venture capitalists in the region.

Koala Health Accessories Ltd. - Jerusalem, Israel

Knowledge Flow - Valley Forge, PA
Knowledge Flow is a marketing services provider that has developed a breakthrough, patent-pending digital marketing capability that allows merchants to deliver customized messages and offers to consumers, anywhere on the Internet, when the customer is considering a purchase.

Knowtions - Paramus, NJ
Knowtions provides software and professional services to improve employee productivity and assist with corporate compliance. The CoachWare(R) product suite helps ensure employee productivity and acceptance while driving increased revenues for vendors, resellers, and system integrators.

Lap Belt Cinch (CG-Lock) - Hockessin, DE
The innovative and patented CG-Lock device clips onto an existing seatbelt, providing secure restraint in the seat for race enthusiasts, professional drivers and racers, and child seats.

LeagueSide's technology platform helps thousands of youth sports organizations get sponsors. First, youth sports organizations use LeagueSide's platform to professionalize their sponsorship offering. Then, LeagueSide aggregates sponsorship opportunities across the country and sells them to regional and national brands including Verizon, McDonald's, Smoothie King and more.

Life-Pack Technologies - Willow Grove, PA
Life Quality Technologies

LiVVe - King of Prussia, PA
Live Interactive Voice & Video Entertainment (LiVVe) is a premium video chat and gaming application for broadband ISP subscribers.

Local Food Systems
Local Food Systems (LFS) is making local, healthy and environmentally sustainable food more equal, accessible, traceable and economically sustainable through SaaS which enables more efficient trans-?actions allowing businesses to scale to a larger part of the economy. With scalable software LFS will expand to US markets where annual revenue potential is almost $3B of the $250B US food economy, and then globally, and represents a game changing electronic marketplace.

LOTS Technology - Sunnyvale, CA
LOTS develops high performance digital optical tape recorders for sale to the data storage and motion imaging markets. LOTS' proprietary technology significantly alters, and potentially revolutionizes, the way information can be stored and archived on removable media through substantially improving performance and reducing ownership costs.

Malo Traders - Philadelphia, PA
Malo Traders is a highly skilled, cross-cultural and cutting-edge social non-profit company. Its mission is to minimize the risk of post-harvest losses for Farabana small-scale rice farmers in the West African country of Mali -- one of the poorest nations in the world. According to Africa Rice Center, harvest and post-harvest losses account for 15 to 50% of the market value of the initial production. In 2004, post-harvest losses were estimated to be about 38,000 tons of milled rice equivalent, a value of $20 million per annum. 80% of Malians rely on agriculture for their livelihood. The socio-economic situation of farmers has degraded significantly due to falling prices of crops, and the current rice market in Mli is unfair and inefficient. Malo Traders provides technological expertise on storage, packaging and distribution facilities to our clients. Based on our analyses, a conservative estimate of implementing our services would reduce post-harvest losses of farmers by at least 10% which would translate to an increase of at least 45% in their profit margins.

McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds - Wilmington, DE
Founded in 2004, McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds launched into this marketplace with a series of innovative board, card, and party games including its flagship product, the word game You’ve been Sentenced! The game has consistently been recognized by both the toy and game industry, as well as the education community, and is the recipient of numerous national awards including: Tillywig Award; Creative Child Magazine, Seal of Excellence ; Dr. Toy Best Products; Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Gold Seal Award; Spewgie Award, Best Family Fun Game; iParenting Media Hot Product Award; FAO Schwarz Toy Auditions, Winner; National Parenting Seal of Approval; Mr. Dad Seal of Approval; George Lucas; Educational Foundation's Edutopia magazine, Hot Media for Educators.

Moneyrec - Paoli, PA
Moneyrec is an interactive investment networking community where members seek and share advice on their investments, portfolios and 401(k) plans. Over 48,000 Mutual funds, ETFs and securities are searchable by multiple demographics including; age, gender, occupation, investment expertise and income level. Investment questions and replies are current and never more than ten days old. The site is moderated daily and is tracking tool/software free.

New Millenium Gaming
New Millennium Gaming has developed the first of its kind, fabric covered, electronically controlled live-dealer gaming table for the casino industry.

OneCall Manage - Red Bank, NJ
OneCall Manage’s Customers Savings Program helps corporations realize?FOUND money. They offer CFOs the ability to realize, on average, 25% of savings; money that they normally would have sent to the carriers. Corporations cannot hire enough people to control costs. With their solutions, our customers get to keep a huge portion of that $250,000 or use the money to buy more services from OneCall to obtain greater operational efficiencies.

Online Staffing Solutions - Allentown, PA
A business process automation and outsourcing solution that addresses the health care industry’s shortage of health care professionals and the high costs that they currently incur with traditional staffing agencies.

The PAT Network - Philadelphia, PA
The PAT Network offers the ClearedPay MasterCard and the ClearedPay Payment System, providing universal access to all the benefits and services of a MasterCard, including worldwide acceptance wherever the MasterCard logo is displayed, access to funds at ATMs globally, and use of the card to pay for direct retail purchases via phoe or Internet. Security technology ensures complete control of the cardholder's cash, even in the card is stolen.

Pillar Rock USA - Long Island, NY
Pillar Rock USA Corp. dba “Wake Up Refreshed”, based on Long Island, New York, is a nutraceutical company that specializes in the development, manufacturing and the distribution of over the counter effervescent vitamin dietary supplement tablets, that is tablets that dissolve in water.

PLEDGE IT is a game changing platform empowering athletes and teams to raise money through their gameday performance. Our fully automated, fully integrated, mobile-friendly fundraising solution helps athletes of all sports at all levels raise money by simply playing the game they love!

The Princeton Center - Conshohocken, PA
Princeton Center fills a void in the knowledge transfer industry through the swift creation of consolidated sets of materials, giving subject-matter experts a more natural and efficient way to capture information via an MS Word document, from which any and all of the appropriate knowledge transfer materials can be generated to a client?s individual specifications.

Professional Business Solutions - East Hanover, NJ
Professional Benefits Solutions delivers web-native back office processing and filing services for HR/payroll providers, allowing network partners to increase their revenue opportunities.

Red Queen Gaming, LLC
Red Queen enables gamers to build the next generation of gameplay tools. Gameplay tools allow gamers to analyze their abilities to overcome challenges. For the first time, players can now receive real-time data from game developers, enabling them to create powerful tools for themselves and others. In addition to data, we offer the full spectrum of development, marketing, and distribution resources through our platform.

Rocker Tools, LLC - Warrington, PA
Rocker Tools is a company that designs, manufactures, and markets state-of-the art construction tools. Its revolutionary product, "The Rocker Pro", helps one person hang up to 50 sheets of drywall in 4 hours reflecting more than a 100% improvement in productivity over standard methods. The Company's ambition is to grow its product line to include tools and services for contracting trades people, do-it-yourself home improvement people, and serious hobbyists. Rocker Tools will start by using a direct sales model but will need to add existing distribution channels through brick and mortar establishments.

ScoreLogix - New Castle, DE
Scorelogix is a consumer credit scoring and risk analytics company. Our innovative income-risk based credit score, the Job Security Score™, uniquely predicts borrowers’ ability to pay that is not captured by FICO, or traditional credit bureau scores, and helps lenders predict risk accurately and reduce credit losses and allows marketers find better customers.

Stuzo.com - Philadelphia, PA
Stuzo's focus is to connect people through media. We aim to cross social interaction with commerce around books, music, movies, and games.

SURFSquared provides custom wooden surfboards hand built by Casey Mullen. “It is my wish to provide an original board that is taylored to fit each riders style. Developing a relationship with each customer, is as important as the board's relationship to the water.”

Swapagift.com - Trevose, PA
Swapagift.com provides portability and liquidity services in the stored value (gift cards) market with a unified platform for conducting the trading and arbitrage of these assets. The platform consists of our online exchange, 250+ certified retail locations, and patent-pending IP that allows for the transfer of stored value risks through securitization - similar to the mortgage backed securities market.

Technical Vision – Elkins Park, PA
Technical Vision, Inc. is an early-stage product development company that specializes in the design and manufacture of electronic mobility aids that facilitate safe and independent travel for individuals with vision loss and physical disabilities.

Utility Industry Group Inc. (UIG)
The Utility Industry Group Inc. (UIG) is a standards organization and an industry action group working in the interest of the utility industry, including distribution companies, energy suppliers, service providers, their customers, supply chain participants and other interested parties. The UIG is dedicated to improving methods of exchanging business information by providing industry specific standards for electronic commerce, utilizing EDI, XML, and / or other electronic business technologies / communication methods.

Universal Engine Group - Philadelphia, PA
Universal Engine Group (UEG) empowers users in the field of search and communication for online business, education, travel, publishing and other activities in a multilingual environment. UEG provides middleware support between in-language translators/dictionaries and search engines to increase quality of searches, dynamic online translations and communications.

Value Recovery - Bridgeport, NJ
The Value Recovery system provides the opportunity to convert selected chemical byproducts into value-added products for reuse or sale, reducing greenhouse gases or other waste. PTC can be used to extract a wide variety of organic and inorganic byproducts from aqueous, solid, or organic streams and react or convert them into value-added products with carefully chosen reactants.

Verilaw - Paoli, PA
Verilaw provides electronic filing and related Web-based systems for courts and lawyers Verilaw's systems create dramatic efficiencies by allowing lawyers to transmit litigation documents to courts via the Web, eliminating the cost of generating, transmitting, and handling paper documents.

Vienna Human Capital Advisors - Radnor, PA
Vienna HCA provides strategic human capital advisory services to middle market companies throughout the mid-Atlantic region. The company specializes in transforming the “people” side of their clients’ business to achieve improved business results.

Xccelerator Technologies - Wilmington, DE
Xccelerator Technologies addresses the vast automotive aftermarket need for reliable, authorized parts and supplies for the professional service department, restorer, car enthusiast, collector, and hobbyist. Xccelerator Technologies creates a complete builder's list and drawings on CDRom with parts that are approved for resale by the original automobile maker.

ZigZag Net - Philadelphia, PA
ZigZag's flagship product, ZEUS, is a mobile training delivery system that reports individual and organizational compliance, resolving the problems faced by first responders, police, military, and corporations with continual training in key areas and step-by-step instructions in emergency situations.

ZSX Medical, LLC - King of Prussia, PA
ZSX Medical has developed Zip-Stitch®, a novel bio-absorbable polymer strcuture placed prior to cutaneous or internal tissue incision which will achieve rapid haemostatic closure and act as an adhesion and infection barrier. Sutures, the current standard of care, exact tissue insult, act as a vector for infection and consume the majority of time in most surgeries. Zip-Stitch is poised to become to large incision closure what surgical glues and staples have become for cutaneous closure.

Zukay Live Foods – Elverson, PA
Our Mission, To increase the nutritional health of Americans by producing all-natural, traditionally made live food products that both already fit with America's general culinary habits and that expand America's palate to other traditional, natural live foods. Deliciously Healthy.

Zylaya Corporation - Gaithersburg, MD
Zylaya is a privately held company headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA. Zylaya was founded in 2005 by parents of college-age children who were concerned about their children's safety and security. Zylaya's ZENS unifies mass emergency notification, personal panic alarms, and visitor, personnel and asset tracking into a single 2-way wireless system.