Media Resource Guide on International Business

The Institute of Global Management Studies (IGMS) at the Fox School of Business at Management houses world-renowned researchers in areas of international business. They have conducted research, consulting, and executive training for multinational companies in the areas listed below. Many also have expertise in a geographic region or country.

  • Accounting systems and practices
  • Competitive analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Control systems
  • Corporate benchmarking
  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Customer relations management
  • Decision analysis
  • Evaluating foreign investment climates
  • Export promotion
  • Financing strategies
  • Foreign currency financial statements
  • Foreign market entry modes
  • Global logistics and supply chain management
  • Global sourcing
  • Globalization
  • Human resource planning
  • Logistics and operations management
  • Managing R&D, manufacturing, and marketing interfaces
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Multinational pricing strategies
  • Outsourcing
  • Privatization and deregulation
  • Product development
  • Project management
  • Strategic analysis and planning
  • Supply chain management
  • Technology partnerships
  • Total quality management

For assistance in contacting faculty or identifying other resources, please contact the IGMS Director, Kimberly Cahill, at 215-204-3778 or

IGMS Faculty Council

The IGMS Faculty Council is comprised of business and non-business faculty who teach international business courses and provide leadership on specific projects.

Kimberly Cahill, MS, University of Pennsylvania

Title: Director, Institute of Global Management Studies & Temple CIBER Managing Editor, Journal of International Management
Phone: 215.204.3778

Michael Bognanno, PhD, Cornell University

Title: Associate Professor, Economics
Phone: 215 204 1680
Research Areas: Labor economics, compensation, microeconomic analysis

Gloria Angel, BBA, Temple University

Title: Assistant Director, Institute of Global Management Studies & Temple CIBER
Phone: 215 204 8132

Rajan Chandran, PhD, Syracuse University

Title: Senior Associate Dean, Dean’s Office
Phone: 215.204.8148
Research Areas: Compensation, environmental marketing, and internationalization, globalization

J. Jay Choi, PhD, Seoul National University

Title: Laura H. Carnell Professor of Finance and International Business
Phone: 215.204.5084
Research Areas: International financial management, global capital markets, corporate exchange exposure and risk management, international investment and governance, and emerging markets

Mark Cohen, PhD, Temple University

Title: Adjunct Professor of International Business, Asian Studies, and Political Science
Phone: 215.922.3252
Research Areas: development and restructuring in India, particularly the impact of the apex Indian chambers of commerce on the relationship between the Government of India and the private sector

Anthony DiBenedetto, PhD, McGill University

Title: Professor of Marketing, Lynne A. Cronfeld Research Award
Phone: 215.204.8147
Research Areas: New Product Development and Industrial Marketing Management and Strategy

Robert Hamilton III, PhD, Northwestern University

Title: Professor of General and Strategic Management, Department Chair
Phone: 215.204.6870
Research Areas: Industry Competitive Analysis, Managerial Control, and the Control of Multinational Enterprises

Mike Kotabe, PhD, Michigan State University

Title: Professor of Marketing, Washburn Chair of International Business and Marketing, Director of Research at the IGMS, Editor, Journal of International Management
Phone: 215.204.7704
Research Areas: Global Sourcing Strategy, Japanese Distribution System, Anticompetitive Practices in Japan, Trends in International Business, and Market Revolution in Latin America

Richard Lancioni, PhD, The Ohio State University

Title: Professor of Marketing, Department Chair
Phone: 215.204.8885
Research Areas: Pricing, Customer Relationship Management, and Marketing Management

Ram Mudambi, PhD, Cornell University

Title: Associate Professor, Washburn Research Fellow, Department of General & Strategic Management
Phone: 215.204.2099
Research Areas: Multinational Strategies of Entrepreneurial Firms, Location and R&D Strategies of Multinational Firms, IPO Performance and Strategy, P ublic Choice and the Politics of International Business

Arvind Parkhe, PhD, Temple University

Title: Professor of General & Strategic Management and International Business
Phone: 215.204.6618
Research Areas: Strategic Alliances, International Joint Ventures and Global Networks, effective management of inter-firm diversity in international alliances and soft aspects of alliances such as trust

Arvind Phatak, PhD, UCLA

Title: Laura H. Carnell Professor of General & Strategic Management and International Business, Fulbright Senior Research Fellow, Department of General & Strategic Management
Phone: 215.204.8191
Research Areas: Strategic Management, Managing Multinational Corporations, International Management, and Evolution of World Enterprises, Globalization, Outsourcing

Jim Portwood, PhD, University of Michigan

Title: Professor of Human Resource Administration & International Business, and Executive MBA faculty
Phone: 215.204.6905
Research Areas: Clarifying the Psychological Contract, Career Management, Globalizing Career Development, and Managing The Human Side of Organizational Transitions

Jay Sinha, PhD, University of Michigan

Title: Assistant Professor of Marketing, Associate Director for Research, Irwin Gross eBusiness Institute, Washburn Research Fellow
Phone: 215.204.8151
Research Areas: Cost Transparency, Consumer Price Consciousness, and Consumer Evaluations of Price and Promotional Restrictions

Mike Valenza, JD, Temple University School of Law

Title: Assistant Professor of Legal and Real Estate Studies
Phone: 215.204.6682
Research Areas: Modernization Processes in Colombia and Theory in Middle East Conflict both here and abroad, and supports activities on campus that advance the mission of internationalization at Temple University.