Congratulations to the 2017 Innovative Idea Competition Winners!

Biomaterix, Emily Kight, College of Engineering ’18

Global Innovation Prize
Biomaterix, Emily Kight, College of Engineering ’18

Undergraduate Track
1st Place: C.A.L.M., Daniel Couser, Fox School of Business and Management ’18
2nd Place: VibraSoft, Kyle Jezler, College of Engineering ’19

Upper Track
1st Place: Immersive Therapy, Keith Regan, Fox School of Business and Management Alumni
2nd Place: QuickReCon, Alexander Garaschenko, Fox School of Business and Management Alumni

Crowd Favorite
1st Place: My Student Quarters, Jessica Rehrig, College of Liberal Arts Alumni
2nd Place: The Atheroprobe, Laura Navarro, College of Science and Technology ’21

2017 Idea Competition finalists:

Undergraduate Track:

Ovarian Cancer Menstrual Blood Test by Emily Kight, College of Engineering ’18
O-C testMe would allow women at risk for ovarian cancer to sample their own menstrual blood in their own home every month to detect cancer cells being shed. The best chances for survival reside in early detection.

The Anathero Probe by Laura Navarro, College of Science and Technology ’21
Medical probe that is to be used by cardiac surgeons in order to remove the plaque from arteries and veins of a diseased heart so that it is viable for organ donation and transplantation. This probe would be used to help resolve the organ shortage epidemic.

Jamwave by Matthew Slipenchuk, College of Science and Technology ’19 
Jamlabs’ goal is to bring a quality wireless guitar playing experience to any guitarist. Our product, the Jamwave, is a Bluetooth device that plugs into a guitar and allows the user to play wirelessly through any Bluetooth speaker. The Jamwave works in tandem with our application. The application allows the user to connect to speakers to play out of, select various guitar effects, and create/share the users own effects. The Jamwave can also be used to connect to a conventional guitar amplifier wirelessly.

C.A.L.M by Daniel Couser, Fox School of Business ’18
For adults suffering from anxiety disorders, C.A.L.M. is a portable, handheld device that quickly de-escalates anxiety attacks by influencing the brain using vibrations.  Unlike medication and other treatment options that help manage anxiety, C.A.L.M. relieves the physical and cognitive effects of the “fight or flight” response during an anxiety attack in less than one minute.  With C.A.L.M. individuals will never have to worry about anxiety attacks interfering with their job, education, or any other aspect of their lives.

VibraSoft by Kyle Jezler, College of Engineering ’19
For patients with an aversion to injections, VibraSoft is a device that reduces the pain associated with a shot. Unlike other needle vibrators, this is a modular device that can connect to a variety of medical grade syringes of different sizes, and it uses cutting edge vibrational technology to lower the pain caused during an injection. It can be used by both medical professionals and patients alike, and VibraSoft’s ability to attach to any syringe ensures widespread application. VibraSoft has an exciting potential to ease the burden of invasive testing in low-resource health environments and medical facilities across the world.

Soccer Shoe with Interchangeable Sole by Alberto Sanchez Lozano, Fox School of Business ’18
For indoor and outdoor soccer players who have to buy two different soccer shoes for each field, Shone is a new product that allows you to play in both fields with only one shoe. How? The mechanism is very simple, five screws on the sole at key points of the shoe so that it cannot be detached from the shoe while you are playing soccer. Then, you choose the sole depending on the field: two different soles designs, one for hardwood floor and another for turf.

YakPak by Loic Le Guen, Fox School of Business ’18
YakPak is a commercial-quality motion sickness receptacle targeting passenger vehicles and specifically on-demand drivers and other people who use their personal vehicles in the ride-sharing economy.

ComfortGel Prosthetic by Jennifer Nance, College of Engineering ’18
The ComfortGel Prosthetic is best compared to a gel shoe insole, but only instead of being inserted into a shoe,  it is inserted into a prosthetic socket.  This can increase comfort, mobility, and lifespan of the prosthetic, as well as potentially decreasing the risks of certain health issues from occurring.

Upper Track:

YouRLoK by David Sawhill, College of Engineering ’19
YouRLoK provides a secure way to lock up your personal bicycle in urban and high bicycle density areas. These complete locking stations feature an easy to use mechanism of high strength steel construction and tamper sensitive alarming to guard your bike and provide you peace of mind while away from your bike. YouRLoK stations are perfect for bicycle commuters wishing to liberate themselves from the burden of lugging around heavy bicycle locks.

Immersive Therapy by Keith Regan, Fox School of Business Management ’17
Immersive Therapy benefits children with special needs, their parents and therapy providers – making lives easier and more fulfilling by increasing efficacy of therapy. Proprietary interactive therapeutic content is delivered via immersive video and audio. Additionally, an app is provided for parents and providers utilized to coordinate and continue care outside of sessions. Content is displayed on the surfaces in the therapy space and is distributed via seamless projections and spatially oriented multi-channel audio, which creates an immersive augmented reality environment. Immersive Therapy enhances physical, occupational, music, art and speech/language therapy sessions for children with special needs.

Quick ReCon by Alex Garaschenko, Fox School of Business Management

My Student Quarters by Jessica Rehrig, College of Liberal Arts
My Student Quarters (MSQ) is an end-to-end solution for Student Housing. We serve as a marketplace connecting student tenants and local landlords, but go a step further to manage the entire relationship throughout the term of the lease.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do?
Explain your idea using the simple online application form. You may compete as individuals or in teams, but all contestants must have a Temple affiliation.


Who is eligible to compete?
Undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, alumni and staff of Temple University’s 17 schools and colleges are all eligible and strongly encouraged to participate.

In addition, Bucks County Community College and Delaware County Community College students are encouraged to participate.

Any other community college students whose school has an articulated agreement with Temple’s Fox School of Business is also eligible (you can check with the Dean of your business department).


Can non-profit company ideas participate in the Idea Competition?
For the Idea Competition, non-profit ideas are eligible; however, for the Be Your Own Boss Bowl in the spring, non-profit companies are not eligible to participate.


Are there additional eligibility requirements?
Yes. Your idea must have earned less than $5,000 in competitions or raised less than $25,000 in capital.


Are there restrictions on how the award money from the Idea Competition has to be used?


What mentoring benefits are available?
Be Your Own Boss Bowl (open this December) participants are automatically assigned a mentor. If you would like a mentor assigned now, please send us the following information: your idea elevator pitch, what stage you are in, and what type of mentoring you are looking for.

How can I be assured that my idea is safe?
The Idea Competition honors the confidentiality of all participants’ concepts. Submissions will not be released or copied for any purposes other than use in the Idea Competition. The judges also recognize the sensitivity of the materials being presented. Moreover, all participants, reviewers, judges and committee members are informed that the following is prohibited: Utilizing for commercial gain any material provided to Temple specifically and restrictively for educational purposes without prior permission of the provider. As members of the Idea Competition, all participants, judges, and committee members should consider themselves bound by this code.

That being said, any data or information discussed or divulged in public sessions by entrants should be considered information that could possibly enter the public realm, and entrants should not assume any right of confidentiality in any data or information discussed, divulged, or presented in these sessions.

Previous Innovative Idea Competition Winners


Grand Prize $2,500
Pinpointer, Nigel Satenstein

1st Place Graduate, Faculty, Staff or Alumni $1,000
SensiFoam, Conor Vickers

2nd Place Graduate, Faculty, Staff or Alumni $500
Wearable Balance Device, Peter Agada

1st Place Undergraduate $1,000
Regenerative Suspension System. Christopher Ricci

2nd Place Undergraduate $500
Prohibere, Emily Kight

1st Place People’s Choice – Crowd Voted $1,000
Pinpointer, Nigel Satenstein

2nd Place People’s Choice – Crowd Voted $500
Oscar the Grouch
Matt McCormick

Global Innovation Prize $500
Pinpointer, Nigel Satenstein


Grand Prize Award
Quick Stabilizing Carbon
Stephen Peduto

Global Award
Pound Cake
Camille Bell

1st Place, Undergraduate
Seed Dyes
Tyler Stoltzfus

1st Place People’s Choice Award
1st Place, Graduate
Ka Bom Designs
Olawunmi Thomas-Quarcoo

2nd Place, Graduate
Severine Bandou

2nd Place People’s Choice Award
2nd Place,
Self-Stabilizing Gloves
Sabrina Zouaghi


Anne Nelson Grand Prize
Lia-Pregnancy Test Redesign
Bethany Edwards, School of Media and Communications, 2006

1st Place, Graduate Faculty, Staff or Alumni
Roar for Good
Yasmine Mustafa, Fox School of Business, 2006

2nd Place, Graduate Faculty, Staff or Alumni
Heart Upbeat!
Cecilia Scimia, School of Medicine, Faculty

1st Place, UndergraduateSnow Dissolving Light Post
Bradley Blosser, Fox School of Business

2nd Place ,Undergraduate
Bouyant Pile
Sean Webster, College of Engineering

1st Place, People’s Choice Award
Roar for Good
Yasmine Mustafa, Fox School of Business, 2006

2nd Place, People’s Choice Award
Lia-Pregnancy Test Redesign
Bethany Edwards, School of Media and Communications, 2006


Futura mHealth Award
Nicholas Horn, Fox School of Business

Retail & People’s Choice Award
Kahn (Karen) Louise Miller, CHPSW

MADV Grand Prize Award
Genie Player
Zhewei Zhang, Fox School of Business

PAC Strapping Award
Screw Up
Michael Haley, Fox School of Business

ED Kane Award
City Brella
Meng Hsuan Tsai, Fox School of Business

Joseph Weiss Award
Joe Doyle, Fox School of Business

Nancy & Bill Baxter Award
Greener Greens
Michael Ward, Science & Technology