Your idea could be the next big thing!

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Ever wonder if your innovative idea has the potential to be a real business or product?
The Innovative Idea Competition is the way to find out!

The Innovative Idea Competition offers $7500 in cash prizes and is open to all Temple University students, alumni, faculty and staff. All you need is an idea—IEI is here to help you prepare to submit it! Throughout the semester, we’ll be hosting workshops, information sessions, expert mentoring sessions, and peer review meetings to help you develop your idea and make sure it’s competition-ready! Check out our Idea Competition 2017 Roadmap to plan your steps for success!

Idea Competition 2017 Roadmap to Success

How to Win the Idea Competition Monday, September 18th
12-1pm OR 5-6pm
IEI Executive Director Ellen Weber shares her tips and tricks for a winning submission.
Discover Your Idea Workshop Wednesday, September 27th
IEI Lab (Alter Hall 503d)
Learn to use Design Thinking to discover new ideas, solve problems, and explore the possibilities of what could be.
Financials Made Easy Workshop Wednesday, October 4th
IEI Lab (Alter Hall 503d)
Don’t let financials get in the way of turning your great idea into reality! This workshop takes the fear out of financials and makes money matters simple.
Peer Mentoring Session Wednesday, October 11th
IEI Lab (Alter Hall 503d)
Work with other student entrepreneurs to test and develop your idea.
Expert Mentoring Session Wednesday, October 18th
IEI Lab (Alter Hall 503d)
Get feedback from experienced entrepreneurs and refine your idea before submission.
Idea Competition Submissions Due Wednesday, October 25th
All ideas must be submitted by 11:59pm via the Wizehive (visit for link to the Wizehive portal)
Idea Competition Finalists Announced Friday, November 3rd Finalists will be notified via email and list will be posted at
Idea Competition Live Pitch Event Thursday, November 9th
The Egg @ Alter Hall
Watch finalists pitch shark-tank style to an expert judging panel as they compete for $7500 in cash prizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do?
Explain your idea using the simple online application form. You may compete as individuals or in teams, but all contestants must have a Temple affiliation.


Who is eligible to compete?
Undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, alumni and staff of Temple University’s 17 schools and colleges are all eligible and strongly encouraged to participate.

In addition, Bucks County Community College and Delaware County Community College students are encouraged to participate.

Any other community college students whose school has an articulated agreement with Temple’s Fox School of Business is also eligible (you can check with the Dean of your business department).


Can non-profit company ideas participate in the Idea Competition?
For the Idea Competition, non-profit ideas are eligible; however, for the Be Your Own Boss Bowl in the spring, non-profit companies are not eligible to participate.


Are there additional eligibility requirements?
Yes. Your idea must have earned less than $5,000 in competitions or raised less than $25,000 in capital.


Are there restrictions on how the award money from the Idea Competition has to be used?



How can I be assured that my idea is safe?
The Idea Competition honors the confidentiality of all participants’ concepts. Submissions will not be released or copied for any purposes other than use in the Idea Competition. The judges also recognize the sensitivity of the materials being presented. Moreover, all participants, reviewers, judges and committee members are informed that the following is prohibited: Utilizing for commercial gain any material provided to Temple specifically and restrictively for educational purposes without prior permission of the provider. As members of the Idea Competition, all participants, judges, and committee members should consider themselves bound by this code.

That being said, any data or information discussed or divulged in public sessions by entrants should be considered information that could possibly enter the public realm, and entrants should not assume any right of confidentiality in any data or information discussed, divulged, or presented in these sessions.

Previous Innovative Idea Competition Winners


Grand Prize $2,500
Pinpointer, Nigel Satenstein

1st Place Graduate, Faculty, Staff or Alumni $1,000
SensiFoam, Conor Vickers

2nd Place Graduate, Faculty, Staff or Alumni $500
Wearable Balance Device, Peter Agada

1st Place Undergraduate $1,000
Regenerative Suspension System. Christopher Ricci

2nd Place Undergraduate $500
Prohibere, Emily Kight

1st Place People’s Choice – Crowd Voted $1,000
Pinpointer, Nigel Satenstein

2nd Place People’s Choice – Crowd Voted $500
Oscar the Grouch
Matt McCormick

Global Innovation Prize $500
Pinpointer, Nigel Satenstein


Grand Prize Award
Quick Stabilizing Carbon
Stephen Peduto

Global Award
Pound Cake
Camille Bell

1st Place, Undergraduate
Seed Dyes
Tyler Stoltzfus

1st Place People’s Choice Award
1st Place, Graduate
Ka Bom Designs
Olawunmi Thomas-Quarcoo

2nd Place, Graduate
Severine Bandou

2nd Place People’s Choice Award
2nd Place,
Self-Stabilizing Gloves
Sabrina Zouaghi


Anne Nelson Grand Prize
Lia-Pregnancy Test Redesign
Bethany Edwards, School of Media and Communications, 2006

1st Place, Graduate Faculty, Staff or Alumni
Roar for Good
Yasmine Mustafa, Fox School of Business, 2006

2nd Place, Graduate Faculty, Staff or Alumni
Heart Upbeat!
Cecilia Scimia, School of Medicine, Faculty

1st Place, Undergraduate
Snow Dissolving Light Post
Bradley Blosser, Fox School of Business

2nd Place ,Undergraduate
Bouyant Pile
Sean Webster, College of Engineering

1st Place, People’s Choice Award
Roar for Good
Yasmine Mustafa, Fox School of Business, 2006

2nd Place, People’s Choice Award
Lia-Pregnancy Test Redesign
Bethany Edwards, School of Media and Communications, 2006


Futura mHealth Award
Nicholas Horn, Fox School of Business

Retail & People’s Choice Award
Kahn (Karen) Louise Miller, CHPSW

MADV Grand Prize Award
Genie Player
Zhewei Zhang, Fox School of Business

PAC Strapping Award
Screw Up
Michael Haley, Fox School of Business

ED Kane Award
City Brella
Meng Hsuan Tsai, Fox School of Business

Joseph Weiss Award
Joe Doyle, Fox School of Business

Nancy & Bill Baxter Award
Greener Greens
Michael Ward, Science & Technology