The Be Your Own Boss Bowl Competition  started in 1997 at Temple University as the “Business Plan Competition” and has since evolved into the Be Your Own Boss Bowl, one of the nation’s most lucrative pitch competitions for aspiring entrepreneurs. The competition is held every spring semester. Developed by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute, this innovative business plan competition encourages Temple students, alumni, faculty, & staff to discover all aspects of entrepreneurship, networking and how to create a successful venture pitch.




Olaitan Awomolo, Tyler Faculty
Wesley Davis, Beasley ‘20

Crowd Favorite


Rahul Nimmagadda, Fox ‘19
Jonathan Huynh, Fox ‘19
Madison Maddox, Clemson University
Collin Braeuning, Clemson University

Undergraduate Track

1st Place – Mouse Motel

Paul Gehret, Engineering, ‘19

2nd Place – HemaSense

Shreyas Chandragiri, Engineering ‘19
Kyle Jezler, Engineering ‘19

3rd Place – MailRoom

Rahul Nimmagadda, Fox ‘19
Jonathan Huynh, Fox ‘19
Madison Maddox, Clemson University
Collin Braeuning, Clemson University

4th Place – Regenamend

Rahul Ramesh, Engineering ‘19
Darnell Davis, Drexel University

Social Impact Track

1st Place – Pay it Forward Live

Shari Smith-Jackson, CLA ‘06
Shakira Miller-Grier, Fox ‘07

2nd Place – Quantum Strong

Bret Barnard, STHM ‘19
John Nguyen, CST ‘17

3rd Place – Stay Pressedt Juicery

Annisa Juste, CLA ’19

4th Place – Dwell City LLC

PRESENTER: Izzy Jackson, Fox MBA ’19
Joshua Dicker, STHM ’19

Upper Track

1st Place – BuildLAB

Olaitan Awomolo, Tyler Faculty
Wesley Davis, Beasley ‘20

2nd Place – RFPeasy

Robert Arnold, Fox MBA ‘13
Brian Torres, Fox MBA ‘12
William Sargent

3rd Place – The Kraftsmen

Kenneth Carter, Engineering ‘11
Alvin Brown, Fox ’10
Steven Zook, Annenberg ’10

4th Place – Haelex

Elina Khutoryansky, Fox ‘19
Holly Pfeifer, Fox ‘16


BYOBB is open to Temple University undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

  • Participants are encouraged to work in teams (up to four members) but may also enter as an individual entrepreneur.
  • Teams must register a team leader, list team members, and enter all submissions through the competition website.
  • The designated team leader must be a Temple University degree candidate (undergraduate or graduate), alumni, faculty, or staff.
  • The Temple University representative should be part of the founding team and a significant equity holder, if equity has been distributed.
  • Temple University faculty and staff can provide an advisory, mentoring role to participants as long as they do not hold a stake in the student’s company either now or in the future.
  • Each participant will compete in one of three competition tracks:
    1. Undergraduate Track
    2. Upper Track: Graduate Student/Alumni/Faculty/Staff
    3. Social Impact
  • Any team with a member who is not an undergraduate student will automatically be grouped into the Upper Track.
  • Teams may include members without ties to Temple (students from other universities, etc.), but the team leader must be affiliated with Temple University.
  • Submissions may include a new or an existing business.
  • Company expansions will not be accepted.
  • Existing businesses must be less than two years old as of January 30, 2019, have raised less than $50,000 from external funding, and have gross sales of less than $100,000 as of December 31, 2018.
  • Previous First or Grand Prize BYOBB winners are not eligible with the same business idea. If you are a former First or Grand Prize BYOBB winner, and you have a new concept to enter, please contact IEI Executive Director Ellen Weber before entering to discuss.
  • Cross-discipline teams are encouraged. Only one entry may be submitted per team.
  • For-profit and social impact businesses are all eligible. Nonprofits are not eligible.

*Submissions that are written by others and submitted under false pretenses into the Be Your Own Boss Bowl® are expressly prohibited and subject to Temple University disciplinary policies regarding code of conduct and cheating.

*Faculty and staff who advise student ideas are ineligible to participate.
The selection committee reserves the right to determine when a conflict of interest exists.

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GRAND PRIZE: $40,000
1st Place Track Prizes: $20,000
2nd Place Track Prizes: $10,000
3rd Place Track Prizes: $5000

Non-cash prizes include accounting, legal and marketing services, as well as entry into the IEI Summer Studio.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are you required to have a Temple student on your team?
The team leader must have a Temple affiliation (undergraduate, graduate, faculty, staff or alumni). The team leader must be a founder of the company and actively involved.

I need some help building my team. Where can I go?
You can try the Entrepreneurial Student Association (ESA), Blackstone Launchpad, or the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute (IEI). Our co-founder matching service is coming soon.

I am not a Fox School of Business student. Can I participate?
You can do it, and we can help – You do not have to be a Fox School of Business student or alum to participate, place or win in this competition. In fact, BYOBB® winners have come from the College of Engineering, College of Liberal Arts, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Tyler School of Art, and Beasley School of Law to name a few.


Can you request specific characteristics in your mentor?
Yes. You can tell us about your specific mentor needs in the mentor request form, which you’ll receive after registering.

What happens if my mentor isn’t helpful?
Contact Ellen Weber at This rarely happens, but if it does, we will match you with someone else.

How do I get assigned a mentor?
Once participants are registered for the competition, the IEI team will follow up with you to complete your mentor request.

What if I already have a mentor?
You are allowed to utilize that mentor, but let IEI know who the mentor is.

Do you ask mentors to sign Nondisclosure Agreements (NDAs)?
We do not ask mentors to sign NDAs. Investors will not sign them either. Investors and mentors pride themselves on the practice of highest respect and care of the confidentiality of all information received. If you have any questions about the level of information to share with them, you should ask. For example, you can share that you have a patent and how it differentiates you, but you should not share the code or contents of the patent without an NDA.

Can I ask everyone who comes into contact with my submission to sign an NDA?
BYOBB reviewers, judges, mentors and team will not sign non-disclosure (NDAs) or confidentiality agreements. Although we respect how unique your idea or innovation may be, it is highly likely that we’ve seen similar ideas due to the number of plans we see and the number of projects we work on.  We pride ourselves on our practice of the highest respect and care of the confidentiality of all information received, aiming to treat you as we ourselves wish to be treated. Reputation concerns (never mind time constraints) eliminates the risk that someone would steal your idea.  However, you should not forward patent or trademark information to us; just letting us know that patent work is underway is sufficient at this stage.

Questions? Email