Post Doctoral Fellows

The Data Science Institute offers postdoctoral fellowships and positions for visiting scientists.The post-doctoral fellows sought in big data analytics will have a multidisciplinary research agenda and will be able to span multiple projects on big data, including but not limited to machine learning, data mining, pattern classification, statistical learning, high-dimensional statistics, geospatial data, network analysis, social network analysis, real-time data analysis, and consumer analytics.Candidates should have a PhD in  computer statistics, statistics, econometrics, or related fields of data sciences. They should be familiar with common computer science and statistical techniques, such as SQL, R, Python (NumPy, SciPy, Sympy, pandas, sickit-learn), and they should be familiar with theories and techniques in data mining, pattern analysis, machine learning, Bayesian decision theory, parameter estimation, decision trees, game theory, structural analysis, or data sciences. Candidates should have excellent communication skills and they be able to work with both academics and industry partners to engage in various data science projects.To apply for a Postdoctoral Fellowship, please contact the Directors:
Dr. Paul Pavlou                                  
Dr. Zoran Obradovic