Building on seed funding from Temple University, the Centers of the Data Science Institute pursues research funds from four key sources: government funding for basic science related to the development of data analysis methods for data science; industry funding from firms that want to collaborate on processing, analysis, interpretation, and visualization of big data; commercialization opportunities from technology transfer; and from the formation of start-up companies spawned by the Institute; and data-related services to units at Temple University and other institutions.

Sources of Government Funding

Six Federal departments and agencies have provided more than $200 million in new commitments for the Data Science initiative. Data Science programs funded under this initiative include:
  • DARPA XDATA program aimed to develop computational techniques and software tools for analyzing large volumes of structured and unstructured data ($25 million / year over 4 years).
  • NSF Expeditions in Computing program  aimed to facilitate transformational research agendas that promise disruptive innovations in computing and information sciences ($10 million per year)
  • DOE Scalable Data Management, Analysis, and Visualization Institute ($25 million)
  • NASA Big Data Management and Data-Mining Algorithms program ($9 million)
  • NIH Big Data to Knowledge multiyear multimillion initiative aimed at developing new approaches, standards, methods, tools, software, and competencies necessary for biomedical scientists to capitalize more fully on the big data being (e.g. the Cancer Genome Atlas aimed to map the genetic changes in more than 20 cancer types using large genomic data sets; or, Cardiovascular Research Network aimed to optimize cardiovascular therapy based on a cohort of more than 34,000 patients with atrial fibrillation).
Several other NSF programs target research for which Centers may apply. More information on NSF funding can be found at the Fox School's Research Site.