The Data Science Institute seeks to develop partnerships with the private sector to share data, support experiments and fund big data research. Future industry specific centers can be established to address research collaboration and educational opportunities for executives and managers.

Membership Tiers

Advances in big data analytics will be demonstrated through research projects at the Data Science Institute, and will lead to a wide-range of practical applications for consumers, companies, government, and society.  The Data Science Institute actively engages with industry and have industry partners to support its research, education, and outreach activities. We offer three tiers of membership.

Technology Commercialization Opportunities

The Institute through its Centers focus on projects with technology commercialization opportunities. Commercializable technologies may include computational models for large-scale data storage and processing, efficient algorithms for dimensionality/complexity reduction, statistical models for data analysis, data mining tools, and software tools for data exploration, interpretation, and visualization. In collaboration with the Temple University Office of Research and its technology transfer arm, the Data Science Institute offers incentives and provide support and technology transfer opportunities for companies to launch, grow, and remain in Philadelphia. The Institute will work with the City of Philadelphia to increase the number of startup companies formed around technology in the data science space.