At Temple University, researchers across several disciplines have made important contributions to the scholarship of data analytics, data sciences, and business analytics, what is commonly referred to as “Data Science.” To leverage and harness the full potential of these disparate efforts on data science, the Data Science Institute serves as the institutional infrastructure to enable these distinct efforts to make a significantly greater impact. The Data Science Institute connects multiple disciplinary perspectives, including but not limited to computer science, statistics, engineering, medicine, computational social sciences, biology, genomics, and business to harness the potential of data science. The Institute fosters the natural synergies among these disciplines to increase inter-disciplinary collaborations and reach a critical mass necessary to advance knowledge, expand curricula, and pursue external funding opportunities and create technology commercialization opportunities.


Whether we realize it or not, vast amounts of data are rapidly growing around us. Organizations that seek to harness its power, through theory, methodology and analysis, can create incredible competitive advantage. Organizations that ignore Data Science are likely to do so at their own peril.

At Temple University’s Fox School of Business and School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, we are pioneering a university-wide Data Science Institute to serve as an umbrella for research centers that span incredibly diverse fields. At the Fox School alone, faculty are researching Data Science in the context of mobile technologies, social media, and tourism and hospitality.


The Fox School is uniquely positioned for interdisciplinary collaboration. We have deep expertise in the theoretical, methodical and analytical underpinnings of Data Science. In particular, the Department of Statistics, which at Temple University is housed at the Fox School, has incredible expertise in high-dimensional statistics, which can be applied to a host of Data Science problems, including business, genetics, biology, and medicine.

We see the Data Science Institute bridging many disciplinary areas across campus—including computer science, engineering, biology, geography, medical sciences, business and others—as well as to industry partners, nonprofits and government agencies. While we may speak different languages within our own academic disciplinary domains, Data Science can unite us as we solve numerous important issues for business and society.

Data Science, which every day becomes more omnipresent and critical to competitive advantage in today’s data-driven environment, is not the domain of any single discipline. We must work together to use the insights from individual disciplinary areas and integrate those findings to other areas, while pursuing interdisciplinary innovation and commercialization. We must also act quickly. Data Science is defined in part by its velocity—and we cannot be slow to react to this powerful force.

That is why we are taking important and proactive measures to synthesize our research expertise and to translate academic research into the real world of business under the auspices of the Data Science Institute.

We say that ideas and collaboration flourish when we are On the Verge. It is with that sentiment in mind that the Fox School—with the unique strengths of its faculty and deep interdisciplinary and industry connections—strives to be a world leader in Data Science.

—Dr. Paul A. Pavlou, Milton F. Stauffer Professor of Information Technology and Strategy; Associate Dean of Research, Doctoral Programs, and Strategic Initiatives; Chief Research Officer