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Temple University’s Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) has been renewed for another funding cycle and is currently implementing more than 70 events to improve U.S. competitiveness in the world marketplace and to produce globally competent students, faculty and staff. This year marks the fourth time Temple CIBER at the Fox School has received a grant from the Department of Education since the center’s inception in 2002 and is one of 17 such centers in the country.

The newly renewed proposal will help position U.S. interests to pivot to the growth markets of Asia, while remaining balanced in matured markets. In addition to enhancing programming in Japan and China, where Temple has a 30 year and nearly 20 year presence respectively, new programming will focus on emerging markets in Southeast Asia and India.

Through a series of programs such as conferences, seminars, and workshops, Temple CIBER has an important influence on the local K-12, academic and business communities.

“The renewal of this prestigious grant continues to affirm the Fox School’s vital role in producing cutting-edge international business research, promoting international ideas within our community and fostering worldwide learning among our students and faculty,” said Fox School Dean M. Moshe Porat. “Once again, the Fox School and Temple are being recognized as destinations for global engagement.”

The Fox School is host of the only CIBER in the greater Philadelphia region and also the only such center in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. There are 3 CIBERs located in the northeastern United States.

Special Program Announcement

Mauritius: An African Island Hub of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

A program for faculty, business professionals, and entrepreneurs from the United States and Mauritius. January/February 2017

Download our flyer for more details. Final cost and registration information are coming soon!

The Fall 2016 Issue of Global Perspectives Has Been Released

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Fox Design Challenge co-sponsored by CIBER

During the 2015 Fox DESIGNchallenge, Philadelphia students apply design thinking principles to address the question: How can we change our transit system and car culture to achieve the economic, social, and environmental dividends from a less auto-centric future? Learn More About Temple CIBER >>

CIBER Research

Dr. Ram Mudambi

iBEGIN Project

Innovative research on International Management is a key component of the CIBER program. Each year, the CIBER team awards grants to applicants who demonstrate the ability to impact U.S. competitiveness, in additional to supporting ongoing major projects, including Program Director Dr. Ram Mudambi's iBEGIN (iBEGIN, or International Business, Economic Geography and Innovation) project. Read more about IBEGIN. Learn More About CIBER Research