Eligibility. The BCC serves FSBM & STHM undergraduate students only. We tutor assignments from any Fox or STHM course, as well as extra-curricular scholarship essays and cover letters. We do not tutor assignments for courses in other colleges (such as Gen-Eds or electives).

Tutor-client relationship. The tutor-client relationship is built on professionalism and mutual respect. If a client feels disrespected or discriminated against, he or she should contact the BCC director immediately. If a tutor feels disrespected by a client, the BCC may prevent the client from scheduling any further appointments with that tutor or remove the client from our system entirely.

Clients should not attempt to personally contact tutors for any reason. Tutoring outside the center is strictly prohibited, so please do not ask. Any issues clients have can be resolved through the peer tutor coordinators or the BCC director.

Scheduling. All appointments are scheduled by the client via our online scheduling system, WCOnline. We do not schedule or cancel appointments by phone or in-person. Appointments can be scheduled up to one week in advance at: http://temple.mywconline.com

Cancellation. Clients are allowed to cancel appointments up to one hour before the appointment start time. After this window has passed, a missed appointment will be considered a “no-show.”

Lateness. After fifteen minutes from the start time of the appointment, the appointment is considered missed.

No-shows. Due to high demand for our services, we do not entertain clients who miss their appointments. If a client misses two appointments, that client will be prevented from scheduling any further appointments until he or she personally speaks with the BCC director. If a third appointment is missed, the client will be permanently removed from our system.

Photocopies. We reserve the right to photocopy any paper brought to the BCC. We primarily do this for training purposes.

Laptops. We do not tutor from laptops. You must bring a printed copy of your paper (ideally with no previous markings) or your appointment will be refused.

Group papers. At least two members must be present or your appointment will be refused.