Working with us is easy if you follow a few simple rules and set your expectations right. Before booking your appointment, please take a moment to review the following information regarding our services.



We provide tutoring, not editing. We are not here to “fix” your paper for you; we are here to help you become a better communicator. We expect you to be engaged throughout your appointment and work with us as we guide your writing process.

We do not provide content. If your paper needs structural revision, we are happy to help guide your thinking and give you feedback on your ideas. However, please do not ask us to provide content for your paper. This would constitute plagiarism. For further information on plagiarism, please review Temple’s policy on Academic Honesty.

We do not guarantee a grade. Use of our services does not entitle you to a higher grade, nor does it assure your paper is worthy of such a grade. We are here to help you improve, but you are solely responsible for meeting the assignment requirements and earning the grade you want.

We may not know your field of study. Some of our tutors are business students, and some are not. We provide valuable feedback on many aspects of your writing, including organization and logical flow, but are not expected to know language conventions specific your discipline (such as common abbreviations or esoteric terminology). All our tutors are trained extensively on BA2196 papers.



You must print your paper. We will refuse your appointment without a printed copy of your paper. Please bring a clean copy; your professor’s comments can be useful to us, but they generally make our job more difficult by taking up valuable space in the margins.

Please bring the prompt/instructions/rubric. We can assess your writing much better when we know what your professor is looking for. You may show us this information on your phone or laptop.



You may schedule your appointment up to one week in advance. Due to high demand, getting an appointment in time for your deadline can be difficult. Think ahead and use the available lead time.

You may cancel up to one hour before your appointment. This gives other students time to take the appointment slot you give up. Once this window closes, your missed appointment will count as a “no-show.”

After 15 minutes, your appointment is considered missed. Your appointment cannot be extended due to your lateness. Once 15 minutes have passed, your tutor does not have enough time to properly evaluate your paper. This is a “hard” deadline; if you show up 16 minutes late, your appointment will be refused.

You must honor your appointments. Many, many students use our services and it is not fair to take up appointment slots you don’t need. We generously allow two “no-shows” before locking you out of our scheduling system. If you are locked out, you may personally speak with our director about re-activating your account.

For group papers, at least two members must be present. Again, we are not an editing service. We are here to create a conversation about your work and cannot do so if the authors are not present.

Schedule your appointments using our online system, WCOnline. We do not schedule or cancel your appointments by phone or in-person.

Once you log on, click on any white box to schedule your appointment. Protip: if all the appointments you want are booked, click on the clock icon for that day to be notified of any openings. You can add your  phone number for text alerts by clicking your name to the upper left.