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Rachel & Sarah Stanton

Sarah & Rachel Stanton

Sarah & Rachel Stanton


Rachel and Sarah Stanton recently started a one-for-one clothing line, Fruitstrology, which for every product sold donates a serving of fruit to a child in Philadelphia through Philabundance’s Fresh For All program. The twins developed a line of nine fruits screen-printed on V-necks and colored jeans.

At Temple, Rachel and Sarah became involved in urban gardening and saw fresh food benefitting local children, but they also noticed many children eating candy from corner stores. “Fruitstrology is a creative way to give children in Philadelphia easier access to fresh fruit,” Rachel said.

For more information on Fruitstrology, visit

Name: Rachel Stanton

Major or position/title: Finance major, Marketing minor; director of marketing, Net Impact (Fox undergraduate chapter)

Hometown: Bristol, Pa.

Personal motto: Dream big and never lose your drive

How to spot you on campus: Look for two of me walking next to each other

Morning ritual: Wake up, tear my closet apart to find an outfit, eat breakfast, drive from Fairmount to campus and search for parking for 23 minutes

Fruitstrology4My friends think I’m: Easygoing and hardworking

On your mind: Flying to California if I win a competition I entered for $10,000 and a new car

Farthest you’ve traveled: Cancun, Mexico

Favorite Philly spot: Kelly Drive and Boathouse Row

Food truck craving: French fries from The Sexy Green Truck

Good reads: Entrepreneurship Magazine, Hunger Games

Can’t miss TV: Shark Tank

Best class ever: Fifth grade science class

Most treasured possession: My dog Bentley

Greatest fear: Bankruptcy

Post-graduation plans: Running three+ businesses, moving to California and traveling the world

Your Fox Star: My SPO, Net Impact


Name: Sarah Stanton

Major or position/title: Entrepreneurship major, Management Information Systems minor

Hometown: Bristol, Pa.

Personal motto: Get comfortable being uncomfortable. You’ll learn a lot about how you adapt and eight times out of 10 you won’t regret it. Those other two times, well … that’s debatable.

Fruitstrology Inset ImageHow to spot you on campus: Brightly colored pants walking too quickly and weaving in and out of the crowd.

Morning ritual: Barely hear my pinball machine alarm. If it’s warm out, get up. If it’s snowing/raining, roll around until the pressure of all the of things I have to do that day force me to get up. Brush teeth, eat Cocoa Puffs, remember where I parked my car.

My friends think I’m: A 21-year-old girl with a 70-year-old lady’s demeanor trapped in a 21-year-old’s body with a hint of slightly insane.

On your mind: What’s the best way to get to Cuba?

Farthest you’ve traveled: Mexico

Favorite Philly spot: 53rd floor of Comcast

Food truck craving: Crepe

Good reads: Where the Red Fern Grows, Grapes of Wrath

Can’t miss TV: Millionaire Matchmaker 

Best class ever: Forensic Science

Most treasured possession: Framed poster of the Desiderata my Grandfather gave me

Greatest fear: Death by cubicle

Post-graduation plans: Run a few startups, spend some time in the sun, laugh a lot, enjoy the little things

Your Fox Star: I admire and aspire to be like Lynne Andersson and Jaine Lucas

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