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Ofo Ezeugwu launched in October 2012 to help students know what to expect when selecting both on and off-campus housing. The site, managed by Ofo and a team comprised of mostly Temple students, currently ranks landlords and dorms at Drexel University, George Mason University, Temple, University of Maryland and University of Pennsylvania. uses “whose” in its name instead of “who’s” to emphasize that the ownership of selecting housing is in students’ hands.

While at Temple, Ofo realized that when searching for housing there is a lack of student reviews of residence halls and landlords. “Between classes, internships and jobs, so much happens when students move into a new apartment or residence hall. My site helps them have a peace of mind when selecting housing,” he said.

In addition to starting, Ofo is vice president of external affairs in Temple Student Government. In this position, he pioneered the Kids-to-College program, which helps local teenagers realize that college is an attainable goal by hosting panels with university students at local schools and organizations.

Ofo Ezeugwu HeadshotName: Ofo Ezeugwu

Major: Entrepreneurship major, management information systems minor

Hometown: Paterson, N.J.

Personal motto: No steps backward; Just forward progress.

How to spot you on campus: Nowadays I’m normally wearing a suit; but, if you don’t spot me on campus, look out for me at many of the student org events because I love taking part in them. And if all else fails, you can always drop by and visit me in the TSG office, Room 244 in the Student Center.

Morning ritual: Wake up, pray to my God, take a shower, change, and hit the road. (This is probably the only routine thing I do on a daily basis).

My friends think I’m: always working but can’t quite figure out how I manage to get everything accomplished and still have time to have fun. They’re all hard workers too though, so they still probably understand better than anyone else.

Ofo Ezeugwu ImageOn your mind: I’m always working to be the best at anything I take on in life. I think about this all the time. I think what differs between me and a lot of people is I am a goal-oriented individual. So, if there’s something I want to achieve I find out every way to get it done. I don’t think can’t; I think how.

Farthest you’ve traveled: South Africa a few years ago. We went to Capetown and Johannesburg, among other places.

Favorite Philly spot: Driving on 95 as you draw closer to the city. It’s crazy seeing the stadiums in the forefront and the city skyline nestled in the backdrop all in one visual frame.

Food truck craving: Crepe Truck. Hands down.

Good reads: Rich Dad, Poor Dad. And, on a more personal level, read about topics you love and about topics that you find intriguing. They will inspire you the most.

Can’t miss TV: Fresh Prince (reruns), Scandal (ABC), Suits (USA), the entire ID Channel, and of course, ESPN.

Best class ever: Dwight Carey, Advanced Entrepreneurship. No professor has ever shed so much insight on the business world and the many learning experiences they’ve received through life. He passes on those stories and morals to his students, prepares them to be excellent presenters, and helps the students out as much as he can. Absolutely awesome person and professor.

OfoTowerTakeoverMost treasured possession: My family, because no matter what, they’ve always supported me and will always continue to have my back.

Greatest fear: Not being able to help people outside of myself or my immediate family. I came to the realization the other day that much of what I do in life is for others and not for me. I love that. I’ve been blessed immensely and I aim to enrich others’ lives along the way.

Post-graduation plans: I’ll be moving to Brooklyn, New York, toward the end of May. “Whose” Your Landlord will be expanding into New York around this time, so it works out perfectly. I also act and model with Wilhelmina PA and Ramona’s Model & Talent in NYC.  I will be looking to get more representation in New York and to continue building up that aspect of my career as well.

Your Fox Star: I’d have to say Jordan Long. I don’t recall what it is exactly that he does, I just know the guy is in Alter Hall 24/7. I always see him speaking with and helping his fellow students. He must be doing something right.

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